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Chapter 172 - Wood Man Heart

    Wei Xiao Bei pulled out his White Mist Knife and pierced downwards.

    The White Mist Knife appeared to deal a great amount of damage to the Wooden Training Dummy. When the knife pierced down, the Wooden Training Dummy struggled. This was the first time Wei Xiao Bei had ever encountered this.

    As Wei Xiao Bei continued to force the knife down, the place the knife struck began to blacken and emit black smoke. The knife sunk quickly as if it was not cutting wood but hard tofu.


    Wei Xiao Bei by this time, had easily dug out pieces of wood from the Wooden Training Dummy's back.

    After noticing the special effect the knife had on the Wooden Training Dummy, the wooden pillar met with misfortune.

    Swish, swish, swish. Not long after, the the Wooden Training Dummy's hands and legs were cut apart by the knife. Black wooden shavings scattered all across the ground.

    However, the Wooden Training Dummy was still not dead. Its body that could no longer move would shake from time to time, signifying that it was still alive.

    What surprised Wei Xiao Bei was that when he pierced the Wooden Training Dummy on the back and opened up a 20 centimeter hole, cyan-colored liquid sprayed out and splashed on the knife, emitting a cyan-colored smoke. The liquid then lost color and flew all over the Wooden Training Dummy.

    Soon, a small yellow heart the size of a thumb floated out from the colorless liquid.

    The Wooden Training Dummy is finally dead! The 200 evolution points are mine!

    Wei Xiao Bei pulled out the yellow colored heart and inspected it.

    Wood Man Heart: Wooden Training Dummy's heart. Created by condensing the body's entire essence. After eating, there is a chance to obtain the pa.s.sive ability, Wooden Skin, that increases defense by 50%. On failure, earn 0.3 points in both muscle and endurance, and all sub-attributes in agility decrease by 0.3 points. This item can only be eaten once, further attempts would have no effect.

    Wood Man Heart?

    Wei Xiao Bei hesitated. Eating the Wood Man Heart had a chance to make him gain the pa.s.sive ability, Wooden Skin. It was not bad as it increased defense by 50%.

    However, failure would increase muscle and endurance by only 0.3 points while decreasing all sub attributes under agility by 0.3 points. This meant that he would have a loss of 60 evolution points.

    There were both risks and gains.

    I should slow down a bit. There should not just be one of these.

    Wei Xiao Bei thought for a bit and stuffed the heart into his backpack. Then he jumped on the next Wooden Training Dummy and struck at it with his knife.

    In truth, just because the Wooden Training Dummy was a 2-star elite creature did not mean that it would be inferior to a group of Lickers.

    However, its speed was lamentable. If it faced the Lickers, they would not be able to deal with it, nor would it be able to deal with the Lickers.

    In just a few minutes, the three Wooden Training Dummies were reduced to corpses corpses.

    Wei Xiao Bei noticed that the Wood Man Heart was not something that every Wooden Training Dummy had.

    Only the first Wooden Training Dummy had a Wood Man Heart. The rest of them only sprayed out blue liquid.

    On the other hand, the white Mist Knife's white l.u.s.ter seemed to be overtaken with blue fog winding over it after being splashed by the blue liquid three times.

    However, after these changes appeared, Wei Xiao Bei was still unable to see anything new, whether on the status panel or appraisal, the only thing he could tell was that it was evolving.

    Perhaps because there was not enough time.

    At this time, Huang Kun had already adapted to fighting against the saplings. The fire axe in his hand had already slain 5 saplings.

    On Zhu Xin Yi's side, there were losses and gains.

    Seven saplings had been eliminated, but the total Green Dwarfs that died had amounted to 10. The amount of saplings charmed were six.

    From this result, it could be said that Zhu Xin Yi had made a few gains.

    Although the Green Dwarfs and the saplings were normal 1-star creatures, the saplings were stronger than the Green Dwarfs. The only weakness was that their movements were slow, but there was no problem with that. Once the sapling extended its roots, it could reach up to 20-30 meters. Even their survivability was higher than the Green Dwarfs.

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at the Wooden Training Dummies on outdoor practice grounds and frowned.

    More than 30 Wooden Training Dummies stood there. If he were to beat them down one by one, who knew how long it would take.

    However, the three Wooden Training Dummies had given him 600 evolution points. This would allow him to increase his fighting power.

    After all, as long as he did not become careless, those Wooden Training Dummies would not attack him at the same time, and he would still have time to place his evolution points.


