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Chapter 178 - Quickly Learning Medicine!

    "Both of you should leave first! I will protect you."

    Wei Xiao Bei saw their appearance and knew that Zhu Xin Yi could not go on anymore, so he quickly called out to them.

    With Wei Xiao Bei guarding at the side, Huang Kun became relieved. He laid Zhu Xin Yi on the ground and also laid down as well.

    After lying down, Huang Kun bitterly smiled as pride rose up from within him.

    The past him would never be able to imagine he would become this brave. After all, even though his parents had divorced, his life was still pleasurable. He had been heavily injured yet he could still continue on. The floor was full of dust yet he could still lie down on it without hesitation.

    Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi as well as the four saplings slowly became transparent and then disappeared. Wei Xiao Bei sighed in relief. Then he ignored his injuries and the pain as he lied still on the ground, continuously thinking of leaving.


    "Big brother Wei! Big brother Wei! Sister Xin Yi, could it be that big brother would not wake up due to his injuries?"

    Before opening his eyes, Wei Xiao Bei heard Huang Kun's voice beside his ears.

    Although Zhu Xin Yi had entered the Dust World and killed a lot of monsters with the machete, she was also very hesitant.

    However, she was just a college freshman that had just entered college. Facing the heavily injured Wei Xiao Bei, who was not waking up,  and the heavily injured Huang Kun, she truly did not know what to do.

    Should she send Wei Xiao Bei and Huang Kun to the hospital or should she wait for him to wake up before deciding.

    After all, Zhu Xin Yi knew that if she sent Huang Kun and Wei Xiao Bei to a hospital, the hospital could call the police to come monitor them.

    "Enough. Hearing your chattering voice beside my ear when I just woke up is annoying. Even the dead would probably wake up if they heard you."

    Wei Xiao Bei opened his eyes and struggled to get up while glaring at Huang Kun. Seeing Wei Xiao Bei wake up and painfully tried to get up, Zhu Xin Yi immediately supported him.

    In Wei Xiao Bei's eyes, Huang Kun was a brat that would be spoiled if you don't spank him every three days. If he was not spanked, he might one day provoke great trouble.

    When Wei Xiao Bie was lecturing Huang Kun, Zhu Xin Yi supported Wei Xiao Bei's shoulder. Her face was full of hesitance and after a while, she bit her lip and gently asked, "Brother Wei, can I formally become your disciple?"


    Wei Xiao Bei was a bit speechless. He looked at Zhu Xin Yi, "Girl, why did you think about this?"

    "I want to be able to defend myself in the Dust World."

    Zhu Xin Yi casted a glance at Huang Kun before pulling back. Her face carried a 'succeed or die trying' expression.

    Without a doubt, Wei Xiao Bei's high intimidation had leaked out a bit when he was asked seriously. It was enough to make Zhu Xin Yi feel a heavy pressure, but even though that was the case, she was still determined to push through. It seemed that she had steeled her heart in asking him to be her master.

    Wei Xiao Bei bitterly smiled. The charm of a beautiful girl was truly outstanding. Even Huang Kun who was young and inexperienced could not speak at all.

    "Okay. However, I ,myself, haven't finished my apprenticeship. If you want to make me your master, then you can only be like Huang Kun, a disciple in name only. Is that fine?"

    Wei Xiao Bei thought about Zhu Xin Yi's words and felt that there was nothing wrong with it. After all, self-preservation abilities were the most important in the Dust World.

    Even if Zhu Xin Yi would be able to charm 2-star, 3-star, and even 4-star monsters in the future, and these monsters would be able to protect her, there was no guarantee that these monsters would not kill her before she was able to charm them!

    Just like summoner jobs in many games, no matter how many or how strong their summons were, if the summoner dies, there was no meaning to the summons at all.

    If Zhu Xin Yi could learn a bit of martial arts, then she would be able to run away properly.

    "This disciple is willing!"

    Zhu Xin Yi was much more sincere than Huang Kun when entering discipleship. She let go of Wei Xiao Bei's arm, retreated to the edge of the bed, and kneeled in front of him.

    "Don't be like that."

    Wei Xiao Bei's body was heavily injured. Even if he wanted to pull Zhu Xin Yi up, he could not do so and could only accept it.

    "I am actually a senior apprentice brother now?"

    Compared to Wei Xiao Bei, Huang Kun's attention was towards a different thing. Seeing Zhu Xin Yi enter discipleship, he happily called out.

    This really made others doubt that the real reason he told Zhu Xin Yi things was for this purpose.

    "Just be obedient in the future and don't be unruly like this brat."

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at Huang Kun and ignored him. After all, they were only disciple and Master in name, so he didn't need to be strict like formal discipleship.

    Even the customs of accepting disciples was placed as low priority.

