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Chapter 250 - Embodiment of the Power of Nature, Frost Giants

    In an instant, the crows flew up like black clouds from the meadow and flew towards Wei Xiao Bei.

    They landed on Wei Xiao Bei like a black cloud.

    “Screw you!”

    Wei Xiao Bei had planned to wait for more crows to come over, but he never imagined that they would directly attack his family jewels.

    He sensed the wind pa.s.s through below him, so how could he dare continue to pretend to be dead? First, he released electricity all over his body, shocking the 30 crows standing on top of his body, killing them in an instant.

    Next, Wei Xiao Bei angrily howled. His legs rotated upwards like a helicopter about to take flight.

    With this move, more than 20 crows who had wanted to enjoy the meat on Wei Xiao Bei's legs had died, turning into minced meat.

    His right hand that was holding onto a handful of stones also moved. With a throw, more than 60 stones were sent shooting towards the crows.

    At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei was unable to control the trajectory of the stones.

    At this distance, let alone rocks, even if an old man spit out his saliva, it would definitely hit a crow. The only weakness was that the distance was too close, sometimes causing more than one stone to hit a single crow.

    However, because of the close distance, the crow behind the first crow would also be hit after the rock penetrated the first crow.

    In just one exchange, around 100 crows were killed by Wei Xiao Bei!

This sudden misfortune had startled the crows. They flew away for their lives. Food? It was completely a trap.

    These crows escaped quite quickly. Wei Xiao Bei was barely able to get up and throw another handful of stones killing around 10 escaping crows, while the remaining crows had escaped Wei Xiao Bei's range.

    This time, the crows were a lot farther from him by about 200 meters.

    Seeing that the crows escape so far, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but sigh.

    HIe evolution points had increased to 7890 points!

    He only needed to kill four more crows to reach 8000 points!

    In other words, as long as he could kill four more crows, Wei Xiao Bei's health could reach 60 points and possibly allow him to gain a new recovery skill and enable him to recover his hand!

    However, from this point on, whether he used the fairy as bait, fall on the ground, or even cut himself attempting to use the smell of blood to lure the crows, the crows did not come closer at all.

    They did not care what Wei Xiao Bei did and only stared at him.

    The crows' movements made Wei Xiao Bei feel restless.

    In truth, their actions were very abnormal.

    Even if crows knew how to hold a grudge, the crows in the real world would flee when facing a strong enemy.

    Let alone crows, even tigers and lions would not provoke an enemy that they had no a.s.surance of killing. If they discovered that they could be heavily injured or killed by them, they would choose to leave.

    However, these crows did not do such a thing. Instead, they continued these strange actions, indicating that Wei Xiao Bei might encounter some sort of danger.

    Although Wei Xiao Bei's intuition against this type of danger was not that sharp and only had a faint indication in his mind, he still placed great importance on it.

    It must be known that if the crows continued to follow him, it was the same as having an indicator.

    Could these crows be that intelligent?

    Wei Xiao Bei swept a glance at the crows. In this distance, Wei Xiao Bei could still clearly see their lazy att.i.tudes.

    In any case, the crows were dallying around Wei Xiao Bei.

    They did not have any interest in his actions as all or were pretending to have no interest after being startled by the ma.s.sacre.

    In the end, Wei Xiao Bei pulled out his great spear and stood on the spot without moving.

    After five seconds, Wei Xiao Bei's figure vanished under the gray light from above.

    This was Wei Xiao Bei's last resort.

    Since the crows were following him without attacking, then he would just vanish!

    A crow's sense of smell was exceptionally sharp. They were able to discover corpses from far away, and they would even smell a strange scent coming from a dying man. Then, they would circle around the place, causing them to be called crows.

    Wei Xiao Bei wanted to use this.

    After he disappeared from sight, the thick scent of blood was still there. When the crows' thoughts became confused, they were bound to inspect the palace.

    Afterwards, he would kill four of them and finish earning 8000 evolution points.

    Wei Xiao Bei's thoughts were not wrong.

    After he disappeared, the crows became restless and a few of them truly flew towards Wei Xiao Bei.

