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Chapter 1068: As Long as You’re All Fine (1)

As the former leader of the Bo Group, Bo Dingjing must have some capabilities that one could not underestimate. Hence, although Bo Junyan did not pick up the call, he still managed to bring Meng Yueman to where they were.

Only to find them at this beautiful moment.

It pulled Mu Huan back to reality from that beautiful moment.

Mu Huan had not seen Bo Dingjing and his wife since she returned. After three years, the two of them looked much older.

When she first met them three years ago, they were so young and energetic.

In just three years, they had aged so much.

It could be seen that they had been suffering for the past three years. Human emotions could affect a person’s aging and lifespan the most.

After Meng Yueman called out to Bo Junyan, she walked forward but did not speak. This was because when she met Mu Huan’s gaze, she, who was already unable to open her mouth to beg Mu Huan, could not say anything.

Meng Yueman couldn’t even bear to see her father suffer such pain.

Why should Mu Huan let her father’s killer off?

She had no right to beg for mercy.

Mu Huan looked at Meng Yueman, not knowing what to say.

In the past, she had wanted to live happily with such good in-laws and husband, but…

But now…

When they looked at each other, things were like this…

“Let’s go to your place. It’s too cold here,” Bo Dingjing said.

Compared to Meng Yueman, Bo Dingjing, who was already in poor health, had aged even more severely these three years. Three years ago, one could still see the domineering and strong man from before. Now, he was like an old man in his seventies. In this cold weather, he could barely stand.

Mu Huan’s eyes reddened.

She wanted so much for them to be fine.

It was easier if a person didn’t have feelings. When one had feelings, those feelings act like a double-edged knife. Even when they cut the other party, they would hurt you even more.

Bo Junyan and Mu Huan did not say anything and brought them to the hotel they were staying at.

Along the way, the four of them did not speak.

Because they didn’t know what to say.

Bo Dingjing had wanted to come over and have a good chat with Mu Huan, but when he saw Mu Huan like this, he couldn’t say any of the things he had thought of.

He couldn’t let her compromise for them.

Their own family member couldn’t be in pain and couldn’t die. But did her family member deserve to die?

People shouldn’t be like this.

The couple was really kind.

It was precisely this kindness of theirs that made Mu Huan unable to not care about them and unwilling to hurt them.

Everyone in the car had their own emotions.

After getting out of the car, they arrived at their house.

Bo Junyan turned to ask his father to go out for a chat.

Then, he saw blood slowly flowing out of the corner of Meng Yueman’s mouth. After that, her body collapsed weakly. He was so shocked that his heart stopped beating!

He rushed forward and reached out to catch Meng Yueman’s falling body. “Mom…!”

He called for his mother and hurriedly checked on Meng Yueman.

“Don’t bother. I… took poison in the car just now. I can’t be saved…” Meng Yueman couldn’t beg Mu Huan to let her father off. However, as a woman, she couldn’t watch her father suffer so much that he wanted to die. Hence, she could only die.

Meng Yueman had always been a decisive person. After confirming that she wouldn’t be stopped, she pretended to cover her mouth and coughed in the car. She then drank the poison that she had prepared long ago. Now that the substance was inside her, she would die soon.

They couldn’t save her.

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