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Chapter 112 - Miserable Mercenaries

    One part of the body still hung on the Yong's beak and was swallowed in 2-3 gulps.

    Seeing this scene, the armed men became crazier. The outcome of their comrade was too tragic, but they were also in the same situation.

    Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Two simultaneous sounds echoed from the distance. Their comrades that had left the battlefield pulled the trigger, sending two rockets flying out from the bazooka. The warhead was aimed at the Yong which was still busy eating.

    The two rockets moved leaving a trail of smoke behind and flew about a hundred meters.   

    The Yong, however, was actually quite sharp. When it saw this scene, it dived down. One of the rockets flew overhead and missed, but the second rocket still had directly hit the Yong.

    With a loud boom, a giant explosion burst on the Yong's body.

    The armed men immediately cheered after seeing this.

    However, the next thing that happened made the armed men speechless.

    The Yong dived down from the flames and opened its claws. It picked up two armed men and soared back into the skies. After flying a few hundred meters up, it threw down the two armed men.


    Even on the soft sandy ground, the two armed men had been turned into meat paste.

    Seeing this scene, the armed men continued to resist with their lives, but their morale had already plumented.

    Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Perhaps because the Yong had received injuries from the previous rocket, it was not able to dodge the two incoming rockets.

    Two burst of flames exploded on the Yong's bdy.

    However, at this time, the rockets that the armed men held as an advantage, had already ran out. They had no choice but to pick up their AK-47 and directly stand against the Yong.

    After being hit by rockets consecutively, the Yong was furious. It no longer wanted to play around anymore. Everytime it dived, 1-2 armed men were clutched high in the air and were dropped to their death.

    After doing this a few times, the mercenaries crumbled apart. They could not even consider fighting against the Yong anymore. The remaining 7 armed men turned around and ran away in their own directions.

    One of the armed men who were running away, just happened to run towards Wei Xiao Bei's spot.

    When a person was running for their lives, their speed would be extremely fast. Moreover, the armed men were completely different from just normal men.

    Seeing that one of the armed men was running over, Wei Xiao Bei prepared to grab onto him and ask him a question about their ident.i.ty and other questions.

    When the armed man was about 40 meters away from him, a voice came from behind Wei Xiao Bei, "Xiao Bei, did something happen? Can you give me some water? I am about to thirst to death."

    Not good!

    This is Huang Da Jun's voice!

    That idiot!

    Wei Xiao Bei felt a stabbing pain all over his body. He did not even care about Huang Da Jun's question. He immediately turned around and propelled himself forward like a spider. In an instant, he jumped more than ten meters to the side.

    Wei Xiao Bei was lying down, so when the armed man was running away, he naturally did not notice Wei Xiao Bei.

    However, the petrified Huang Da Jun appeared behind Wei Xiao Bei and spoke as if he was in a shopping centre. Unless the armed man was a deaf person or an idiot, he would have obviously noticed Huang Da Jun!


    Without any hesitation, the armed man pointed the muzzle of his AK-47 at Huang Da Jun and opened fire. Tongues of flame came out from the gun and in that short burst two bullets flew towards Huang Da Jun! Soon after, a longer burst came, shooting out 9 bullets that were thinly spread around Huang Da Jun's surroundings to prevent him from escaping.

    Pew! Pew!

    Before Huang Da Jun even heard the sound of the bullets pa.s.sing through the air, he already felt the pain in his chest. When he looked down, he was shocked to notice that the chest part of his clothes were torn and fresh blood poured out from what seemed to be a gun wound.

    This surprised Huang Da Jun to the point that his mind completely blanked out!

    "This is a dream! This must be a dream!"

    Huang Da Jun used his hoa.r.s.e voice to mumble. He attempted to use his hands to cover the gun wound.

    However, in the next moment, his vision blacked out. He never knew what happened after,  as a hole had suddenly appeared on his forehead and his body fell down like dead weight.

    Without a doubt, neither Wei Xiao Bei nor Huang Da Jun, himself, could have predicted that he would die this early!

    Huang Da Jun was never able to even enter a state of life and death struggle and instead, had died just like that. Wei Xiao Bei, on the other hand, never thought that the armed man's marksmanship would be so accurate!

