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The wind blows on school grounds except where there are no storm clouds...

A senior with a total of 8823 marks in three years, Senior Buliang, Senior Bufeng, Senior Fengyun 1 ...

No one knew when He Bufeng's t.i.tles and legend had started to spread around the school.

Even He Bufeng himself didn't know when it was that people had started viewing him as a delinquent.

...Was it three years ago, perhaps, after the end of his pa.s.sionate first love in high school?

He Bufeng had already completely forgotten it and no longer cared. If others already saw him as a school bully and delinquent, just rolling with it sometimes was a way of freeing himself from the burden of everything.

Since becoming a delinquent, he had discovered that he could willfully enter any of the school toilets, and only after he finished peeing would the other students gingerly dare use them. The canteen auntie would give him the most meat, and everyone in the school was afraid of him, even the teachers... even Director Xie, who always had a stiff expression on her face, would retreat whenever she saw him.

Honestly, at the beginning, He Bufeng had really hated it when everyone avoided him like the plague.

However, he began to gradually learn to enjoy it.

He had been surprised when Tang Jingze came looking for him this morning. This man, who in the previous exchange meet with No. 58 High School had driven their teachers and students out of their minds, had actually humbly come looking for him to earnestly request his help in teaching those "outrageous" guys from No. 60 High School a lesson.

"So it's these four people?" In the male toilets where they had arranged to meet, He Bufeng dropped his cigarette b.u.t.t and ground it hard under his foot as he looked at the photos and relevant information which Tang Jingze had given to him.

"Yes, that's them..." Tang Jingze replied weakly. Fang Huaqing and Liang Wei were huddled behind him, not daring to say even a single word... this Senior Buliang was really every bit as terrifying as the rumors said.

"I remember that No. 60 High School sent five student representatives this time. Did you cross off that Lotus Sun from your list? What, are you looking down on me? Think I'm not capable of fixing her?" He Bufeng looked at the data in his hands with a smile.


It was a simple question, but it made Tang Jingze shudder.

"Haha, don't be afraid." He Bufeng gave Tang Jingze a pat on his shoulder. "She's the Young Miss of Huaguo Water Curtain Group, after all. It isn't just anybody that can screw with a person like that."

"Senior's words make sense..."

"But I don't have much time, at most I can help you teach one of them a lesson."

He Bufeng pointed at the photos. "First, among these four people, I don't make it a habit to bully women, so this one named Feather Lin can pa.s.s."

"Mm, senior is really considerate!" Liang Wei flattered him.

Then He Bufeng pointed at Super Chen's photo. "Second, this muscular bro seems like he would be very difficult to deal with. I don't want to end up wrestling philosophically 2 with him when I teach him a lesson. According to the data, this guy's family also has some sort of background, so pa.s.s."


Then He Bufeng pointed at Master of Dopey in the photo. "And this one might look very silly, but his family runs a store selling soul pets. I feel that the parrot he's carrying would be difficult to deal with."


At last, He Bufeng looked at w.a.n.g Ling's photo. "From the information, this guy seems the easiest to bully? So let's go with him!"


Senior, are you sure you won't reconsider?

w.a.n.g Ling was free to do whatever he wanted after leaving the gym. Old Antique had made Feather Lin stay back to read Founder of Evil Sorcery ; Lotus Sun had taken advantage of No. 59 High School's cla.s.s hours to run up to the school rooftop and try summoning her sword spirit, for the sake of strengthening their rapport; and Super Chen and Hero Guo, these two unambitious guys, had dashed back to the school dormitory right after training to play games.

w.a.n.g Ling didn't need training, and he didn't play games often, since he could very easily destroy any device he held in his hands. Of course, there were games in the specially developed wrist.w.a.tch which w.a.n.g Ming had given to him, and the games library was updated every Monday to include almost all of the latest games on the market.

However, w.a.n.g Ling hadn't played a single game on his watch, because the values generated while he played could reflect his reaction ability, agility and so on... he absolutely didn't want that numbers-crazy pervert to get hold of any clues about him...

He had always thought that he was actually a very boring person and had kept to himself since he was a child.

Of course, this also had to do with how Father and Mother w.a.n.g had educated him. Many times, w.a.n.g Ling had thought that if he didn't have this level of power, he would just be the most ordinary person ever.

G.o.d gave each person an opportunity, but also made everyone equal. w.a.n.g Ling had been bestowed unrivalled strength, but the price he paid for it was equally bitter.

He was unable to enjoy playing games, unable to make particularly close friends, unable to high-five his bros when he was delighted — even when he sneezed or slept he had to be careful... he had to watch his strength every so often and do his best to avoid causing any accidental injuries. This wasn't a responsibility only to himself, but more so to other people.

When he was younger, loneliness had probably been the greatest shadow over his childhood, but he gradually got used to being alone as he grew older.

However, his life seemed to have become much livelier ever since he came to No. 60 High School... especially during this off-campus school activity in the last few days. For the first time, he was experiencing what it was like to live in a group. He was very unaccustomed to it, though, and it made him feel very uncomfortable.

This free time now was truly a rare opportunity for him to enjoy some solitary peace and quiet.

How did that song go again?

Walk with me on the street on campus, ooh oh... ooh oh...

Whether it was No. 59 High School or the much talked-about No. 58 High School, they had similar places on school grounds like No. 60 High School's small garden.

After No. 59 High School had been expanded by that circ.u.mcision director of the school board, in addition to the wide, new trail lined by trees and the new school dormitory, a plot of land behind the dormitory building had also been expanded.

That was a sakura forest full of sakura trees.

It was sakura season, and the blooming trees had turned the forest pink. Standing in their midst gave a person the feeling of first love.

After cla.s.ses at No. 59 High School were over for the day, couples could be seen elegantly pledging their love to one another under the sakura trees.

When the wind blew, sakura petals rose from the tops of the trees and danced along the ground. Several of them settled gently on w.a.n.g Ling's short hair and shoulders... the beautiful sakura and the quiet teenager... it was a uniquely beautiful scene.

'Fengyun' means "storm clouds." This is a real doozy to explain. This refers to Billy Herrington, a gay p.o.r.n actor who became a meme in j.a.pan after a video clip of an underwear wrestling scene which he starred in went viral. All his wrestling videos were given deliberately misleading t.i.tles, including 'Forest Fairy' and 'Philosophy.' This culminated in a 'Fairy Philosophy,' which the following webpage describes far better than we ever could: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/people/billy-herrington-gachimuchi

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