    However, then they reached a distance close to Wei Xiao Bei's reach, the group of crows, for who knows what reason, began to caw loudly and quickly fly away. Even the ones close to Wei Xiao Bei had also flown away.

    This time they had truly ran away without stopping.

    Could they have given up?

    This sudden change in situation had caught Wei Xiao Bei unprepared. If he knew things were going to be like this, he would have made his move a bit earlier and kill the ones close to him.

    However, he was just too greedy.

    If he had not tried to wait for more of them to come over, he would not have lost such a good chance.

    This made him become vigilant against his greed.

    Humans do not fear greed as it was the catalyst for continuous advancement!

    However, if they were not vigilant against it, then it was easy to fall into ruin due to greed.

    This was something that had been repeated many times in history.

    When Wei Xiao Bei threw his thoughts to the back of his mind and prepared to continue forward, he placed back the foot that he had just raised because the ground was currently shaking!

    This shaking was not the same as the continuous shaking from running reindeers, but it was shaking with intervals as if it was breathing.

    The shaking came from Wei Xiao Bei's side.

    He did not move and maintained his invisibility as he turned his head and looked at his side.

    Very quickly, a thick fog appeared. Inside the fog, there was a faintly discernible humanoid monster that was taller than 50 meters.


    There was not only one monster in the fog Two, three, four…..

    After making a rough count, Wei Xiao Bei had counted up to a hundred of them.

    Their movements were very orderly. As they moved together, the ground shook.

    Perhaps because it felt the shaking from Wei Xiao Bei's mouth, the fairy struggled to poke its head out. When it saw the monsters, its mouth immediately opened wide. At this point, it ignored the stench as it it shouted with a low voice, “It's the Frost Giants!”

    Frost Giants?

    Because the fairy was inside his mouth, it could be considered that they were facing each other, thus he could understand its words.

    He knew that there were different races of giants in Nordic legends.

    In truth, after a.n.a.lyzing Nordic legends, one would understand that most of the G.o.ds were descendants of giants, or they might even be giants that had gained divinity.

    In Nordic Legends, it was said that the first being was named Aurgelmir, a giant who was created from the drops of water that formed when the ice of Niflheim met the heat of Muspelheim. Odin and the other G.o.ds were its descendants. However, Odin had overthrown the rule of the giants and expelled them from the land of the G.o.ds.

    Naturally, this had caused the enmity between the G.o.ds and the giants.

    Giants were either Frost Giants or Fire Giants.

    The Fire Giants lived in Muspelheim, while the Frost Giants lived in Jotunheim.

    In the final battle of Ragnarok, the two giants played the big role of killing their way to the land of the G.o.ds.

    At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei noticed that the thick fog was not actually thick fog, but it was formed from countless ice crystals. As the Frost Giants approached, Wei Xiao Bei could feel the temperature drop.

    In truth, if he was not draped with the reindeer skin, it would be a lot harder to keep warm, and he would tremble for along time.

    However, even if he trembled right now, he could not leave his position.

    In Nordic legends, the Frost Giants were not good people. In short, everywhere they pa.s.sed through, they would intentionally freeze.

    If Wei Xiao Bei was discovered by them, then his next moments would be him being turned into an ice status and shattered to pieces.

    Wei Xiao Bei felt that they were at least 3-Star Elite Creatures, but he did not dare use [Status Appraisal] on them.

    If any Frost Giant came over to inspect the area, just the temperature drop alone would force Wei Xiao Bie to flee.

    Their powers were the embodiment of the power of nature. The frost power that they had grasped made them hateful enemies in battle.

    This was simply cheating.

    Luckily, the Frost Giants were not too slow. Soon, they pa.s.sed by 300 meters away from Wei Xiao Bei and moved towards the World Tree, leaving a trail of ice in their path.

    Wei Xiao Bei guessed that this was the reason why the crows all flew away.

    Even if the crows were large in numbers, fighting  the Frost Giants was suicide.

    The surrounding frost from their bodies was enough to turn the crows into ice.

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