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Chapter 169 - Winged Double-edged Sword

    Wei Xiao Bei was sloppy in handling work. He let Huang Kun live there without even making a call to his mother.

    After eating dinner at a noodle stall, the two of them took a taxi to the airport.

    Huang Kun following him was an inevitable happening.

    With the brat's character, he might just turn the entire dojo upside down.

    Who knew if it was Wei Xiao Bei's luck that was good or Zhu Xin Yi's luck that was good for the plane to not be delayed.

    They waited for Zhu Xin Yi to process her papers and then returned to the dojo.

    By the time they returned, it was already 10 o'clock.

    Zhu Xin Yi displayed curiosity at everything in the dojo.

    Wei Xiao Bei felt a bit awkward as this was the first time he was meeting her in reality.

    This was roughly due to the few words they had spoken before as they returned to the dojo.

    At that time, Wei Xiao Bei had said that he would go back to his old home to have a marriage interview. Then he asked Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun if they would stay at the dojo and wait for his return or go with him.

    Before Zhu Xin Yi could respond, Huang Kun spoke first, “Master, why do you have to go to an interview? If you just bring sister Xin Yi back, master's mother will not say anything else.”

    In front of other people, Huang Kun would call him master, but when they were alone together, Huang Kun would address him as big brother Wei.

    Huang Kun's words made Wei Xiao Bei feel that it was a good idea, but Zhu Xin Yi's face reddened. Knowing that she became embarra.s.sed, Wei Xiao Bei berated Huang Kun as a show.

    When they returned to the dojo, Wei Xiao Bei felt a bit awkward. He wanted to ask Zhu Xin Yi to pretend to be his girlfriend in order to stop his mother's plans for a marriage interview, but he was a bit embarra.s.sed to have Zhu Xin Yi misunderstand him.

    However, Zhu Xin Yi took the initiative to look for Wei Xiao Bei to help him in this matter with his mother. However, Wei Xiao Bei would not misunderstand this, as this was only because they were now in the same line of work. After all, the reason Zhu Xin Yi asked for a leave of absence was because she did not have any plans to return back to her normal life.

    Zhu Xin Yi even told Wei Xiao Bei that if he fancied the opposite party in the marriage interview, he should not be modest and grasp at his own happiness.

    Wei Xiao Bei bitterly smiled. If Zhu Xin Yi was going back with him, he did not even have to go to a marriage interview. His mother would probably forget about the matter of the marriage interview and begin asking when they would marry.

    No matter what was said, Wei Xiao Bei called the two people up to his room at 11 o'clock. He had previously confirmed that his second senior apprentice brother would not return to the dojo.

    “Xin Yi, read your book. Huang Kun, begin playing games. If you enter the Dust World and I'm not there, do not panic. I will wait for you for two hours!”

    Wei Xiao Bei's words appeared lax, but in reality, Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun understood his words. Once they enter the Dust World, there were no means of communicating with reality.

    In other words, if something unexpected happened, the three of them might be scattered in different places. If one of them encountered danger, it was impossible for the other two to help.

    However, even if it was like this, Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun did not show bitter expressions; on the contrary they were serene.

    Seeing the two's appearance, Wei Xiao Bei nodded his head. The two of them were different from other people. Just their firm convictions alone exceeded many strong men.

    This was the first time they were entering the Dust World together.

    The only thing that they could rely on was Wei Xiao Bei's strength!

    Wei Xiao Bei raised a bottle of wine and poured it down his throat. After three bottles, Wei Xiao Bei fell on his bed and gradually fell asleep, while he gazed at Huang Kun's and Zhu Xin Yi's concerned expressions.

    The best place for the three of them to enter the Dust World was Wei Xiao Bei's new room, but Wei Xiao Bei wanted to avoid the strange footsteps as well as encountering the two women. Wei Xiao Bei was not willing to confront trouble, so he chose the dojo.

    The problem was that Wei Xiao Bei had never entered the Dust World from that place, so he did not know the dangers surrounding it.

    This was also the first time that Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun saw how Wei Xiao Bei entered the Dust World. Seeing Wei Xiao Bei's disappearing figure, they held their breaths.

    When Wei Xiao Bei completely disappeared, they immediately relaxed. They looked at each other and did their own business.


    A speck of dust landed on Wei Xiao Bei's nose. The unbearable itch immediately made Wei Xiao Bei sneeze.

    After sneezing, Wei Xiao Bei immediately woke up. He immediately got down from the bed and held his machete.

    The room was tattered, but Wei Xiao Bei could tell that he was in his room.

