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Chapter 224 - Strange Farmer's Market

    Mao An Ge was only having blood rush to his head for a moment. Now that Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun gave him this scare, and seeing the machete in their hands drip with blood, how could he still dare to continue talking. He was so frightened that he hid at the back, but there were Zombie Dogs at the back opening that were closing their flower-like mouths, making him tremble in fear.

    "Enough, let's continue."

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei did not think about playing words with Mao An Ge, nor did he care about the BMW guy. His only thought was to have Zhu Xin Yi charm more Zombie Dogs to increase her fighting power.

    Other than Zhu Xin Yi giving her the strength to defend herself, Wei Xiao Bei wanted her to reach 2-Star. This would make her [Charm Control] skill stronger.

    As Wei Xiao Bei walked forward, Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun quickly followed behind. At this time, how could the BMW guy still stay there. He quickly followed behind. However, the saplings and Zombie Dogs had also begun to move, so he could only follow behind them, not daring to move closer.

    As for Mao An Ge, he blankly stood on the spot and looked at the headless Zhong Da Ma. His whole body trembled as he hesitantly looked at the direction Wei Xiao Bei moved to. In the end, he still followed behind Ye Lang Cheng's back.

    Just like the previous explanation, Mao An Ge was not an envoy of justice.

    Even if he became angry on the account of Cheng Si Si and criticized Wei Xiao Bei, he still came to his senses and attempted to hang onto his last hope, which was Wei Xiao Bei's group.

    The main question there was to survive or to perish.

    With 30 points in health and [Elementary Regeneration] working together, Wei Xiao Bei had a strong recovery ability.

    After walking past a full street, he could clearly feel his entire body get better. The scab on his back and connective tissues were healing at a quick speed.

    Although he was still considered weakened, he was still a lot better off than initially. At the very least, he had recovered up to 60 percent, and his recovery speed was still increasing.

    Wei Xiao Bei's current actions were completely reliant on his intuition. By relying on his [Early Judgement], he did not go to the more dangerous places.

    However, it was easy to reach a dead end with that kind of action.

    After making many turns, they had reached a farmer's market.

    Wei Xiao Bei had been here before in the real world. Compared to supermarkets, it was a messy and disordered place but full of different kinds of crops and meat from the suburbs. The prices there were also cheaper than the supermarket, thus he would often come here to buy ingredients for the Cheng Clan Dojo.

    After all, even the dojo needed to consider how to economize.

    In the Dust World, the farmer's market was a strange place.

    The buildings all around it were in a ruined state and covered in dust, but the farmer's market appeared to be full of life.

    To be more accurate, it was lively.

    The big doors of the farmer's market was made of steel that had not rusted, completely separating the market and the outside world.

    This was the reason why Wei Xiao Bei felt that it was lively, especially the fact that the doors had not rusted!

    It was as if the doors were just newly installed.

    Additionally, when he looked through a gap in the door, he could see that the floor was dustless. He could even see vegetables and meat placed on the cement counters. It was like the farmer's market was prepared for having a government inspection and not in its messy state.

    Even in the real world, the farmer's market could not reach this level of cleanliness.

    Although he did not feel any chills or any warnings in his mind from looking at the farmer's market, this did not mean there were no problems.

    In reality, it could be said that the farmer's market was in a weird state. In his eyes, this was without a doubt an indication of danger.

    "Huang Kun, don't come any closer."

    Huang Kun became curious after seeing the farmer's market. He wanted to move close to the doors to look clearer, but he never imagined that Wei Xiao Bei would stop him.

    Huang Kun did not dare go against Wei Xiao Bei's words, so he quickly retreated.

    On the other hand, the BMW guy was out of the question. He was still good after entering the Dust World, but after being chased by a Zombie and running around, he could not endure his hunger anymore.

    Seeing the sausages and various dried meat of the farmer's market, he could not endure anymore. Hunger floated up to his mind as he wanted to enter and fill up his stomach.

    However, seeing that Wei Xiao Bei had stopped Huang Kun, he became afraid of the danger. Thus, he moved his attention towards Mao An Ge who had just caught up.

    "Hey bro, this humble servant is a board member of an outstanding company. Being able to encounter a brother here is truly destiny…"

    Although the BMW guy was slightly out of his mind, he had gained the ability to talk in a language other people loved ever since he was young.

    Mao An Ge was only a normal college student and had not yet been dyed by the colors of society. Although it had some disadvantages, it could be said that he was simple.

