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Chapter 18: Encountering a Powerful Enemy

“This is no fun. Once your Moonlight Fox uses Charm and Affliction, my soul pet  has no desire to fight. Even if it’s a level higher than yours, it’s to no avail.” Ting Yu growled as she returned her soul pet  into its own s.p.a.ce.

Ting Yu’s soul pet  was a “Th.o.r.n.y Precious Flower Demon”; it belonged to the Botanical Kingdom- flower type- Rose species, and it was a high rank.

Within the island, Th.o.r.n.y Precious Flower Demons were the ninth highest ranked soul pet s and their strength reached the seventh stage. Formerly, Ting Yu had remained discrete, and it wasn’t until recently when her soul pet  was discovered by him.

Chu Mu was her roommate and would naturally know before others. However, when he found out that this small and cute girl possessed such a formidable soul pet, he was extremely shocked.

“Hmph, your Little Mo Xie is a freak. It’s clearly only at the sixth stage, which is lower than my Flower Demon. It’s rank is also lower than my Flower Demon and its claws have only just reached the first stage of completion. But my Flower Demon has no way of defeating it!” Ting Yu was somewhat bitter as she glared at Chu Mu.

“Haha, when the contest occurs, it’s best if you don’t encounter me.” Chu Mu laughed.

There were only a mere five days left until the decisive battles. After undergoing nearly two months of progress, Mo Xie had also learned Affliction and Charm, these two demon abilities.

Affliction was a unique pretense skill of Moonlight Foxes and caused it to adopt a pitiful pretense. This garnered it strong soul pet  sympathy, weakening the opponent’s fighting spirit.

Charm was a skill that would use a beautiful external appearance to create a facade, confusing the opponent’s state of mind.

These two skills had no attacking properties, but Chu Mu could use them very effectively during battle,and cause extreme danger to the opponent’s life.

There weren’t many people willing to provoke Ting Yu’s Th.o.r.n.y Precious Flower Demon, but when Ting Yu secretly fought against Chu Mu, she would always lose to him.

“There are still five days before the decisive battles. There shouldn’t be a problem for your Little Mo Xie to obtain the top ten spots.” Ting Yu said.

“My soul pet  is perfect for restraining your Th.o.r.n.y Precious Flower Demon. In my opinion, there shouldn’t be many people capable of facing your Flower Demon, right?” Chu Mu said.

“That’s not definitive. Although I haven’t fought with those people, according to my knowledge, there should be at least a few people with soul pet s stronger than my Th.o.r.n.y Precious Flower Demon.” Ting Yu said.

“Oh, let’s hurry and finish this battle. Explain to me the others’ soul pet s.” Chu Mu said.

“You only know how to immerse yourself in training and breeding your soul pet  so you don’t know anything about others. Eventually you’ll suffer losses because of this.” Ting Yu glared at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu indifferently laughed.

Subsequently, Ting Yu informed Chu Mu of the relatively strong ones:

“Tang Xian’s Steel Teeth, eighth stage- high rank, its species rank is ranked tenth, but its strength is ranked in the top five!”

“Gu Feng’s Rock Demon, ninth stage- middle rank, its species rank is 20th, and its strength is within the top five!”

“There’s also Ge Qing who threatened to swallow you alive. Although his Scaled Serpent is only at the seventh stage, it’s extremely ferocious. After fighting others, it seems to not have lost yet.”

“As for the publicly accepted strongest, it would definitely be Zhou Shengmo. His soul pet is a naturally endowed Hunting Wolf, eighth stage- high rank, it possesses a complete Wolf Claw and complete Wolf Teeth. Even if it hasn’t learned any skills, my Th.o.r.n.y Precious Flower Demon cannot defeat it. We should just hope to not encounter this fellow, otherwise we’ll be in big trouble…”

Having mentioned Zhou Shengmo, Chu Mu’s face darkened. When he was undergoing survival training, this fellow entrapped him and had nearly caused him to lose his life. This enmity would not be forgotten by Chu Mu!

“Of course, there is another person: you. You were able to train an ornamental type soul pet  into this sort of a level. If you had a high rank soul pet  like the rest of them, obtaining a spot in the top three wouldn’t be a problem.” Ting Yu said.

Chu Mu still only laughed and didn’t bother explaining anymore.

“I’m going to Mao Forest for a walk. Train by yourself.” Chu Mu said.

“Hmm, why don’t we go together?” Ting Yu said.

“There’s no need, there’s a chance I’ll go to a dangerous area.” After speaking, Chu Mu left.

Chu Mu traversed the gra.s.s field and walked towards Mao Forest.

Mao Lin was relatively close to the inner island. It could be considered similar to the Bramble Forest and was an area that separated the inner island from the outer island. This place also harbored a few strong soul pet s.

Last month, Chu Mu brought Little Mo Xie to Mao Forest and found a second level medicine- Gyokuro Pungen.

Dew was the most pure liquid nutrient. When the leaves of plants that absorbed the world’s essence and dew fell on the same spot, if there was fertile soil, a Gyokuro Pungen would grow.

As a second level medicine, the Gyokuro Pungen’s use was very apparent; it could make a soul pet  grow faster. Moreover, if one were to blend the Gyokuro Pungen with a second level Heavenly Blue Gra.s.s according to a three to two ratio, a third grade medicine compound- Heavenly Blue Gyokuro Pungen- would be created! This would immediately cause a soul pet  to advance a few stages and was thus a rare good.

There were only five days left until the compet.i.tion. After the compet.i.tion, he would either be killed or brought to another island, so Chu Mu had to use these few days to obtain the Gyokuro Pungen.

Last month when Chu Mu saw it, he didn’t take it because the Gyokuro Pungen’s appearance would always be accompanied by a Hundred Eyed Palm soul pet .

Hundred Eyed Palms were from the Plant World- flower type - Hundred Eyed Palm species- mid ranked soul pet . The Hundred Eyed Palm accompanying the Gyokuro Pungen was usually about the eighth stage. Most places with a Gyokuro Pungen would have this soul pet .

Just after stepping into Mao Forest, Chu Mu smelt an earthen smell. The past few days had seen rainfall, so the atmosphere was particularly fresh, causing one to feel rather fresh and relaxed.

Chu Mu brought Mo Xie and on his shoulder was also the small cyan insect. The small cyan insect’s vigilance was very high so Chu Mu had dodged danger many times because of it.

After walking approximately one kilometer into the forest, Chu Mu heard a few people speaking in the dead quiet forest.

Chu Mu immediately stopped and hid behind a large tree.

Chu Mu normally wouldn’t interact with others while moving about on the outer island. After all, Chu Mu didn’t belong to a group and it would be very easy to be taken advantage of.

“Brother Zhou, just the three of us should be able to deal with it.” Among them, the hoa.r.s.e voice of a young man rang out.

“Even without the two of you, my Hunting Wolf should be enough. I let you come just in case something happens.” The male called Brother Zhou said.

“Of course, of course.” Another voice immediately echoed.

Hiding behind the tree, Chu Mu peered through the twigs and looked at the youth walking over from amongst the three. His face turned dark.

The youth called Brother Zhou was Chu Mu’s powerful enemy, Zhou Sheng Mo. His body was large, and he also had a high apt.i.tude Hunting Wolf that was foreboding to everyone. As the contest approached, there was no doubt that he would obtain first place.

As for the two youths beside Zhou Sheng Mo, Chu Mu had a vague inkling that one was called Luo Chen and the other was called Ma Zhi. Luo Chen’s strength ranked within the top ten and Ma Zhi was around the middle. Not strong enough to take note of, but not something to ignore.

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