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Tang Youning had already endured this for a long time. He had always indulged Yang Zhong, but in the end never expected the other party to turn into someone who only knew how to take advantage of him; that was something Tang Youning could never accept nor forgive.

Tang Youning had heard the story "The Farmer and the Snake" many times, but never imagined it would actually happen to him one day.

Yang Zhong had almost driven him crazy in the last few months. This wasn't the first time Yang Zhong had humbly begged him for help, but it was the first time he was using blackmail to get Tang Youning to help him deceive viewers. Tang Youning felt that he was so stupid for actually helping this type of person.

He got up from his computer and went to look in the mirror. His face looked tired, and he had a scruffy beard and messy hair… he was already very different from that Tang Youning who had made a pure living on the streets as a vagrant singer.

This wasn't what Tang Youning wanted, and he had turned into what he had once hated the most…

After the song "Old Boys" became popular, Tang Youning suffered and struggled constantly in his heart because of Yang Zhong, and it felt like he hadn't left the house in a long time.

But just now, Tang Youning had found the answer.

He shaved off his beard with a small razor, then trimmed his hair until it was an inch long.

He then turned on his cell phone and dialed his manager's number. "Brother Tian? I've seen the light…"

Hearing this, his manager was dazed before he breathed a long sigh of relief. "That's great!"

"Mm, I've decided to expose him."

"Good! That's the best thing to do!" This "Brother Tian" nodded. "I've never had a good impression of this Singers Inst.i.tute… Singing everyday with an SM half-mask on, as if he's giving a philosophical performance!"

Tang Youning: "…"


Elsewhere, the fans from Father w.a.n.g's fan group were sending complaints one after another in the first wave on the frontline of battle. Many fans had been extremely indignant when they heard that Father w.a.n.g's "The Starry Sky's Language of Love" had been stolen, and they organized teams to go blow up the live stream room one after another. Quite a number of people had signed up for several accounts, and while these ones weren't piling on the abuse, they were directly banned for seven days by the administrator just for asking whether or not the live streamer was in the habit of stealing songs.

The fan group was now grumbling that the enemy's fans were too terrible and ferocious in their defense of the live streamer.

It was true what was said about a person's fans being like them. Father w.a.n.g had looked up the live streamer's profile previously. After he was caught lip-syncing last year, the live streamer had at first refused to admit it, no matter what, but in the end he couldn't withstand the pressure of public opinion and had been forced to apologize to everyone.

And as someone who had already gone through such an experience, this Singers Inst.i.tute's skin was probably even thicker than city walls now; it would be pointless for Father w.a.n.g to simply enter the other party's live stream room to challenge him.

Father w.a.n.g opened "Singers Inst.i.tute's" live stream room. When he had seen it yesterday, the number of people online had been about thirty thousand, but after making this matter public in his fan group earlier, it was now about to break six hundred thousand.

Haha, in the end, his fans' battle strength was formidable!

Father w.a.n.g was very cheerful and skimmed the live stream room's bullet screen in pa.s.sing.

Several fans with the tag "Dean" defended him one after another: "How can our Dean possibly lip-sync? Otherwise, how can you explain his raw vocal before? Don't tell me that was also lip-syncing? Don't mislead new viewers!"

Father w.a.n.g: "…"

"So what if he lip-syncs? The reason I like Dean is because I like watching how fancy he is when he hits on girls. I don't listen to him sing! What does lip-syncing and stealing songs have to do with me? La la la I'm not listening to you!"

Father w.a.n.g: "…"

"Why is there such a big water army today? With all due respect, who does this w.a.n.g Situ think he is? I've never heard of this singer at all. Is he trying to freeload off our Dean's popularity?"

The corner of Father w.a.n.g's lips already couldn't help twitching. "…" Really, this was going too far!

Did a grand, top-cla.s.s guru on the Cultivation Chinese Network like him need to ride off some small singer's popularity?

But what made Father w.a.n.g even more speechless was what happened after.

At that time, the administrator typed on the public screen: "Dean's throat is a little uncomfortable today, so he won't be singing in his live stream. He'll take it easy for a bit and chat with everyone. If there are any songs you want to listen to, you can also leave a message first on the public screen. I'll note them down, and Dean will perform them in later live streams to make it up to everyone."

This was clearly a delay tactic.

Because there were too many viewers in the live stream room now, the other party was worried that he would give the game away if he sang in front of so many people. If his trick was seen through again, he definitely wouldn't be able to defend himself.

Hence, Father w.a.n.g could conclude that the other side was definitely using this method to fob off today's live stream and to take his time considering his next move once he got offline.

But the most terrible thing was, these fans in the live stream room actually believed it.

"Cry cry cry, Great Dean, rest well. I love hearing you sing!"

"If your throat's not good, don't sing, we understand!"

"G.o.d! Great Dean's throat was kissed by an angel! It will definitely be alright! Drink more hot water!"


Looking at the bullet screen, Father w.a.n.g almost spat out a mouthful of thick blood.

So many fans had been deceived!

Even if his song hadn't been stolen, Father w.a.n.g felt that he would still need to address this issue and couldn't allow this kind of person to continue getting away with what he was doing.

In his fan group, Father w.a.n.g asked, "Is there anyone who can find out this live streamer's real ident.i.ty? His name and phone number will be enough. I'll give you ten chapter updates in exchange."

Less than ten seconds after he said that, a fan called "Distressed Eggs" replied: "Yang Zhong, male, 176cm, mobile number 139188x.x.xXX, address: Lane 872, Yunmen West Road, Songhai city…"

"WTF, Brother Egg, did you dox him?" a lot of fans in the group exclaimed in surprise.

It was only in that moment that Father w.a.n.g realized that there really were other big shots hiding in his fan group…

It hadn't been long, but even the address had been uncovered!

As the rest of his fans sighed emotionally over Brother Egg's battle strength, Brother Egg responded very modestly, "This is the most I can do; I actually also have his ID and whatnot, but it wouldn't be very nice for me to give that out. Let's not call this number to hara.s.s him; let's wait for our great lord to contact this live streamer first and see how it goes."


"No problem."

Many people in the fan group responded in the next moment.

At that time, someone asked a question: "But Brother Egg, how did you find all this out? Do you have particular resources?"

"That is naturally a secret." This "Brother Egg" smiled. "It's mainly because I'm used to doing regular investigations – I have a nephew who always comes now and then to ask me all kinds of things…"


"That's right, his surname is Guo, and he's still in senior high."


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