    "Ok. Huang Kun go find a pair of pliers and pull out the fragments on my back."

    Although Wei Xiao Bei had removed a portion of the fragments in the Dust World, he was not an elephant, so there were some places that he could not reach.

    After telling Huang Kun to get pliers, Wei Xiao Bei looked at Zhu Xin Yi's wrapped up leg, but he did not know if she could walk or not.

    "Xin Yi, can you walk?"

    "I can walk. When the time comes, I'll go to the hospital to have it checked. I don't think it will be too much of a problem."

    Zhu Xin Yi understood Wei Xiao Bei's words and immediately answered.

    "You cannot go to the hospital. Our injuries are to conspicuous. Enter the left hand side of the alley and walk 30 meters. There should be a drug store there. Buy a gauze, iodine, and disinfectant. Buy more of them. If there are surgical scissors and surgical knives, it would be even better."

    Wei Xiao Bei carefully arranged things. He took out a wad of cash and gave it to Zhu Xin Yi.

    Zhu Xin Yi was admiring Wei Xiao Bei's omnipotence. From his words, she had guessed that he was so amazing to even know surgery.

    However, Zhu Xin Yi would absolutely never imagine that Wei Xiao Bei did not even know how to do such a thing.

    When Huang Kun returned with pliers ,Wei Xiao Bei was currently searching for surgical knowledge in the internet.

    Wei Xiao Bei immediately lied down when he saw Huang Kun return. When he saw that Huang Kun's hand was shaking, he could not help but smile, "No problem. You do not have to worry about anything. As long as you pull out the fragments, everything would be fine. Now, hurry up!" Wei Xiao Bei's last words increased in seriousness, causing Huang Kun to tremble, but he became relaxed afterwards.

    After pulling out the first piece, Huang Kun saw that Wei Xiao Bei did not let out a sound. His boldness grew as he did not treat Wei Xiao Bei's back as a back at all. He acted like he was pulling out weeds and finished pulling out all the fragments.

    Naturally, Huang Kun did not have any skills at all. Not only did he reopen the wound, he even expanded it, making Wei Xiao Bei suffer the pain.

    After pulling out all the shards, Wei Xiao Bei told Huang Kun to go welcome Zhu Xin Yi back after seeing she had not yet returned. He himself went to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

    The strong water thoroughly washed his wounds, turning red. The flowing red water would scare other people, but Wei Xiao Bei was only feeling the pain.

    The water surged onto his wounds while he would also rub them from time to time. The pain from this almost made Wei Xiao Bei break out in cold sweat.

    After washing off the dust on his back, Wei Xiao Bei closed the shower and stood still for a short while. He waited until the wounds stopped bleeding before wiping himself with a towel, turning the white towel into blood red.

    If a normal person used unboiled water to wash their wounds, their wounds would have almost certainly become inflamed and bacteria would have gotten in. They might even die due to teta.n.u.s.

    However, this was an unecessary procedure for Wei Xiao Bei.

    With his high health attribute, unboiled water was nothing. On the contrary, after the dust had been washed off, it was better for his wounds when closing up, causing his recovery to be faster. As for bacteria and what not, a majority of it would have been eliminated before entering the wound.

    After wiping himself, he wore clean clothes and came out. He sat in front of the computer and studied medicine, surgery, etc. from the internet.

    Without a doubt, Wei Xiao Bei was planning to perform surgery on Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi.

    After researching a bit, Huang Kun returned with Zhu Xin Yi. The two of them were sweating all over. They still ran everywhere even when they were injured, so it was normal for them to sweat from the pain.

    Zhu Xin Yi had bought what Wei Xiao Bei asked for. There were a few rolls of gauze, boxes of medical cotton, a few bottles of disinfectants, iodine, and saline solution, cefazolin sodium injection, and even a few surgical scissors and surgical knives.

    It seems that the medicine store had provided Zhu Xin Yi with everything; Otherwise, buying them elsewhere would have been difficult for Zhu Xin Yi.

    Zhu Xin Yi placed the change on the desk and waved at Wei Xiao Bei, "I will go drink water first. Wait for me."

    Wei Xiao Bei was currently looking at the internet for medical knowledge while looking at his status panel. He would check if there were any changes to his skills.

    5 minutes, 10 minutes, there were still no changes to his status panel.

    Wei Xiao Bei was worried that his learning was too low, so he looked at his evolution points.

    I still have 1035 evolution points.

    It should be enough.

    Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei concentrated on his learning attribute.

    In an instant, his learning increased from 11.1 points to 15 points.

    Once his learning increased, Wei Xiao Bei once again looked at the screen and carefully absorbed the medical knowledge. He suddenly felt his mind become lively.

    There were many things that he did not understand before, many things that he could not remember properly. But now, it was much more easier to remember things and understanding them was also easier.

