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Chapter 713: Unknown Territory (3)

Bo Junyan’s expression turned even uglier at the thought of her coquettishly addressing another man as her husband!

“Hubby, I know I shouldn’t have hidden this from you. It’s all my fault. Please hit me…” Mu Huan said as she squeezed herself into his embrace.

However, Bo Junyan, who used to always hug her whenever she pounced on him, did not hug her. His body was still emitting an intensely cold aura.

Seeing this, Mu Huan made up her mind. She reached out to hold his face and was about to kiss him.

Bo Junyan avoided her kiss.

He exuded a sense of rejection.

Mu Huan: “…”

She was not a person who liked to act coquettishly or explain anything. After she got together with Bo Junyan, he had always doted on her. No matter what happened, he would always stand on her side. There was no need for her to say anything more and he would forgive her. Every time he was angry, she only needed to hug him and say a few words. If that didn’t do it, she would kiss him. Then, everything would be fine.

Now, he was not even letting her kiss him. This anger…

He was really angry!


She didn’t know what else she could do.

After all, even a kiss was useless to her. She really didn’t know what else she could do!

“Hubby, what do I have to do to make you not angry?” she asked pitifully as she looked at him.

Bo Junyan kept silent.

“Hubby, I…” Mu Huan wanted to say something, but she didn’t know what else she could say.

In the past, no matter how angry Bo Junyan was, he would never reject her advances. Now that he was rejecting her advances, she did not even dare to get close to him, let alone do anything else.

No matter what Mu Huan said, Bo Junyan ignored her. In the end, he didn’t even give her a cold look.

This made Mu Huan, who was already at her wit’s end, unable to find a word to say. She could only quietly hide in a corner and carefully look at Bo Junyan.

Until they reached home.

Bo Junyan, who used to carry her out of the car, opened the car door and left.

Seeing this, Mu Huan quickly followed.

When they entered, Bo Dingjing and Meng Yueman were watching television in the living room.

The two of them were stunned to see Bo Junyan.

Then, Meng Yueman stood up and said, “Junyan, when did you come back? Eat…”

Before she could finish speaking, Bo Junyan went upstairs.

Meng Yueman: “…”

What was going on? Why was he so angry?!

“Mom, Junyan is throwing a tantrum because of me. I’ll go up and coax him first.” With that, Mu Huan hurriedly followed after Bo Junyan.

Meng Yueman: “…”

“What happened to make Junyan, who dotes on his wife, throw a tantrum?” Bo Dingjing asked curiously.

“I don’t know, but from the looks of it, it’s not a small matter. Why don’t I go up and take a look?” Meng Yueman had never seen her son with so cold an expression that he ignored her.

“Don’t. Let them settle their own matters. Let’s not get involved.” Bo Dingjing felt that it was best for the elders to not interfere in the matters between the two of them. Otherwise, the more they interfered, the more chaotic it would be.

Meng Yueman thought about it and agreed. Then, she sat down again. “Seriously, my dad just left and I can relax now. Why are they fighting again?”

“He’s a young man. Who at that age wouldn’t throw a tantrum and bicker? Didn’t you always throw a tantrum at me when you were young?”

“Why do I keep fooling around with you? Should I even be fooling around with you? I just want you to rest more. I want you to be in good health!”

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