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Chapter 79 - Meeting with the Bus Pervert Again

    When the other pa.s.sengers were pushed away by Wei Xiao Bei, they were slightly aggravated, but when they saw his size, they did not dare say anything and could only inwardly curse.


    When he reached the front of the buse, his eyes cannot help but shine. He saw a frail girl holding onto the handrail with tears on her eyes, while angrily staring at the man.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not recognize the girl, but he recognized the man.

    Isn't that the molester from last time?

    Previously, Wei Xiao Bei had electrocuted him during the crucial moment.

    Someone had truly sent him a pillow as he was falling asleep.

    Wei Xiao Bei was already a little unhappy, so seeing the man had made him a bit delighted.

    "Hey, do you still recognize me?"

    Wei Xiao Bei smiled wholeheartedly as he pointed at the man.

    "Who are you? I don't… Ah, it's you!"

    The man had completely placed his attention on the frail girl. He was currently wondering whether or not he should follow the girl as she gets off

    However, when Wei Xiao Bei pointed at him, his memories of the previous bus incident floated up as he looked at Wei Xiao Bei's face.

    Why did I meet this guy again?

    However, before the man was able to continue speaking, Wei Xiao Bei had already grabbed on to his neck.

    Wei Xiao Bei's palm was now bigger than before. Although it was not big enough to grab a basketball in one hand, grabbing on to the man's neck was easy enough.

    "Cough, cough. Save…" Without waiting for the man to even shout for help, Wei Xiao Bei tightened his grip, sending him coughing and preventing him from asking for help.

    "Dirvier! Open the door!"

    Wei Xiao Bei looked around once and stared at the driver.

    Right now, Wei Xiao Bei could be counted as a veteran in The Dust World. The amount of blood that he had spilled gave him an air of power.

    The driver did not have any plans to stop the bus before reaching the next stop at all, but when he say Wei Xiao bei's stare, his head became drenched in cold sweat. He had a premonition that if he did not stop the bus, his end would not be any better than the molester.

    Kacha. The bus stopped beside a flowerbed and its doors opened.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not rush to go down, and smiled at the girl, "If you meet this guy in the future, ruthlessly beating him up should do the trick."

    After saying all this, Wei Xiao Bei carried the man with him and walked out of the bus.

    The man wanted to struggle, but everytime he struggled, Wei Xiao Bei's grip tightened, forcing him into a coughing fit, while strands of electric current surged through his body, making him weak.

    With just this, the man became well-behaved as he was dragged down by Wei Xiao Bei down the bus.

    The girl was really frightened. Even as the bus started moving again, she did not even dare try to follow Wei Xiao Bei.

    Wei Xiao Bei didn't really care. Although he was a hero who saved the beauty, he did not have any plans to flirt with the beauty. Moreover, the girl was not his type, so he only let out a sigh.

    Pata. He threw the man on the flowerbed. The man took a while to steady his breath and was about to call for help, when Wei Xiao Bei suddenly kicked his chin.


    The man was not able to call out as he bit on his tongue. He immediately closed his mouth and cried.

    A man actually cried? Isn't he too weak?

    Just like that, Wei Xiao Bei's plans to sort the man out had decreased by a lot. Pa,pa,pa. He slapped the man on the face, making the man's face look like a pig head and making him confused and disoriented.

    "I'll leave it at that for today. The next time I see you do that again on a bus... heheh."

    Wei Xiao Bei coldly laughed and left the place.

    The man stayed down on the flowerbed for a while before getting up. He covered his pig-like face with his hands and left.

    Naturally, there was no need to mention what will happen to that man if he was ever caught by Wei Xiao Bei again.

    When Wei Xiao Bei got down the bus, he was already quite close to the dojo, so he did not try to take the bus again, and simply walked there, albeit a little slowly.

    This was his first time walking the streets this leisurely.

    He looked at the bustling stores along the road side, looked at the gorgeously dressed women, and enjoyed the scene.

    Before he entered the alley, he saw that the door was wide open and there were load voices coming from inside.

    He walked in the dojo and saw that there were more than 30 people standing in a row, forming a square formation as they trained. His second senior apprentice brother was there guiding them.

    On the other hand, his master and big senior apprentice brother were accompanying a middle aged man in a suit who was observing.

    "Xiao Bei, come here," Wei Xiao Bei's mind was currently thinking of how he was going to explain his growth, when his master Cheng Bi Wu suddenly called him over.

    "Greetings master, greetings big apprentice brother," Wei Xiao Bei could not think about it anymore. He quickly walked in front of them and greeted.

    "Umu, this is Da Hao Security Firm's Chief Zhou."

    Cheng Bi Wu introduced the suited man as Chief Zhou. Wei Xiao Bei was not an undisciplined idiot so he also greeted Chief Zhou.

    Chief Zhou seemed to be quite busy, so after exchanging a few words, he hurriedly left.

    After that, Wei Xiao Bei found out from his big senior apprentice brother that Chief Zhou's name was Zhou Xing Yuan and was the executive of Da Hao Security Firm. According to him, Chief Zhou was one of the most trusted aides of Da Hao Group's chairman of the board, Wan Da Hao.

    The thirty people that were training in the practice grounds were Da Hao Security Firm's security guards. It was said that they needed to increase the security firm's service quality when guaranteeing the customer's safety. As a result, they had sent the guard's to come to the Cheng Clan Dojo to train.

    For the Cheng Clan Dojo this was not just a small business deal.

    A person training for a month would need to pay 30,000 yuan. Adding all of them up would cost close to a million. It was greater than the amount elementary school student's would.

    So it was like that

    Wei Xiao Bei felt that it was a bit funny. He had originally worked for Da Hao Real Estate, and the Da Hao Security Firm was also part of Da Hao Group of companies. It was only that he never really cared about these things, so he did not recognize Zhou Xing Yuan or the fact that he was Wan Da Hao's close aide.

    These matters had actually turned out to be quite long when discussed.

    As one of the richest and most powerful person in Cui Hu City, information about Wan Da Hao was endless.

    Although there were all kinds of information and there were many people spreading them, there was one common thing in all of them.

    Before Wan Da Hao became rich, he was just a hoodlum. Moreover, when he became rich, he became the one of the most powerful in Cui Hu City. Right now it was said that he had partially withdrawn from the scenes and beginning to wipe their slate clean. However, even the Da Hao Security Firm might not necessarily be a real security firm.

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