    Very quickly, Wei Xiao Bei noticed that a new skill appeared in his status panel.

    Medicine (Intermediate).

Chapter 179 - Upgrade in Qualification!

    He did not know if it was the benefit of increasing his learning attribute, but once the [Medicine] skill appeared in his status panel, it had immediately skipped beginner and rose to intermediate.

    Naturally, with Wei Xiao Bei's learning speed and reasoning level, reaching intermediate was not incorrect.

    After studying for a while, the color of the [Medicine] skill became darker, but it never reached expert level.

    There was nothing wrong with this. After all, reaching expert level would normally take three years of experience.

    No matter how strong Wei Xiao Bei's learning ability was, reaching the level of three years worth of experience with just a few hours of studying would be impossible.

    He looked at Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi's pale complexions.

    It was natural for them to appear that way. Huang Kun's left shoulder was heavily injured, and there was a hole in Zhu Xin Yi's leg. Moreover, she even ran to the store to purchase the suppliess needed.

    The reason that they hadn't collapsed was probably due to killing a lot of saplings and Young Zhua Guais, causing their status to increase a large sum.Most of their evolution points went to their health attribute.

    Otherwise the two of them would have collapsed and died.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not delay anymore. He focused on his [Medicine] skill and leveled it up. After placing 50 evolution points into it, it had reached advanced rank.

    Wei Xiao Bei slightly smiled. He never imagined that studying this much would decrease the evolution points requirement by 50 points.

    With just advanced rank in the [Medicine] skill, Wei Xiao Bei did not dare perform surgery yet.

    In reality, studying three years of medicine would not even be enough to be considered a graduate in the school of medicine.

    Continue increasing it!

    After placing 200 more evolution points into it, he had leveled it up to expert rank. This was equivalent to seven years of study.


    Wei Xiao Bei hesitated. He felt that his medical skill was not high enough, so he decided to increase it one more time to increase his confidence.

    Input 300 evolution points!

    His [Medicine] skill increased from expert to master!

    Mastery was the equivalent to 12 years of learning.

    Wei Xiao Bei thought a bit and felt that this was enough. After all, many hospital surgeons were at this level.

    Soon after, Wei Xiao Bei told the two of them to prepare the materials that he needed such as disinfecting the surgery knife and the surgery scissors while he himself was supplementing his knowledge on medicine.

    After a while, Wei Xiao Bei felt that his knowledge was sufficient.

    After all, Huang Kun's and Zhu Xin Yi's injuries did not require any big operation.

    However, when he looked at the both of them doing the preparations, Wei Xiao Bei felt a bit guilty. He might just be the worst doctor ever.

    He actually asked his patients to do part of the work for him.

    "It's fine now, let me do the rest. Xin Yi lie down on the bed first."

    Wei Xiao Bei waited for Zhu Xin Yi to lie down and then picked up a bag of saline. After adjusting it a bit, he set up the saline on Zhu Xin Yi's left arm.

    Wei Xiao Bei placed the necessary tools on the tray beside him. Afterwards, he recalled the main aspects of surgery. He first disinfected Zhu Xin Yi's wound, then applied anesthetic, and begun his first surgery.

    Compared to Huang Kun's injury, the injury on Zhu Xin Yi's leg was lighter. Thus, Wei Xiao Bei chose her as his first patient.

    Other than the lower level of difficulty, he could also gain a bit of experience.

    No matter how high his medical knowledge was, he still needed to have a bit of experience.

    In truth, if his time was not constrained, he would have considered going to the hospital to train for a few days.

    Since this was his first surgery, he had made a few small mistakes, but in the end, the surgery was successful.

    After applying medicine and wrapping her leg with a gauze bandage, Wei Xiao Bei loosened up.

    Although the operation did not take long, Wei Xiao Bei's forehead was filled with beads of sweat. Huang Kun who was standing beside him had already switched out a few towels.

    "Okay, stay down first."

    Wei Xiao Bei took off the rubber gloves and let Zhu Xin Yi lie down until the anesthesthetic dissipated.

    He immediately changed his rubber gloves and disinfected the surgery tools while telling Huang Kun to lie down on the old deck chair. He hung up the saline bag, disinfected the wound, and applied anesthetic before beginning the operation.

    Huang Kun's operation was longer than Zhu Xin Yi's. Luckily, Huang Kun's health attribute was higher than Zhu Xin Yi's. Although it was not as amazing as Wei Xiao Bei's health attribute, the wound had healed. This made it a lot easier for Wei Xiao Bei.

    While he was operating, Zhu Xin Yi struggled to sit up on the bed and leaned against the bedside to wipe Wei Xiao Bei's head from time to time, preventing the sweat from dripping into Huang Kun's wounds.