    Wei Xiao Bei did not hesitate. He immediately focused on his status panel.

    His willpower that had reached 17.82 points began to increase as his evolution points decreased.

    17.83, 17.84, 17.85 …...

    When his willpower reached 20 points, his evolution points stopped decreasing!

    Iron Will!

    Wei Xiao Bei felt clear-headed when his willpower increased to 20 points. The sound and light distractions everywhere around him seemed to have decreased in potency.

    Wei Xiao Bei's awareness had increased to 20 points, allowing him to greater perceive the information in his surroundings and eliminate disturbances.

    Time Went on, and although he was slightly used to it, it was still a bit hard to endure.

    Following his willpower's increase to 20 points, a new pa.s.sive ability appeared. After gaining iron will, every external disturbance was immediately suppressed.

    Naturally, this suppression did not affect Wei Xiao Bei's ability to gather information.

    As long as Wei Xiao Bei wanted to obtain certain information, then only that information would appear.

    Any sound that he wanted to hear would be the only thing that would be normal while other sounds would be suppressed.

    In simpler terms, it was like a filter.

    Naturally, iron will was not a simple ability.

    Wei Xiao Bei carefully inspected this ability and obtained information about it.

    Iron Will: The owner is able to weaken most illusions, charms, and other mind affecting techniques. Chance to defend against suppression from creatures stronger than the owner.

    Without a doubt, this ability did not directly increase his fighting power, but it allowed him to defend against his opponents weakening attacks against him.

    If he were to face an enemy with a charm attack like Zhu Xin Yi in the future and he was not able to defend against it, it was easy to imagine the end result.

    Although Wei Xiao Bei might not lose his life, he would become another's puppet and it was obvious his days would not be good afterwards.

    If it was a normal person, they would also not agree to follow obediently. The thought of being a puppet forever was terrifying.

    Other than obtaining the iron will ability, Wei Xiao Bei's creature rank also increased.

    Creature Rank: 2 Star Terror (Any 3 attributes exceed 20 points will increase creature rank to 2 Star Terror. Special Skill Intermediate Intimidation levels up to High Intimidation. Note: 2 Star Creatures can only reach Terror Rank.)

    Seeing the changes in his status panel, Wei Xiao Bei smiled. He had unconsciously become a 2-star terror creature.

    However, being strong in the Dust World did not mean that one was unparalleled.

    A 2-star terror creature was indeed strong, but there were still 3-star and 4-star creatures that were much stronger.

    Every increase in creature rank would have terrifying changes in strength.

    Just looking at the Citizen of Long Bo and the Fire Dragon was enough to understand how terrifying 4-star creatures were.

    Those creatures were so strong that they could easily destroy a city!


    Seeing Wei Xiao Bei daydream while sitting on the Wooden Training Dummy's corpse, Huang Kun who had just eliminated another sapling moved closer, "Big brother Wei, are you alright?"

    "I'm fine. Boy, try to see if you can come in here."

    Wei Xiao Bei raised his head and looked at Huang Kun. This thought suddenly popped up in his head.

    However, when Huang Kun took a single step, he had hit some kind of invisible wall before he had even pa.s.sed through the red line. He immediately lost balance and hit the invisible wall with his body, looking like an idiot that had hit against gla.s.s.

    "It looks like I really can't go there."

    Huang Kun was disappointed. He also had the same thought as Wei Xiao Bei. If he could pa.s.s through, then he could live well following his big brother Wei.

    Wei Xiao Bei also regretfully shook his head and stood up. He waved at Huang Kun, "There is a monster behind you."

    Huang Kun turned around and found that a sapling was crawling towards him. It had been attracted by his movements.

    You want to bully me?

    Huang Kun cursed in his mind and charged forward while raising the fire axe.

    In terms of benefits, Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi could not obtain more than Wei Xiao Bei, but it was still a lot.

    Every sapling that was killed was equivalent to 20 evolution points. Other than that, every sapling's sap that was swallowed would give 0.1 points in health and endurance.

    Naturally, they could only take one drop per sapling. Taking anymore drops from the same sapling would have no effect.

    Although the sap was not as effective as the Big Tree Spirit's sap that could be taken as many times as possible, there were a lot of saplings, enough to increase Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi's health and endurance by leaps and bounds.

    Zhu Xin Yi was the first to discover the benefits and she informed Huang Kun about it. Then she commanded the saplings under her control to move towards Huang Kun.

    Although they could not cross the line to meet up directly and had to take a detour, there were only around 40 saplings standing between them.

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