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Chapter 174 - Trump Card?

    “Flash drive?”

    Huang Kun was stunned. He immediately held the jerky in his mouth and ignored his oily hands as he felt about his pockets.

    After a short moment, Huang Kun took out a black flash drive. There was nothing strange about its appearance, and it was not different from the low-quality flash drives that were sold from street vendors.

    The flash drive was something that Huang Kun had brought in from reality. Even Huang Kun did not know its true capability, but when he touched it, he instantly understood its use.

    Huang Kun placed the flash drive close to the jerky in his mouth. Suddenly, the jerky disappeared.

    In the next moment, the jerky appeared below the flash drive. Huang Kun was not able to immediately respond as the jerky fell on the ground.


    Huang Kun cursed.

    Wei Xiao Bei understood that Huang Kun had comprehended the uses of the flash drive and that Huang Kun felt its capability of storing food and water was very intriguing. Huang Kun had fiddled with it, and in the end, his jerky fell on the ground. Moreover, there was a lot of dust below his feet in addition to the saliva on his jerky. The result was that even more dust had clung to Huang Kun's jerky compared to Zhu Xin Yi's.

    Do I eat it or not?

    Huang Kun frowned as he pondered this question with a great solumness.

    In the end, Huang Kun could not resist the growling sounds coming from his stomach. He picked up the jerky and washed it with water before continuing to eat it.

    Wei Xiao Bei let out a sigh of relief when he saw this. Compared to Zhu Xin Yi, Huang Kun's household was more well-off, so he was a bit more pampered in terms of things like food.

    Huang Kun's willingness to pick up the jerky that fell on the ground and wash it was already a positive sign. At the very least, Huang Kun should be able to survive in the future even if he encountered a bit of danger.


    Wei Xiao Bei suddenly questioned why he thought of Huang Kun adventuring into the Dust World alone.

    This was intuition!

    It was like a prediction that something would happen in the future that would split the three of them apart.

    Wei Xiao Bei frowned. He attempted to use his intuition to gather more information, but he gave up after taxing his mind.

    Intuition was an occurrence that was too vague. It would suddenly jump at you, but controlling it could only happen in dreams.

Thinking about it, Wei Xiao Bei took out some hardtack, jerky, and bottled waters from his backpack. The amount that he took out consisted of about 90% of what was in his backpack.

    Seeing Wei Xiao Bei take out all these resources, Huang Kun was a bit stunned. He held onto the flash drive with his right hand and blankly looked at Wei Xiao Bei with a feeling of unease.

    Zhu Xin Yi was also a bit uneasy. She immediately asked Wei Xiao Bei, “Brother Wei, we won't be able to eat this much at once.”

    “No problem. Let Huang Kun's flash drive store everything. That way, both of you will have sufficient supplies since you won't be able to join up with me for the meantime. I'm worried that I won't have time to talk to you anymore after this.

    The sense of urgency in Wei Xiao Bei's voice became stronger, indicating Huang Kun to store the resources.

    Huang Kun came to his senses and hurriedly pointed the flash drive at the food and water. In an instant, the food and water disappeared.

    “Brat, the things in there are yours and  Xin Yi's food and water. Don't be careless, you hear me.”

    Wei Xiao Bei reminded him and then waved his hand to tell the two of them to deal with the remaining saplings.

    With 1200 evolution points, Wei Xiao Bei was at ease in using them.

    He did not hesitate and placed 300 evolution points into his reasoning sub-attribute.

    While fighting these Wooden Training Dummies, Wei Xiao Bei noticed the benefits of this attribute.

    The higher this attribute was, the more he would be able to adapt to the changes in the battle situation and be able to determine the corresponding action to make.

    In reality, Wei Xiao Bei had already understood a very important problem.

    The intelligence attribute was not equivalent to wisdom!

    In simpler terms, the sub-attributes under intelligence were something similar to IQ.

    People with higher IQ would naturally be better at learning and reasoning.

    However, IQ was only one part of wisdom. Things like emotional quotient and situational awareness were also parts of wisdom.

    People with a high IQ may not necessarily be wise.

    From another perspective, people with high intelligence were like robots and computers that could memorize and calculate things easily.

    However, when making some decisions, they might even be worse than normal people.