    As time pa.s.sed, Huang Kun felt that the anesthetic was going to wear off, but the operation was not yet finished.

    In truth, only when Wei Xiao Bei declared that the operation was finished, did Huang Kun feel the weight in his heart drop down.

    If Zhu Xin Yi was 100% confident in Wei Xiao Bei, then Huang Kun was only 20% confident.

    This could not be blamed on Huang Kun. Zhu Xin Yi just did not understand Wei Xiao Bei's past too well. Adding to her admiration of him, she treated Wei Xiao Bei as the best and strongest in whatever he did.

    Huang Kun on the other hand had only trained in the dojo for one summer. He only understood that Wei Xiao Bei's martial arts skills were good. In terms of ma.s.sages and soft tissue injury, he believed that Wei Xiao Bei's skills were not bad whatsoever. However, he could not link Wei Xiao Bei with surgical expertise at all.

    In the end, the two operations were finished.

    Wei Xiao Bei let both of them lie down and began to put away the materials.

    He threw away the trash and put away the things that could still be used.

    The smell of disinfectant in the room made the place seem like a real hospital ward.

    Wei Xiao Bei picked up the bags of trash and went out of the dojo. After throwing them away properly, he went to buy a few bowls of congee.

    When Wei Xiao Bei returned to the room, the two people had already fallen asleep.

    Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi were both very tired. Whether it was their physical or mental endurance, both had been drained to their lowest point.

    Because the surgery had finished and they were in a safe place, the two of them surrendered to their exhaustion and fell asleep.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei did not allow the both of them to enter a deep sleep and woke them up.

    "Wow, it's actually pork with century egg congee. Master is the best today."

    Huang Kun's nose was quite sharp and immediately shouted when he smelled the food. There was something wrong with his last sentence, but Wei Xiao Bei let it go since he was quite weak after surgery.

    Zhu Xin Yi's hometown did not have pork with century egg congee so she was not as excited as Huang Kun. She was a bit curious and tasted it. After that, she immediately took big bites as she began to like the taste.

    Huang Kun had his left arm operated on so he antic.i.p.ated his master serving him.

    The only problem there was that Wei Xiao Bei was not proficient in taking care of people at all. After trying to feed Huang Kun a few times and sometimes pushing the scoop of food into Huang Kun's nose, Huang Kun gave up and insisted on eating by himself. He only asked Wei Xiao Bei to help him hold the bowl.

    After eating their fill, the two of them fell asleep. Wei Xiao Bei took this chance to check his wounds. The recovery was continuing and already formed scabs. At this rate, full recovery would only need five days.

    After all, this kind of injury did not affect his  internal organs, but the wounds were still deep. The normal amount of time to recover would be a lot longer.

    Wei Xiao Bei was joyful after recalling the operations that he had done.

    In terms of the two operations, he would give himself a score of 70.

    This was already quite good.

    It must be known that most surgeons' first operations would only be that of a supporting role. They were completely unable to be like Wei Xiao Bei in being able to do first time operations in succession.

    He could even be called a doctor already.

    Wei Xiao Bei suddenly felt that his qualifications had increased.

    If he were to introduce his job, he could brag about it.

    "Hehe, Uncle w.a.n.g, I am now an electrician."

    "Hehe, Uncle w.a.n.g, I am now a doctor."

    Without a doubt, anyone could tell the difference between these two sentences.

    In the past, people of different professions usually had the same position in society, but now, a difference in professions would put people into signficantly different positions.

    Could you even say that a sanitation worker was in the same position as a CEO?

    Could you even say that a security guard was in the same position as a mayor?

    Could you even say that a bar singer was in the same position as a celebrity?

    It was different.

    Thus the qualifications were different.

    Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei knew that he must hide this doctor profession of his. For one, he did not have a medical certificate. Second, he did not have a work unit. Third, he had not truly studied medicine. He was a doctor without any qualifications to be one.

    After being happy for a while, he checked the battlelog and noticed a few things.

    In reality, the battlelog was not able to see through everything, but he was able to understand what the lime stone line was.


Host moves.

Receive Nine Temple Array's restriction

Movement failed.

Movement failed.

    Nine Temple Array?

    After noticing this, Wei Xiao Bei immediately yet carefully searched through the internet.

    With the blessing of the internet, Wei Xiao Bei was able to quickly find the information he wanted.

    After looking at it, he began contemplating.

    The Nine Temple Array was equivalent to the nine positions in ancient times. First Temple Kan (North), Second Temple Kun (South West), Third Temple Zhen (East), Fourth Temple Xun (South East), Fifth Temple Zhong (Center), Sixth Temple Qian (North West), Seventh Temple Dui (East), Eight Temple Gen (North East), Ninth Temple Li (South).

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