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Chapter 513: Su Heiming

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Dear audiences, dear audiences! We are about to announce a shocking piece of news!” the host of the Heavenly Drum Village District channel said in an exaggerated manner, “Just today, we have proven that the distinguished ace unit of the Blood Tinge Card Artisan Team, Blood Hammer Unit is no more. All of them are dead. There is not a single survivor including the leader of the unit, Wu Yan. Following this is a footage that our journalists risked their lives for as they followed the Blood Tinge Card Artisan Team's scouting team into the jungle.”

The screen changed, and the audiences who were watching the Fantasy Card Receiver gasped together!

Countless corpses lied on a snowy ground, in very different and random ways. The scenario was staggering! The cold weather had preserved the corpses and kept them intact. Every wound and injury on their bodies could be seen clearly.

“I believe everyone is familiar with the Card Artisan Team that defeated the Blood Hammer Unit. It is the Snow Silkworm Card Artisan Team! The team that caught all of our attentions lately! The team that possesses the mystical Fiery Rain Card, huge number of Sniper Card Artisans and the extraction technique of purple fluorescent ore! Their origin is unknown. They emerged not long ago in the Snow Silkworm Valley near Chilei City, hence the name of the team. Snow Silkworm Valley is a place where the purple fluorescent ores flourish. After taking over that place and with their purple fluorescent ores extraction techniques, the Snow Silkworm Card Artisan Team was able to develop quickly by selling the purple fluorescent extracts. A month ago, a fight happened between the Blood Tinge Card Artisan Team and the Snow Silkworm Card Artisan Team as they were fighting over the right of possession over Snow Silkworm Valley! The Blood Tinge Card Artisan Team immediately sent off their strongest Blood Hammer Unit. From all these, it was obvious that their confidence in winning was off the charts!”

The host, without stopping to take a breath, continued to say, “As one of the strongest Card Artisan Teams in the Heavenly Drum Village District, the Blood Tinge Card Artisan Team was the people's favorite. However, no one expected that the Snow Silkworm Card could have concealed their capabilities so well. At the beginning of the fight, they displayed their impeccable abilities in fighting. Within seconds, they annihilated the Dawei Card Artisan Team with over 800 members and impressed everyone. In that fight, the Snow Silkworm Card Artisan Team displayed their cards and Sniper Card Artisans and managed to get the attention of all parties. Both sides then started a pursuit in the jungle. Although the details of this fight were unclear, so far, we have not found even one survivor from the Blood Hammer Unit!”

The host, exhilarated, said, “Furthermore, last night, the Snow Silkworm Card Artisan Team suddenly came out of the jungle and destroyed branches of the Blood Tinge Card Artisan Team in Lijiang City. It was proven that they did not take even one captive in. What was more shocking was that they had gained the unanimous favor of Lijiang City's citizens. Today, they are even starting to recruit in Lijiang City to increase their manpower.

After a transition of the video, numerous heads could be seen moving around in a large crowd, and half of a wall could be roughly seen.

“This is the branch of the Blood Tinge Card Artisan Team in Lijiang City. Just last night, it was struck down by a destructive force! According to the locals, fire was raining down and the night sky was dyed red. All these card artisans came here to be recruited. Evidently, the Snow Silkworm Card Artisan Team had acquired the obedience of the locals. We could not understand the exact context behind these but what shocked us was the recruiting standard of the Snow Silkworm Card Artisan Team was very low. They did not seem to care much about the card artisans' characters. We are not sure of the meaning behind this action.Could it be that they were desperate after suffering some heavy injuries in the fight? Or could it be for some other reason? We are all looking forward to all this!”

The host's tone became weird suddenly, “However, after this fight, n.o.body dared to underestimate this Card Artisan Team that no one had ever even heard of before! Everyone has to re-estimate their actual capabilities! The downfall of the Blood Hammer Unit was a ma.s.sive hit to the Blood Tinge Card Artisan Team! Nevertheless, as were' talking about Blood Tinge Card Artisan Team here, they will surely not let this be. According to some sources, they had started organizing every force near the Lijiang City region and was preparing to surround the Snow Silkworm Card Artisan Team! How will the situation develop? What will the Snow Silkworm Card Artisan Team do against this? Can they create another miracle?”

In front of a screen sat a huge muscled man who was silently watching it. He was about 195cm tall and his naked upper body made his tan skin looked slightly dark. The well-defined muscles of his looked lively and full of power. His nose was hooked and he had deeply sunken eyes while his lips were thin and a little pale. His dark brown irises would give one a sense of eerie chills. His father was the head instructor in the Desert Camp at that time. He is the second son of Su Hanhao, Su Heiming.

