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Chapter 24 Stealing His Fiancé

"Hey! Hey! Hey! You... " Qianhua tried to reach out for the falling petals, but caught none after all. "Do you have to do this? It was your sister I was talking about. Why did you get so mad and torture the flower?"

"My sister's business is always mine! And I came here in person today to get her justice. But this flower..." Suddenly he softened the tone, "I don't know what happened to this place. Even my powerful magic couldn't keep the flower alive here!"

Qianhua was surprised at first and then totally crushed. If the task were impossible for Ghost King, there wouldn't be too much she could do. No wonder MoYunye promised such enticing rewards of both statue unveiling and 500 years of spiritual power. Nice things like this had never happened to a lame hedgehog before.

So she threw away the shovel and leveled the mound. She sat by the lotus pond with a melancholy look on her face, trying to ignore the mocking ghost on the side.

However, HanGe was a wild ghost that sometimes would be shockingly ambitious. He slowly and clearly said, "I'm planning to marry fairy Yixue and take her back to the Ghost realm!"

Qianhua almost dropped her jaw to the ground. "When did you fell for her?"

"No I didn't."

"Then why you wanna marry her?"

"Yixue is the fairy who's gonna be the Heavenly Queen, isn't she?"

"Yes..." Qianhua suddenly realized his twisted intention and felt a chill up her spine, "You do not want to win over the daughter of Moon G.o.ddess so that Heavenly King would have to marry another woman, do you? "

As she expected, HanGe nodded his head seriously and replied sincerely, "That's exactly what I planned to do! Huahua, you are indeed my soul mate!"


HanGe was really a suit-the-action-to-the-word kind of guy. He didn't hesitate at all after he told Qianhua about his ridicules plan. He went straight over to the main hall of the Heavenly, looking for Heavenly King and his fiancé. He surprised everyone in the Heavenly by going after fairy Yixue like a crazy pursuer.

"Did MoYunye agree?" In his spare time, Qianhua grabbed HanGe to the side and asked him cautiously. She couldn't believe that decent Heavenly King would allow this outsider to swagger around the Heavenly and make such a scene of his bride-to-be.

"He seemed to acquiesce."

"Don't bluff me! Why would anyone agree to a mess-up right before his own wedding?"

"But he didn't say no! He just looked at me with an unpredictable smile, which I found kind of spooky. But today when I delivered fairy Yixue a large colorful bouquet, Moyunye didn't send anyone to stop me. I a.s.sumed he agreed."

"It's only because he was polite enough to share you some dignity. You'd better not keep challenging Heavenly King's limit. It's dangerous!"

"Huahua, are you worried about me?"

"Hmm, if you have to see it that way... sure I am." But Qianhua's true thought was: Because HanGe had no other friends in the Heavenly, he had all three meals together with Qianhua every day. Even a fool could tell that they were close. If one day Heavenly King couldn't stand him any more and decided to penalize him, Qianhua was very likely to be involved. So Qianhua figured that it could help to warn him in advance.

Qianhua continued, "You know what? I'm more worried that you might hurt innocent fairy Yixue. If Heavenly King cares about her feelings, he would take care of the Ghost realm too when he destroys the Demon realm."

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