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Chapter 30: Death Notice: The Decisive Battle Has Been Shifted Forward

“You guys sure have a lot of courage. Over these past three months, without any of our restrictions, you guys think that you’re completely free!” Cao Yi’s fierce looking face trembled. His eyes swept across the young soul pet trainers. A threatening cold air. Even if he hadn’t summoned a soul pet, he still gave the others a form of fear.

“Yesterday night, five people died in the thick forest. Amongst them were Zhou Shengmo, Tang Xian and Luo Chen. Hmph, as long as we can still kill you, your lives are completely within our control. However, there was someone who didn’t listen and surprisingly violated our wishes…”

​After listening to Cao Yi, an expression of shock appeared on all of the young soul pet trainers’ faces!

Five people being killed definitely meant that their soul pets were also killed. Even if two of them weren’t very strong, simply Zhou Shengmo himself was someone that no one on the island could contend against. Moreover, amongst the dead were Tang Xian and Luo Chen, who were unanimously ranked within the top ten people!

The strength of these three people was very obvious, but within one night they were all killed within the outer island. This was simply too inconceivable!

The foremen all had strength that could kill these three people, but this was something the foremen simply couldn’t be bothered to do. Moreover, there was no reason to call everyone together and criticize them after their deaths!

For a moment, the young soul pet trainers looked at each other trying to figure out just who possessed such an incredible ability to kill these three people!

To the side, when Ting Yu heard this news, her first reaction was to look over in shock at Chu Mu who looked like he had experienced a large battle.

Ting Yu remembered that Chu Mu said that he was going to the thick forest when he left yesterday. As for this morning, the spread of such shocking news was too coincidental!

Chu Mu felt Ting Yu’s gaze, but blankly shook his head and pretended that he knew nothing.

“Right now, you will each walk to the hut adjacent to us and summon your soul pets!” Cao Yi coldly said. He clearly had to make clear of the situation!

If the person who managed to kill five people in one night was one of these soul pet trainers, then that meant that he was an absolute threat to these foremen and consequently had to be found!

The young soul pet trainers were individually called to the hut for interrogation. Each person had a pale face when entering. After all, they had all witnessed the foremens’ ruthlessness. As for those that exited, they all let out a large sigh of relief as if they had escaped a calamity.

Soon, it was Chu Mu’s turn. He maintained his calm as he entered the hut.

Sitting in the main seat was the island foreman head, Cao Yi. To his side were Gu Lei and the red-haired Zeng Ze.

When the red haired Zeng Ze saw Chu Mu enter, the corner of his mouth twitched and he softly said to the adjacent Gu Lei: “This brat truly has a firm grip on life. Even now, his soul hasn’t been devoured by the devil.”

“It truly is strange, but Master Xia has given instructions…”

Cao Yi’s gaze coldly swept over these two, indicating they should quiet down. His eyes then fixed onto Chu Mu. Using a completely apathetic voice, he asked: “Yesterday, where did you go? Summon your soul pet.”

“My soul pet has sustained an injury and cannot be summoned right now. Yesterday I was on the outer island fighting with a few soul pets.” Chu Mu responded

Cao Yi immediately creased his eyebrows. Recounting his suspicion that the target naturally wasn’t in the camp last night and that his soul pet no longer had battle strength or had sustained an injury, Chu Mu’s situation moderately conformed to such suspicions.

“Brat, you truly are audacious. Do you believe that what you do can escape our monitoring?!! If you speak another word of lies, I will immediately throw you into the sea to feed the Hunting Sharks!!” Cao Yi abruptly stood up. His entire body was like a savage beast!

Chu Mu’s heart violently throbbed as he wondered if he left some sort of fatal evidence in the thick forest!

Soon after, he discovered Cao Yi’s strange expression and suddenly understood that Cao Yi was evidently putting on a false bravado in order to make the murderer confess. He immediately fl.u.s.teredly retreated a few steps and said: “I… I didn’t do anything… I truly only sustained an injury after fighting with a Hundred Eyed Palm last night…”

Seeing Chu Mu’s fl.u.s.tered reaction, Chu Mu’s fiendish expression immediately disappeared and he returned to his original sitting position.

“Senior Cao, this brat has always kept to himself. His soul pet is merely a Moonlight Fox. It’s fundamentally impossible for him to kill those five people.” Zeng Ze softly said to Senior Cao.

“That’s right, that’s right…” Gu Lei said. However, this foreman with vicious intent didn’t say so in order to exonerate Chu Mu. In truth, he felt that questioning Chu Mu intensely was simply a waste of time. Someone raising a Moonlight Fox soul pet had absolutely no way of killing Zhou Shengmo.

In truth, the foremen didn’t believe that someone did it. They believed that it was most likely a certain group of people that suddenly launched a sneak attack on Zhou Shengmo at night in order to increase their survival chance.

“Scram!” Cao Yi harrumphed towards Chu Mu.

Chu Mu immediately withdrew and as he turned around, his fl.u.s.tered face immediately darkened and his eyes became a bit more sinister. In his heart, he said: “When my strength is enough, I will definitely exterminate you!”

Chu Mu hid his strength very well and didn’t excessively handle Zhou Shengmo’s corpse, so it was normal that the foremen didn’t suspect him.

Very soon, all the interrogations finished and the foremen clearly hadn’t found the killer. Ting Yu and Ge Qing’s respective groups were relatively disciplined and were quite peaceful the previous night...

Ultimately, the foremen could only conclude that it may have been someone outside of Nightmare Island. However, the addition of this type of uncertain factor caused the foremen to heighten their alertness while simultaneously issuing a new decision.

“A person of unknown ident.i.ty has infiltrated the island. In order to prevent more issues from occurring, the life and death battle with start tomorrow. The top ten places will leave this island with us and the others…”

After finishing the interrogations, Cao Yi announced this decision to everyone.

“Scram back to your dens to rest. Tomorrow, you either live or die!” Cao Yi coldly said!

Hearing this news, Chu Mu’s face immediately changed. Moving the life and death battle forward clearly didn’t give Mo Xie enough time to recover her battle strength!

With only one day, Mo Xie could at most recover forty percent of her original state. Moreover, the wounds on her body wouldn’t heal immediately. Fighting in this sort of a situation, and needing to win against two consecutive opponents to obtain a top ten spot was extremely difficult.

“Since it’s been moved forward, you’ve lost a few days to live. Truly unfortunate, Chu Mu.” An adjacent, not too friendly voice resounded.

Chu Mu creased his eyebrows as he glanced at Ge Qing.  His expression was clearly quite gloomy.

If it was the past, Chu Mu would have desired to run into Ge Qing and get rid of this fellow who kept trying to start something with him, so as to not feel annoyed.

However, currently, Chu Mu didn’t wish to encounter this fellow. Ge Qing’s stage seven Scaled Snake was truly a bit troublesome to deal with.

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