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Chapter 77 - Learning and Reasoning Attribute!

    Looking at the weight vest and leg weights at the corner of the bed, Wei Xiao Bei couldn't help but sigh. In The Dust World, he had completely relied on his elementary regeneration. If he didn't have it, his life would have been extinguished to the point that he would never be able to get up anymore.

    For now, he would not be able to use the weight vest and leg weights.

    This was not because he was not diligent but because with his current muscle attribute, trying to increase in muscle ma.s.s would be too hard.

    Moreover, a heavier weight vest and leg weight would create inconveniences due to the size.

    After going to the toilet, Wei Xiao Bei looked in the bathroom mirror. He began to fix his appearance and check the condition of his recovering injuries.

    Looking at the condition of his recovering injuries.

    Just like what he felt before, his thighs, where he focused the most force, were still swelling. The wound on his chest had already closed up while still a little swollen. His back was probably the same.

    According to his healing speed, he would need at most two days before the wounds would stop affecting his daily life and training. While after three days, the effect would be almost nonexistent.

    Grumble grumble grumble….

    His stomach continuously cried out as an alarm of hunger.

    The speed at which his elementary regeneration recovers was not baseless. It meant that his injuries were not light. A normal person would probably need more than 20 days to recover. These 20 days that a person needed to recover had been concentrated into such a short amount of time, meaning that Wei Xiao Bei's body was almost out of nutrients.

    I should go eat first.

    Wei Xiao Bei quickly washed up and wore his clothes before going out.

    From the room until the food stall, his blushing face did not disappear at all.

    An increase in st.u.r.diness did not only mean that he grew taller, his muscles also expanded and his joints were lengthened, making his current appearance a bit comical.

    Try imagining it; a 180 cm tall guy wearing an extremely tight T-shirt and shorts to the points that people could clearly see his underwear.

    It was easy to imagine how much shame he was feeling!

    Just as he came out of the room, Li Lan Xing, who was also preparing to leave, looked at him as if she was looking at a rare gem.

    Wei Xiao Bei had never been looked at by a woman like this before. His muscles tensed and quickly ran out. If he was caught by her, he did not know how much she would tease him.

    He decided to ignore his situation now and look for a clothing store later.

    Even if no one stared at him with an amazed gaze, he still felt that his clothes were too tight, so tight that he felt he was buried underground.

    He pulled on the suffocating collar and stared at the big wok, yelling, "Boss, hurry up. I starving to death!"

    What he never imagined was when he shouted, his pectoral muscles moved resulting in a tearing sound. The cheap t-shirt that he bought from a street stall tore from the collar down, until his entire chest was exposed.

    Wei Xiao Bei awkwardly looked at his exposed chest and pulled it a bit, attempting to conceal the tear.

    "Puchi." A girl who happened to see this scene had the milk tea that she was drinking spray out from her nose. She choked to the point that her eyes rolled backwards, scaring her friends into quickly patting her back, afraid that she might just choke to death.

    "Xiao Meng, what's wrong?"

    "Nothing, nothing. Take a look at that." After wiping her face clean with great difficulty, the girl still had the mindset to point towards Wei Xiao Bei and quietly invite her friends to take a look.

    "Wow, my G.o.d. That handsome man is awesome. His clothes even burst open due to his muscles."

    The plump girl looked at Wei Xiao Bei's current appearance and opened her mouth to the point that saliva almost flowed down.


    Wei Xiao Bei felt powerless.

    Could it be that girls nowadays don't even know the meaning of shame!

    With that said, Wei Xiao Bei wanted to bury himself underground due to the stares of these two girls.

    Luckily, the owner finally finished and gave Wei Xiao Bei his bowl of noodles.

    Seeing the noodles arrive, Wei Xiao Bei ignored the two girls and the stares of other people. He picked up a pair of chopsticks and began to eat in big bites.

    He acted as if there was n.o.body around him. The observers only took a look at the spectacle and, in the end, they still walked their own ways.

    After a while, the surrounding stares had decreased. Wei Xiao Bei ate while he perspired greatly. He simply just tore of his shirt and placed it on the bench, exposing his upper body.

    After eating an entire bowl of noodles, he waited for the owner to cook more noodles. He placed his hands on the table and looked at the chopstick rack, but in reality he was looking at his status panel and thinking.

    I should just spread out the 610 points into learning and reasoning.

    After deciding this, Wei XIao Bei concentrated on his learning attribute.

    His learning attribute quickly rose from 6.31 points to 9 points. Wei Xiao Bei then moved his attention to his reasoning attribute.

    After increasing it to 10 points, he finally stopped.

    Actually, Wei Xiao Bei was forced to stop; after increasing his learning and reasoning attributes, his brain began to be filled with a violent dizziness.

    This feeling felt like he had been sent inside a centrifuge for more than 10 minutes.

    Wei Xiao Bei couldn't' help lie down on the table to try to stop the dizziness.

    Even when the boss placed down the freshly cooked noodles in front of Wei Xiao Bei, the fragrance of the noodles were not enough to make him raise his head. This scared the stall owner out of his wits, and even thought that Wei Xiao Bei was in need of immediate medical a.s.sistance.

    Wei Xiao Bei could only wave his hand to shoo the owner away, but the owner did not dare move too far. He stood beside the big wok and looked in Wei Xiao Bei's direction.

    After a while, Wei Xiao Bei's dizziness disappeared.

    Wei Xiao Bei secretly sighed and propped himself up. He continued to eat noodles, dispelling the stall owner's worries.

    Wei Xiao Bei never imagined that placing evolution points in his learning and reasoning attributes would cause this kind of effect.

    Luckily, he did not rashly place evolution points in them while he was in The Dust World, or else, he would not know how he would die inside Cui Hu University.

    His evolution points had decreased from 610 to 172. However, the effects of losing the 400 or so points, had greatly satisfied Wei Xiao Bei.

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