“The Federation is becoming more and more interesting,” His voice sounded like it was drifting and sharp, “They actually managed to wipe out the Blood Hammer Unit. How shocking. Wu Yan is quite a character. He has never been defeated, except for that time against the Black Hibiscus Card Artisan Team. Who would've known that this time, his whole unit would actually perish.”

“I've heard of this before,” another huge man behind him said deeply, “That time when Wu Yan was defeated, not only did he lose against Knife Pull in a 1v1, he was chased by the Bosnian Wolf for three kilometers. There were only nine people left in his unit.”

This huge man had his eyes slightly closed. His body was stronger than that of Su Heiming. He stood there as if he was a mountain made out of iron, and him standing there would send an overwhelming feeling to others. He was the leader of the Iron Guards, Zhu Heng, an unmatchable cardless sects master!

“G.o.d knows how many hidden talents are there in the Federation! It is a chaotic time, so how could a man with capabilities lay low? One by one, they will surface,” The edge of Su Heiming's mouth lifted slightly, making his face look uncanny. He muttered lowly, “Chaotic times are so marvelous!”

Zhu Heng replied nothing, his face was solemn and expressionless as always.

“How is their training?” Su Heiming asked abruptly.

“Progressing smoothly. According to the current stage, the effectiveness of it is outstanding. The training method of the Mohadi Domain is more than incredible as expected,” Due to this, there was finally a change in Zhu Heng's expression.

Su Heiming smiled eerily and said plainly, “In this world, the Federation is not the only one with geniuses! There are many things about the Mohadi Domain that are still unknown to our Federation. Are you able to do the Airskill now?”

Zhu Heng replied, “Yes!” He slightly slashed the air with his right hand after his answer. A formless Air Slash was sent out from his hand and left a deep mark on the floor.

“Not bad!” Su Heiming laughed while clapping his hands, “Previously, when I saw Qiao Yuan's Airskill it had indeed surprised me. In hindsight, could it be that his Airskill originated from the Mohadi Domain?”

“It's hard to tell. But it would be really horrifying if it was a force sheerly generated from his body,” Zhu Heng said with a complicated face. When he saw the Airskill for the first time, he was stunned as if he was struck by lightning. He was never a card artisan, but rather a true pupil of the cardless sects. Ever since he was young, he had been enormously strong. With the cardless sects in his hands, its power became impeccable. This not only made him the leader of Su Heiming's Iron Guard, it also led him to become an instructor that taught others the ways of the cardless sects.

He always had a very high expectation of himself. He thought that he was not the strongest person in the world. However, in the world of the cardless sects, his skill was unparalleled! But he never thought he would actually see someone use the Airskill!

Airskill was the highest achievable technique in cardless sects, and was a skill he had always dreamed of!

What was even more unexpecting was that his young master, somehow, was able to accomplish this amazing technique. Now, both his ability to control his power and muscles had reached an unimaginable stage.

“Okay, let's investigate the Snow Silkworm Card Artisan Team. The leader of this team is genuinely talented!” After thinking for a while, Su Heiming made an order.

“Yes!” Zhu Heng accepted the order and left with a grave look on his face.

Su Heiming lowered his head until Zhu Heng walked away. His expression was weird, G.o.d knows what he was thinking. After a long while, he finally lifted his head. A hint of fierceness flashed across his eyes. Then, he made a call.

With every breath, Chen Mu felt like his perception was strengthening bit by bit.

He was already completely familiar with the One Breath Perception training method. He could easily combine every single step into his very breathing rhythm. His perception was elevating in a incomprehensible speed, this kind of progress was well above his imagination. He could observe his own progress clearly almost every day. The improvement was not just in his strength, but rather, in every aspect. Every breath he took was like he as being forged in scorching flame. His perception was increasing in both strength and agility.

All the advantages brought by the changes of his perception were evident!

He could now enter State Zero freely. Also, his reaction in State Zero was way faster and accurate than before! His control over cards greatly aided his ability to craft cards.

However, he had a lot of work to do other than practicing the One Breath training method. The training was supervised by Sang Hanshui and Xiaobo, while he was required to craft cards.

He needed to custom design one over four star card for each of the 15 Grade 7 card artisans. Other than that, he also needed to craft cards for the Youth Guards.

There were 100 Youth Guards in the team. Undoubtedly, the abilities of these 100 people were the weakest in the team. However, the rest of the card artisans did not dare to underestimate these young fellows. This was because in order for all these young fellows to enter the Youth Guard, it required impressive talents. Within a few years, these youths could be stronger than them.