    He carried the backpack and honed his ears to listen to his surroundings. Discerning that there was no movement, he immediately, quietly opened the door, leaving behind footprints on the dust-covered floor.

    That place was the Cheng Clan Dojo!

    Wei Xiao Bei had confirmed this.

    However, when Wei Xiao Bei approached the inner practice field, he heard a sharp rubbing sound.

    This sound comes from within the inner practice ground!

    Response search!

    If it was not necessary, Wei Xiao Bei was not willing to use this skill.

    Active abilities like this would have side effects when used.

    For example, elementary power burst would easily strain his muscles.

    Response search, on the other hand, would drain his mental strength, reducing the amount of time he could stay in the Dust World.

    When a person's mental strength decreased, the shorter the amount of time they could stay in the Dust World.

    When response search was used, everything within a 200 meter radius entered Wei Xiao Bei's brain, becoming a three-dimensional image in his mind.

    Wei Xiao Bei immediately focused on the inner practice field.

    The inner practice field that was painted like chinawares had yellowed and darkened.

    This did not matter much since everything in the Dust World was like that.

    What surprised Wei Xiao Bei was that the inner practice field had been expanded. Its width had increased by 5-6 times, and its length had exceeded 70 meters, as if it had become an indoor soccer field.

    This was not that impressive. After all, Wei Xiao Bei had seen changes like this from the gra.s.s field left behind by the Tree Spirits.

    The problem was that there were creatures moving inside the place.

    These things could be called creatures but calling them monsters would be more appropriate.

    Even Wei Xiao Bei had a hard time discerning the monsters' appearances.

    In simpler terms, the monsters inside appeared to be something like weapons that had grown hands and legs, and even mouths.

    For example, a red ta.s.sel great spear that was 3.3 meters long was lying on the rug. From the handle of the spear to the red ta.s.sel were three rows of hands and legs. Further down were two rows of hands and legs that were less than an inch long. And closer to the top was a row of inch long hands.

    From start to end, there were 30 hands and feet in total. It was like a shapeshifting circus clown.

    Behind the great spear was a three-meter-long triple ring saber. The saber had grown two arms and two legs. The blade was pointed downwards and dragged on the floor. The three rings of the blade consisted of eyes that blinked from time to time.

    In addition, there was the qimei stick. It was stuck on the floor and only had two long legs. It would fall down every step it took. When Wei Xiao Bei looked at it, he pitied it.

    In short, most of the weapons inside had legs, and a small portion of them had eyes. Some even had ears and mouths. A gilded sledgehammer had not only grown a pair of legs and eyes, but it also had even grown hair.

    Their appearance made it feel like a person had entered a comical world of toys.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei felt that these weapons were rather powerful.

    Especially the winged double-edged sword at the center of the inner practice ground. It was floating three meters from the ground without moving as it it was dead.

    However, the other weapons did not even dare to approach five meters near it.

    This was enough to indicate how strong it was. Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei was able to feel a powerful aura emanating from it.

    After peering inside with response search, Wei Xiao Bei suppressed any thoughts of using status appraisal on them. He stopped his response search skill and retreated a few steps.

    When he was preparing to take a detour to look outside, he heard Huang Kun's voice, “Master! Big brother Wei!”

    Although the voice was low, it was not that faint in the silence.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not dare to stay there and went back into his room.

    That brat Huang Kun is truly bringing me troubles!

    Luckily, when Wei Xiao Bei reached the door, he head Zhu Xin Yi's voice, “Huang Kun, stop shouting. You will attract monsters.”

    “Ah! So many monsters!” Huang Kun's shriek once again resounded.

    Wei Xiao Bei charged into the room. He did not know whether to laugh or cry when he saw the room stuffed full of Green Dwarfs that were becoming more solid in number.

    It was Zhu Xin Yi's Green Dwarf troops!

    Wei Xiao Bei had forgotten about them.

    This had terribly frightened Huang Kun.

    Wei Xiao Bei immediately pulled Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun out of the room and covered Huang Kun's mouth.

    Wei Xiao Bei's room could not become bigger. If 24 Green Dwarfs were to appear inside, he did not know if anything would happen if the two of them were wedged among the Green Dwarfs, but at the very least, they would be pressed down onto the ground into meat patty.

    “These are the monsters that Xin Yi tamed. They won't eat you.”

    Wei Xiao Bei fiercely glared at Huang Kun before slowly uncovering his mouth. He felt disgusted at having Huang Kun's saliva on his own hands.

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