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Chapter 912: If You Love Her, You Have to Support Her (2)

“Oh.” Mu Huan lowered her head and continued to eat.

Having expended too much energy, she was starving!

It would be an exaggeration for others to say they could eat a cow when they were hungry, but it was not an exaggeration in her case.

She ate so well that Bo Junyan ate a little more. Just as he was thinking that if he continued eating, he would have to exercise more…

Suddenly, a voice rang out behind him. “Xiao Huan, every time I see you eating, I feel especially hungry.”

Bo Junyan frowned when he heard this. Every time?

Mu Huan looked up. “Best Actor Liu, have you been very free lately?”

Why did she meet him so often?

“Recently, I haven’t been idle. I’ve been trying to convince you to go to NST. Hence, I often appear in front of you.” Liu Changfeng smiled and sat down before they invited him.

He went to look for a few people who were good at traditional Chinese medicine, but the superintendent and the rest felt that they would not do. He could only persistently appear in front of the two of them to make them change their minds and let Mu Huan follow him to NST.

His father had said that as long as he could find a truly useful person to give to NST, he would not bother him and would let him do whatever he wanted in the future. Hence, he had to be thick-skinned and not give up.

“You don’t have to appear again. Xiao Huan won’t go.” Bo Junyan rejected him outright.

“Mr. Bo, I know you’re very capable. Your family doesn’t lack money at all. However, Mr. Bo, you can’t ruin Xiao Huan’s future because of this. She was originally a big boss who could have left her name in the pharmaceutical industry and save patients from suffering. By doing this, you’re breaking her wings and treating her as an accessory.”

Apart from the fact that his father’s conditions had moved him, he knew how important this research project was. That was why he was working so hard.

This research project had been going on for many years. His father had invested a lot of money and time into this project. If the project did not succeed, then all the money would go to waste.

He knew that many research and development projects would fail no matter how much money they invested.

However, there was still room for him to work hard on this project. Mu Huan might become a variable in this. Hence, he had to be braver the more he failed.

“Especially since Xiao Huan really wants to go to NST. She said that she would laugh even in her dreams if she thought that she could go there!” Liu Changfeng said as he looked at Mu Huan.

At this point, Bo Junyan was also looking at Mu Huan.

Mu Huan met his deep and dangerous eyes. “…”

She had said this before. To be able to study with so many super big shots, she would indeed laugh in her dreams. Hence, she could not deny it. Even if she did, Bo Junyan would see through it.

“Mr. Bo, I think that loving someone means supporting everything she has. Only someone who doesn’t love or doesn’t love enough would want to confine her.” It’s true that NST needed her talent now…

However, to Mu Huan, entering NST was also a good opportunity.

Mu Huan frowned and was about to say something.

Bo Junyan said seriously, “You’re right. If you love someone, you should support everything she wants.”

Mu Huan widened her eyes in shock. What did her husband mean by this? Did he want her to go to NST because of Liu Changfeng’s words?

Liu Changfeng was also very surprised that Bo Junyan would say that. He thought that a domineering person like him would rather die than let Mu Huan leave him to study, but he said that…

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