    If Wei Xiao Bei did not move earlier, the long burst might have hit Wei Xiao Bei.

    While killing Huang Da Jun, who suddenly appeared, the armed man did not stop running. He ran while shooting at Wei Xiao Bei who was lying on the sand.

    However, while running away, he forgot that he had already unleashed a lot of bullets against the Yong. As a result, after Wei Xiao Bei dodged the short burst, there was only the sound of the AK-47's bolt hitting nothing left.

    He doesn't have any bullets!

    Wei Xiao Bei became happy, he immediately leapt up from the ground and pounced towards the armed man.

    However, what Wei Xiao Bei never imagined was that the armed man was very agile. When he saw Wei Xiao Bei, he rolled to the side, distancing himself by a few meters from Wei Xiao Bei and threw the AK-47 at him. At the same time, he pulled out a handgun hidden on his lower leg.

    Wei Xiao Bei easily caught the AK-47 and threw it back. By some random miraculous chance, the AK-47 had actually knocked away the handgun from the armed man's hand.

    Seeing the fast approaching Wei Xiao Bei, the armed man tried to grab a hold of the handgun that he dropped.

    As long as these armed men had guns, they would be a huge threat!

    Wei Xiao Bei was well aware of this point. As a result, when he charged forwards, he lightly pulled at his waist.

    Whoosh! The sound of air being ripped apart could be heard by both parties. The great spear bound around Wei Xiao Bei's waist burst out so quickly, it was like black lightning!

    In an instant, the spear head easily pa.s.sed through the armed man's forehead, nailing the man's head to the sand. The armed man died, losing control of his body and letting go of the handgun that he had just grabbed.   

    The battle had ended.

    Wei Xiao Bei could not help lightly sigh.

    He regretfully looked at Huang Da Jun's corpse.

    Although Wei Xiao Bei wanted to kill Huang Da Jun, he, himself, did not plan on making a move himself. At most, he wanted to use Huang Da Jun as canon fodder to attract a strong monster's attention.

Chapter 113 - Killing People Also Give Evolution Points?

    However now, Huang Da Jun was dead, completely outside of Wei Xiao Bei's expectations. Though, in actual fact, this did not matter much. After all, human life was not as valuable in The Dust World.

    Death might just even be a way to be free of this gray place.

    When it came to Wei Xiao Bei's melee fighting ability, he could completely crush the armed men.

    However, when it comes to firearms, it was his first time fighting against something like that.

    Even if his vitality was at 17.21 points and his health sub-attribute was at 20.35 points, Wei Xiao Bei might not live if the bullet was drilled through his eye socket or his heart.

    Firearms were too much of a cheat item.

    It could completely give a weak normal person, even a child, the ability to kill a Guo Shu expert! As long as the bullet hits the vitals, this kind of result would become a fact.

    It must be known that even the slowest bullet surpa.s.ses the speed of sound. A bullet could travel more than 300 meters per second. The fastest bullet could travel around 800 meters per second.

    Naturally, subsonic bullets were an exception to this as they travelled below the speed of sound.

    No matter what was said, if a gun was aimed at a Guo Shu expert, even a Guo Shu expert would have difficulty dodging the bullet.

    Perhaps after his health reaches a high level checkpoint, Wei Xiao Bei would gain the ability to ignore the threat of guns, but before that point, Wei Xiao Bei felt that he should keep a certain level of vigilance against modern firearms.

    Naturally, Guo Shu experts had their own advantages against firearms.

    They could use the moment a gun as aimed at them, perceive the direction, and dodge before it was fired.

    The stab of pain that Wei Xiao Bei felt before was the negative jing's warning signal against danger.

    Wherever the enemy aimed at, that part of the body would have a slight stab of pain, alerting the Guo Shu expert how to dodge.

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at his status panel. He was rather amazed as he noticed that the armed man gave him 80 evolution points!

    In other words, the armed man was as strong as an evolved white mouse.

    Naturally, the armed man's attack was quite fast, but his defense was pitifully weak.

    Wei Xiao Bei turned around and looked at Huang Da Jun. He sighed in his heart at the fact that he did not find out how much evolution points a normal person like him gave.