    This was the difference between intelligence and wisdom.

    Wei Xiao Bei had also previously thought that intelligence and wisdom were the same thing.

    However, this did not mean that Wei Xiao Bei would not place intelligence at a high priority.

    Just like what was said before, the reasoning sub-attribute was very useful.

    After depositing 300 evolution points, his reasoning attribute increased to 15.08 points.

    This number was not high among his attributes, but in terms of a normal person, he was already at the level of an elite detective with 20 years of experience.

    Although he might not be like detective Conan, he felt that it was sufficient.

    At the very least, he could now use his previous battle experience to formulate a plan in dealing with the Wooden Training Dummies. From his estimates, he could kill the Wooden Training Dummies 20% faster.

    The previous speed was something that he had been able to accomplish after much trial and error, so a 20% increase in speed was not a small amount.

    Next, Wei Xiao Bei concentrated on his Three Emperor Canon Fist!

    His Three Emperor Canon Fist was now at the advanced rank. In other words, it was the equivalent of training it for around three years. However, because Wei Xiao Bei had opened his meridians, his Three Emperor Canon Fist was not able to make full use of his Qi, which is the main power source for the skill.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei had understood the might of the Three Emperor Canon Fist after fighting with the Wooden Training Dummies.

    It was different from Bajiquan. The Three Emperor Canon Fist was best suited for final attacks.

    As a result, Wei Xiao Bei placed 200 evolution points to upgrade it from advanced to expert.

    He felt that this was enough. Relying solely on evolution points to upgrade it might make it look strong, but with an unstable foundation, there was bound to be problems when using it.

    It was like Bajiquan. Wei Xiao Bei would not place evolution points into it unless he trained it to a certain depth.

    Next, Wei Xiao Bei wasted a bit of time to get used to his Three Emperor Canon Fist by training.

    After that, Wei Xiao Bei used 100 evolution points to increase the shooting skill that he always ignored to advanced. He also used 500 evolution points to increase the concealed weapon skill from advanced to master, skipping expert!

    Now, his 1200 evolution points had been decreased to 100 points.

    Using up this 1100 evolution points did not directly increase Wei Xiao Bei's battle strength, but it was able to make up for his previous weaknesses.

    This was especially true for his concealed weapons skill. Wei Xiao Bei had wanted to learn from his master about such techniques, but because various events happened, he had forgotten to ask about it.

    Now, Wei Xiao Bei could only rely on his evolution points to make this skill stronger.

    Wei Xiao Bei picked up the wood shavings from a Wooden Training Dummy. Then he threw them. The wood shavings flew out like bullets from a gun as they struck a Wooden Training Dummy.

    Pop, pop, pop…...

    After the sounds ended, the Wooden Training Dummy that stood up was already filled with dents of various sizes. There was even a 5 centimeter dent on its left leg joint, slowing down its speed.

    The power of the concealed weapons skill after reaching master was strong.

    When it was in advanced rank, Wei Xiao Bei would sometimes miss when he threw chopsticks. Moreover, the power of his throws had deficiencies, so he was not able to reach his full potential.

    Now that he had increased it by two ranks, Wei Xiao Bei's grasp of the skill had increased more than one level.

    If his previous rank was around an pro amateur, then he was now a seeded player in the Olympic Games.

    The difference was just that big!

    If Wei Xiao Bei had not grasped that many wood shavings and lost some precision due to them , the Wooden Training Dummy would be in worse condition.

    Without waiting for the Wooden Training Dummy to retaliate before him, Wei Xiao Bei once again threw a handful of wood shavings.

    Compared to the previous throw, the number this time had decreased by a lot. As a result, Wei Xiao Bei's fine handling had sent 60-70 wood shavings flying like a dragon toward the left leg joint of the Wooden Training Dummy!

    This kind of continuous, fierce attack had injured the Wooden Training Dummy's left leg.

    As a result, it had pitifully fallen on the ground.

    Seeing this, Wei Xiao Bei became happy. Fighting from a long distance was different from close combat.

    If this long distance attack was used properly, then it would be incredibly effective to use it against slow enemies.

    After killing two Wooden Training Dummies, Wei Xiao Bei grasped a handful of wood shavings and threw them outside the line.

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