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Hey there~ I will post another 2 chapters of this series for the nest two days, and then 2 chapters of the MaguToro. In this batch, we will see how Soutarou’s heart changes bit by bit.

TL: clover

ED: clover

One year had pa.s.sed since my sister and I became a family, and I became a sixth grader of elementary school.

When I accepted my new family, I felt comfortable and I didn't know why I ever rejected it.

My new father was busy but he was a nice guy and Nee-chan was stupid, but she was kind.

More than anything, it felt good not being alone.

At first there was a feeling of strangeness, the act of eating rice together with Nee-chan that had been taken for granted until now.

Nee-chan often wanted to care for me, and I often thought that she was annoying, but not bad.

It might be slightly different than a normal family, but we had gradually become a family bit by bit.

My way of calling her Nee-chan also became natural, and Nee-chan began to abandon the honorifics and called me 'Soutarou.'

『 Do you want to go to the sea during the next consecutive holidays? 』

When the summer vacation was getting closer, my friend Hayashi Yuusuke said that in our group chat.

It would be nice to go to the sea to play, but one of my friend said that if there wasn't any guardian they wouldn't get permission.

Guardian? It would be unreasonable to ask my parents.

After looking through the calendar, I told that it was impossible for my parents to go to the group chat.

Apparently, it was also impossible for the other guys to bring a guardian.

Just when I thought that we would cancel the plan, Yuusuke commented something.

『 What about Soutarou's sister? 』

Reading Yuusuke's comment, I stole a glance at Nee-chan.

Nee-chan was laying down on the sofa languidly while eating a cup of ice cream.

"Nee-chan, do you have plans for next Sunday?"

"Nn, what is it, Soutarou?"

"I was saying that I want to go to the sea with my friends, but unless we're accompanied by a guardian, we won't get the permission to go."

Nee-chan blinked at my words.

"I don't have any plan. But, I'm just a third year junior high school student. Could I even take place as a guardian?"

"I will check it."

When I contacted my friends, I got a reply that there was no problem.

"There is no problem."

"Oh, seriously? How many people are going to go? I wonder if I can take care of them."

With a spoon in her mouth, Nee-chan raised her body abruptly.

"There are four people including me. Those guys are idiots, is it okay?"

"There is no problem~. Do I just have to keep you guys from drowning?"

"We won't do something stupid like that. Anyway, you just need to go to show that there is a guardian."

"No, no. I will do my responsibilities as a guardian properly. Where are we going to go?"

To my sister's question, I discussed the details of the destination with my friends.

When I informed her our decision, Nee-chan considered it while nodding lightly.

"The sea, huh, it has been a long time. Do I have a swimsuit?"

Hearing Nee-chan's words, I got a little bit of a heart attack.

"You will wear swimsuits?"

"Well, of course, it's the sea, right? What will you wear, Soutarou?"

"Oh, yeah, well, I will wear swimsuit."

I answered while feeling a little taken aback.

It was natural to wear a bathing suit to the sea. But, why was I surprised?

Although it was slightly off season to go to the beach, there were plenty of people.

This beach had a simple changing room.

We changed clothes there and planned to play in the sea.

"Well then, I will change my clothes, so don't go too far~!"

Nee-chan told us that as she went away from us and went to the changing room for girls.

As we saw her off, Yuusuke commented while grinning.

"Hey, isn't Soutarou's big sister cute?"

"Ooh, I also thought of that. She's a 3rd grader in junior high school, huh."

Hearing my friends' words, I got a little bit of a heart attack.

Nee-chan is cute?

"No, no, no, she's not cute. Nee-chan, she's really a mess at home, you know?"

Just the other day, she closed the door with her feet, as both of her hands were occupied by laundry.

"But she's kind~. Even today, she specially came to accompany us, right?"

"Well, I won't deny that she is kind."

Nee-chan was kind. She was the kind of person who wouldn't let go the rebellious me.

There were various problems about her behaviors, but she was a kind person.

"Besides, she made dinner every day, right? She's very homely, isn't she?"

"I know what you mean. Plus, her face is cute. Does Soutarou's big sister have a boyfriend?"

"Eh? Aah, there shouldn't be one—"

While replying to my friend's question, somehow I felt my heart squeezed. I wondered why.

It wasn't like I dislike that Nee-chan was getting praised.