    However, this was only a single miss as Wei Xiao Bei dispeled his thoughts.

    This kind of thinking was too vile.

    Wei Xiao Bei was still not the type of person who would turn normal people into prey.

    He felt around the armed man's body and found many things.

    There were five high energy nutrition bars, three bags of pure water, a few bullets, a lighter, a dagger, and many others.

    A high energy nutrition bar would be a lot more nutritious compared to hardtacks.

    This kind of thing was originally special food meant for astronauts. After news of it spread, it became a convenient, easy to carry, high nutrition food.

    Half a nutrition bar was enough to replenish a normal male's energy for a whole day.

    The lighter was also not bad. It came from the famous lighter brand, Zippo. It was rumored that if it was placed on the chest, it could block a bullet. However, it was easy to see that the armed man was not able to see if that was true. The lighter would allow Wei Xiao Bei to make fire without the need for wood.

    Wei Xiao Bei took the leg holster from the armed man's leg and tied it to his. Then he inserted the dagger and the handgun.

    After all, using the White Mist Dagger to harvest meat was a bit of a waste.

    What made Wei Xiao Bei the happiest was the  battlefield water purifier and disinfectants he had found inside the armed man's backpack.

    Wei Xiao Bei decided to stop caring about how the armed men brought these things into The Dust World, since they were now in his possession.

    After changing his backpack for the military use backpack and moving his things inside, he picked up the AK-47, pulled back the gun bolt, felt it with his hands. Then, he quickly filled up an empty magazine with more bullets and loaded it onto the gun.

    It seems that the armed man used up a lot of ammunition. The remaining bullets could barely fill up 5 magazines.

    No matter what was said, Wei Xiao Bei was a bit excited. It had been a long time since he had held a gun.

    As a soldier during times of peace, the amount of chances Wei Xiao Bei got to fire a gun were too few.

    Other than the live ammunition test for new recruits, there were live ammunition tests every three years, where they would have to shoot at targets.

    Naturally, a few war preparation troops and special forces fired bullets to feed themselves. Second-tier troops like Wei Xiao Bei were not as blessed.


    Wei Xiao Bei treated the corpse of the armed man as a target and shot a few bullets from 50 meters away. He nodded his head in satisfaction.

    Although the Type 81 a.s.sault Rifle he used before and the AK-47 he was holding now were developed with the same foundation, the materials that was used for the gun barrel and other fine details made them a little different.

    In simpler words, the AK-47 was easier to use and resistant to dirt. When firing it, the muzzle swayed easily, severely affecting its accuracy. On the other hand the Type 81 a.s.sault Rifle was not as easy to use or dirt resistant, but its accuracy was better.

    As a result, out of the five bullets that Wei Xiao Bei shot out, only three hit the corpse.

    This kind of result against a stationary target 50 meters away was not that good. However, after considering Wei Xiao Bei's shooting skill and the Ak-47's inaccuracy, this result was also not that bad.

    After settling his excitement, Wei Xiao Bei once again bound the great spear around his waist and carried the AK-47. Then he ran towards the battlefield where the armed men and the Yong fought.

    While advancing, he looked at the battlelog under his status panel.

    He found the record of the Yong.


You witnessed the fight between a group of mercenaries and 2-Star Terror Creature, Yong

You encountered a 1-Star Elite Creature, Mercenary

You killed the Mercenary.

You obtained 80 evolution points.

Battle Ends.

    The Yong was actually a 2-Star Terror Creature. Compared to the Tree Spirit, its strength was roughly greater. After all, the ability to fly was already a huge advantage. With this, in addition to being able to fight and run with its large build, it was like a heavy ground attack aircraft.

    Wei Xiao Bei calmed down for a bit. Although a 2-Star Terror Creature was a lot stronger than a 2-Star Elite Creature, he still had a chance to win.

    Moreover, under the attacks of the Mercenaries, the Yong would not be in perfect condition. The Yong might have even received heavy injuries from the rockets that had been fired against it.

    In just a short amount of time, Wei Xiao Bei arrived at the previous battlefield and stopped for a moment. The Mercenaries that were under that Yong's attack had all disappeared.

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