    The BMW guy laid his heart bare and covered. This made Mao An Ge feel like the BMW guy was a very close friend, as if they had known each other for 10 years.

    In truth, no matter how much of an idiot he was, Mao An Ge knew that the opposite side was trying at something.

    However, in the Dust World, he seemed to have isolated himself. He had previously offended Cheng Si Si's boyfriend, which also offended the other two. On the other hand, the BMW guy appeared to be good-natured, so he considered the both of them to be in similar circ.u.mstances. Thus, he felt a bit more intimate with him.

    After becoming more intimate, the BMW guy began to implement his plan. The general idea was to tell Mao An Ge that he was hungry, then ask him if he was hungry, and then fire him up, convincing him to go to the farmer's market with him.

    Naturally, the BMW guy insincerely inquired Wei Xiao Bei if they should all go in together.

    Clearly, Wei Xiao Bei understood that the BMW guy was attempting to find cannon fodder. He immediately told him the possibility of danger inside and considered this warning as his minimum duty.

    On the other hand, the BMW guy ignored Wei Xiao Bei's warning. In his heart, as long as he had the cannon fodder named Mao An Ge in front of him, then he should be able to safely run away.

    Mao An Ge was a bit suspicious. He believed that Wei Xiao Bei was seriously injured, and after the fight with Zhong Da Ma, his injury became more serious, and he was only enduring the pain. He thought that Wei Xiao Bei was only saying this to stop them from going inside to find food.


    Mao An Ge had already lost his cool after the BMW guy's meticulous flattery. Moreover, he also thought that the BMW guy was rich and powerful in the real world while he was only a college freshman. If he could hang around this kind or person, his future would not be bad.

    Mao An Ge was a calculating creature. He would not be confused with mere words, but with various elements interweaved together, it had started his life as a formal cannon fodder.

    If humans wanted to obtain something, there needs to be something in exchange. This was an unbreakable truth.

    After coming to the front of the steel doors, the BMW guy could not climb over the door, but Mao An Ge had already moved to the other side.

    The BMW guy sincerely praised, "An Ge, you are truly great!"

    These words made Mao An Ge happy, but his appearance was still modest.

    Afterwards, the BMW guy told Mao An Ge to open the doors. This was only a wish as the steel doors appeared to be unopenable. Then he planned to have Mao An Ge bring the food out while he did not need to go inside. This would save him from the danger.

    However, what stupefied him next was that when Mao An Ge jumped to the other side and lightly pushed the door, the unopenable door was suddenly pushed open.

    Whwhat is going on?

    Towards this, the BMW guy was slightly worried.

    However, Mao An Ge was not an idiot and pulled him inside.

    After all, Mao An Ge was not that brave himself. He felt a bit of uncertainty entering alone.

    However, Mao An Ge eventually walked in the front, while the BMW guy walked behind him.

    When the two of them entered, the steel doors closed shut by itself.

    Seeing this scene, Wei Xiao Bei's eyes squinted.

    At this moment, he finally understood why he did not sense any danger from the farmer's market.

    Wei Xiao Bei charged to the front of the door, but in the next moment, he quickly retreated back and stared at the farmer's market with an indeterminate expression.

    The moment he approached the steel doors, his entire back chilled as warnings appeared in his mind!

    Extreme danger! Extreme danger!


    At this moment, he did not dare let his disciples stand on the spot. He quickly let the two of them leave while he stood more than 20 meters from the farmer's market.

    It was clear that the BMW guy and Mao An Ge's fates were sealed.

    Let alone asking the question of Wei Xiao Bei being willing to save the other two or not, even if he was willing, he did not have the certainty that he could safely leave the farmer's market without harm, moreover with two burdens!

    Since he had no way to save them, Wei Xiao Bei did not mind the two of them searching the insides of the farmer's market as he took the chance to see what movements were happening in the place.

    Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei had the best way to examine it, and it was to use [Status Appraisal].

    However, the danger he felt from the farmer's market was unreal. He understood that if he used [Status Appraisal], it would attract the danger inside. When that happens, he could only ask himself if he could escape it.

    However, danger and opportunity exist at the same time. Wei Xiao Bei had understood this from his past encounters. He also felt that that farmer's market contained the greatest opportunity ever since he had first entered the Dust World!

    Thus, he let the two other people go inside first and try to obtain more information for himself.

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