"Seriously? How old is your sister? Am I allowed to get close to her?"

"Idiot. After all, elementary school students won't even enter her sight."

"Eeh~ but, next year we will become junior high school students. A junior high school student dates a high school student; wouldn't it be cool?"

Hearing my friends laugh at his half-joking words, I was listening with a half-laughing smile.

I knew that they weren't seriously saying that. This was just a light joke.

But, I didn't know why my stomach churning. I couldn't laugh at all.

"Oi, Soutarou. What's up with the scary face?"

I was shocked when Yuusuke suddenly appeared at my side.

"Do I have a scary face?"

"Yeah. What, don't tell me, are you a siscon?"

"……It's not like that."

I wasn't a siscon. No way.

In the first place, we were strangers until one year ago.

Oh yeah, nowadays we had a good relationship. I didn't dislike Nee-chan……

"Hey, don't dozed off, let's change our clothes quickly."

Hurriedly, we went to the changing rooms and changed into our bathing suits.

After changing clothes, I stuffed my baggage into the locker and headed for the beach.

Since men changed clothes quickly, even if I looked around, I couldn't see Nee-chan.

"I don't see Soutarou's big sister yet."

"Nee-chan, what kind of bathing suit is she wearing? After all, is it bikini?"

"I don't know."

I glared at Yuusuke who was making fun of me.

I mean, this guy, stop calling my sister 'Nee-chan'.

That girl, she wouldn't be your Nee-chan.

"Don't be mad. —-Ah, she seems to have come."

As I raised my head to the words of my friend, Nee-chan had just came out of the changing room.

Nee-chan wore a skirt-type swimsuit and wore a thin hoodie over her upper body.

Only a little exposure, I sighed out in relief.

–Wait, why did I feel relieved!?

No matter what my sister was doing, it had nothing to do with me.

"Sorry, have I kept you waiting?"

"No, we had just finished changing too. By the way Nee-chan, aren't you hot wearing that parka?"

"Aah, this? If I don't wear it, I will get sunburned."

To Yuusuke's words, Nee-chan pulled the parka's hem.

"But, then you won't be able to get into the ocean."

"I wear a proper swimwear inside this parka. After I painted the sunscreen, I will take it off when I'm going to swim."

As Nee-chan said that, she took out the sunscreen from the parka's pocket.

Looking at it, Yuusuke's expression became brighter.

"Ah, then, shall I paint the sunscreen? It's hard to paint it on your back, right~."

–Oi, what kind of proposition did you just make!

My mouth opened to protest the words of Yuusuke, but Nee-chan just smiled gratefully.

"Ah, really? It is hard to paint around the neck. If you want to help, then I'm saved."

Saying so, Nee-chan lowered her parka's zipper and her white skin was shown.

Nee-chan was wearing floral lace, halter neck bikini.

My eyes were drawn to the slightly inflated chest and her beautiful navel.

Nee-chan took off her parka and showed her back towards Yuusuke.

Looking at the bare skin of Nee-chan, the cheeks of Yuusuke were slightly dyed in vermillion red.

"Here, the sunscreen–"

Nee-chan's voice was steady.

This person certainly didn't think about anything when she said that.

I wanted to sigh out loud to Nee-chan who was presenting the sunscreen for Yuusuke.

I knew that.

For Nee-chan we were just elementary school brats, we didn't even enter her sight.

But, as far as we concerned, the 15-year-old Nee-chan was sufficient enough to become our object of s.e.xual desire.

Before I knew it, I had grabbed the sunscreen from Nee-chan.

"Nee-chan, apply the sunscreen as much as you can by yourself."

"Eeh~, but, it's really hard to paint by myself, though?"

"Just do it by yourself. —Also, after you paint it properly, wear this."

I threw her parka to Nee-chan who was complaining.

Nee-chan puffed up her cheeks but still took the parka and the sunscreen.

Looking at Nee-chan who was applying the sunscreen on her palm, I sighed out in relief.

The line of sight from the protesting Yuusuke stabbed into me.


"…Shut up."

I didn't deny the word of Yuusuke who was grumbling mournfully.

Perhaps, I was a siscon.

On that day I was more concerned about Nee-chan's swimsuit, and even though we went to the sea after a lot of effort, I didn't feel like playing.

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