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Chapter 767: The Future I Want Is with Him (5)

The woman had already drunk a lot, but they were still taking turns to drink. One look and one could tell that the men weren’t good people.

Mu Huan swept them a glance and did not say anything else as she continued to walk out.

After they left the barbecue shop.

Mu Huan said, “Let’s part ways here. After the examination, contact me via WeChat.”

“Where are you staying? I’ll send you home. It’s already so late.” It was almost 12 am now. It wasn’t good to let a girl like her go home alone, especially since she was so pretty. It also wasn’t safe for her to take a taxi.

“No need, you can go first!” Mu Huan waved him away.

“That won’t do. I have to send you back,” Liu Changfeng insisted.

“I’m not going back yet. I have something on.”

“It’s already so late, what else could have happened?”

Not wanting to say anything more to him, Mu Huan said, “I want to call my husband to pick me up. If you send me, my husband would be unhappy since he’d find out I had supper with a man in the middle of the night. So, you should leave quickly!”

Liu Changfeng felt that what she said made sense. Coincidentally, his a.s.sistant called and asked him where he was and said that he wanted to pick him up. The a.s.sistant said that there was still a scene tomorrow morning, so he sent the address to his a.s.sistant and asked him to pick him up.

Just as he was waiting for his a.s.sistant to arrive, the two men and one woman who’d been eating inside came out. The woman was supported by the man and could no longer walk. Her consciousness was blurred.

Mu Huan saw the two of them helping the woman to the hotel not far away.

Hence, she got up and followed him.

However, she was grabbed by Liu Changfeng.

“Aren’t you waiting here for your husband to pick you up?”

Mu Huan: “…”

Why hadn’t he left yet?

“I’ll wait for my husband by the roadside over there,” she said as she pointed in the direction where the three of them had left.

“Do you think I’m stupid? You obviously want to follow those three!” Liu Changfeng looked at the three people who had already walked into the hotel.

Mu Huan broke out in a cold sweat. “From what I saw just now, I can tell that the girl is not in a relationship with either of them. It’s very dangerous for her to be left like this. If we don’t do anything about it, this girl will be crying herself to death tomorrow.”

This was the dangerous consequence of a girl having supper with a man at night. If it’s not with her boyfriend, a girl wouldn’t be having supper with a man so late at night, let alone drinking.

“Call the police and don’t follow them.”

“Nothing has happened yet. There’s no point in reporting the case. If one of them says that he’s the girl’s boyfriend, this matter will be over.”

“Then what do you want?”

“Don’t worry about it. Hurry up and go back!”

“No, how can I leave you alone? I asked you out for supper. I have to be responsible for you.” How could he leave her alone?

“You don’t have to. I do this often. Hurry up and leave!” Seeing that the three of them had already entered the hotel, Mu Huan was afraid that the girl would be at a disadvantage if she was late. She retracted her arm and was about to chase after them.

Unexpectedly, Liu Changfeng followed her.

Mu Huan knew that even if she said anything else, he wouldn’t stop. Hence, she attacked Liu Changfeng directly and pressed him against the wall, making him unable to move.

Liu Changfeng widened his eyes in shock. He never thought that a tall man like him would be pressed to the ground by such a pet.i.te person like Mu Huan.

“Now you know you don’t have to worry about me, right? Don’t come over and cause me trouble!” With that, Mu Huan retracted her hand and jogged into the hotel.

Just as Mu Huan was running toward the hotel, a man dressed in black and wearing a black hat walked out from a corner of the street and watched her running toward the hotel.

Lowering his head, he said into his earpiece, “Master, I’ve found her.”

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