The cards that Chen Mu was planning to craft for these Youth Guards was similar to the Bomb card. In comparison to the Sang Hanshui's Bomb, this type of cards named as One Wave Bomb, had incredible power. However, the attack rate of this One Wave Bomb was extremely low. Basically, they can only fire five shots in one minute. In a 1v1 fight, the One Wave Bomb would be almost useless. Before they could even fire, they would be shot to death.

In a large scale combat however, One Wave Bomb would be an extremely strong tactic!

One Wave Bomb basically meant that there would only be a single wave of attack fired in a fight. In other words, they would only need one wave of attack in a fight.

Chen Mu was certain that the 100 Youth Guards, all armed with the One Wave Bomb, firing their shots at the same time would be something on par with the horrifyingly strong war cards!

The star level of the One Wave Bomb was lower than that of the Bomb of Sang Hanshui as it was only Level Three. However, after some optimization of calculations with the Computation Box and some sacrifice on the part of the fire rate, its power had reached a terrifying stage.

The crafting of three star cards could not be easier to Chen Mu. 100 One Wave Bomb cards only took him two days to complete.

“Boss, there is a flock of Wavy Snow Bats flying toward us! Reaching here after 15 seconds,” The look on a card artisan controlling a Spinulosa Disk changed significantly!

Wavy Snow Bat was a type of creature that flew in high speed, and no one liked it. The faces of every card artisan changed slightly. It appalled them to hear about the incoming Wavy Snow Bats! The team stopped abruptly, everyone was prepared to fight.

Actually, these card artisans could never figure out why their boss would take them into a jungle? In the jungle, a team of this scale could easily startle those ferocious beasts.

This type of beings like the Wavy Snow Bats had left a deep impression on Chen Mu. He did not dare slow down, but before he could make his order, he heard Xiaobo shout, “Prepare for combat!”

Whoosh, the formation of the Youth Guards suddenly spread out. Every apparatus on their hands lit up, a dark red light bomb formed in their hands. The harsh training from these days had made them extremely sensitive to orders. All of them entered their combat formation like it was a reflex.

Orderly Wave Wheel!

The light from the Orderly Wave Wheel started spinning on Xiaobo's back, and swept across with a incredible speed.

With his chrysanthemum flower mask and a pair of keen, cold eyes, Xiaobo made his command coldly, “9 o'clock, elevation 30°, everyone get ready!”

The light bombs on the hands of the Youth Guards were just the size of an egg, but now they were as big as a small pumpkin.

All 15 of the Grade 7 card artisans looked at Xiaobo in shock. Most of them had their eyes on the Orderly Wave Wheel on Xiaobo's back. All the people who worked for the White Commander were very mysterious, they wore masks all day and no one had ever seen them take their masks off. All these Grade 7 card artisans were the elite of the elites. They always kept their distance and n.o.body was foolish enough to provoke these mysterious guys.

They knew very well that these people were very close to the White Commander. If they were to start a fight with them, one could easily figure out which side would the White Commander side with even with just their toes.

Nonetheless, they were all curious about the real capabilities of these people under the White Commander.

Signs of contempt were shown by some of the card artisans as they saw the sluggish formation speed of the One Wave Bomb. They did not think there was any use to the One Wave Bomb, as it required 12 seconds just to acc.u.mulate the energy. This period of time was long enough that your opponent to kill you a few dozen times!

On the other hand, there were some who were intrigued, and they had their eyes fixated on Chen Mu.

They had all experienced the wonder of the Spinulosa Disk these past few days! But they never thought that the Spinulosa Disks could detect enemies from this far! The mobility of the Wavy Snow Bats were as quick as lightning, just within 12 seconds, and it was enough to make them fly very far! That also meant that the Spinulosa Disks had a horrifyingly long scouting range!

As the people thought of this, they were all impressed. The looks they had while looking at Chen Mu became weirder. Being able to scout enemies from a super long range would be hugely advantageous in combat! It was enough for a well trained team to prepare for a delicate ambush in 12 seconds!

A lot of thoughts were going through Qiu Shanyu's mind. She was in awe. Chen Mu does in fact have technology that was more advanced than Faya's!

Chen Mu, without noticing the thoughts in these people's heads, placed his attention on the Youth Guards led by Xiaobo. He was also looking forward to their performances. Only through the test of an actual combat, would he be able to find out the practicality of his idea.

14 seconds later, a flash of viciousness flashed through Xiaobo's eyes abruptly. He shouted, “Fire!”

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