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Chapter 756: Three Mountains Secret Technique

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“None of you should ever dream about leaving.” Jiang Beishan flew into the sky imposingly, and sonic explosions even echoed from how quick he was.

Regardless of the course of events, he had still managed to achieve his objective, and he could now attack Jiang Chen and Jiang Moliang as he wished. If everything went smoothly, and he managed to get the Sky-Burning Evil Flame back, he could then make a great contribution.

Jiang Chen pointed his finger, and the Sky-Burning Evil Flame immediately surrounded them, forming a wall of flames around them.

Jiang Beishan slowed down mid-charge and started acc.u.mulating power. After just a second, he used his palm’s vigorous power to tear the evil flames apart and disperse them. However, when the evil flame disappeared, he didn’t see Jiang Chen and Jiang Moliang, as they had already vanished.

Jiang Beishan and his cohorts looked around for them, and they quickly found them on the city’s wall. At this moment, the city’s defensive formation started exhibiting its might, and it seemed like the whole sky was filled with billowing waves.

Jiang Beishan a.s.sumed that the formation would obstruct the two, but the black-armored guards, who had suffered while facing Jiang Chen, reminded him quickly, “Elder, don’t take this carelessly. Young Master Feng is proficient in breaking formations, so let’s chase after him quickly.”

Their Celestial Venerable leaders took the lead and chased after them. When they had just started moving, the city’s formation was already broken. Jiang Beishan could only look on helplessly as Jiang Chen and Jiang Moliang left the city, and he shouted in displeasure, “Why don’t you use war weapons? What are you waiting for?”

“The western side of the city is against the mountain, thus it isn’t equipped with any weapons,” someone answered him.

“It’s surely Jiang Moliang who informed him. She’s really a traitor!”

Jiang Beishan shouted, “Kill them without mercy!”

In the sky outside of the city, Jiang Moliang turned and spoke anxiously, “You’d better have a backup plan, or else we will surely die.”

“Did you really a.s.sume that I have a plan? I’m probably just putting on a strong front,” Jiang Chen said.

“Then let’s just die together.” Jiang Moliang didn’t think too much about it and was quite nonchalant.

Jiang Chen hadn’t expected such a reply. He suddenly stopped and said, “This place is good enough.”

“What?” Jiang Moliang didn’t understand what he was implying.

“We can’t shake them off, so we must kill them,” Jiang Chen said.

“Aren’t we fleeing because we are incapable of defeating them?” Jiang Moliang asked in confusion. A while ago, Jiang Chen had needed her help to escape. Had he managed to get enough power to face the Three Mountains Elders after just half a day?

“You should distance yourself from me and keep a distance great enough to evade a Tenth Transformation Sky-Burning Evil Flame’s might,” Jiang Chen said.

“What?” Jiang Moliang was startled by this, and she understood then why he wanted to leave the city. If he could really raise the flame’s might to the Tenth Transformation level, the Three Mountains Elders would be obliged to pay a grave price if they faced him.

Jiang Chen didn’t say anything else to her as he faced the Three Mountains Elders coming at him.

“Die!” They didn’t give Jiang Chen an opportunity to speak as they attacked with their complete power. They all wanted to get the credit for killing Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen didn’t waste his breath with them, either. He held the Heavenly Fault Sword with his left hand and the Red Cloud Sword with his right. “Two Doctrine Artifacts!”

After those weapons appeared, the eyes of Jiang Moliang and the Three Mountains Elders lit up. Such luxurious equipment was unexpectedly possessed by just a junior at the late stage of the Spiritual Venerable Realm. It was really unbelievable. However, they quickly discovered that Jiang Chen didn’t plan to depend upon the Doctrine Artifacts.

After the Red Cloud Sword was a.s.sisted by the Sky-Burning Evil Flame, its blade emitted a sonorous cry, and its radiance illuminated the darkened sky. The Heavenly Fault Sword shone in splendid radiance, and even though it wasn’t as magnificent as the Red Cloud Sword, none could overlook it. The world’s wind had been summoned by those swords and converged there.

“Even a trifling Spiritual Venerable like you wants to fight us?” Even though Jiang Beishan was awed by the swords’ momentum, he still had disdain for them when he thought about Jiang Chen’s current realm.

“Let’s use our complete power.” He didn’t leave the other two people enough time to consider it. He attacked first and used his ultimate technique.

Even though Jiang Yishan and Jiang Dongshan objected, they could only adhere to his wishes. They had known each other for many years, and they were aware of their old friend’s character. However, when they looked at the two Doctrine Artifacts in Jiang Chen’s hands, they suddenly got a bad feeling, but they still could only choose to attack him with all of their power.

The two guard leaders, who had arrived slightly later, were behind them. When they witnessed the Three Mountains Elders attacking, they stopped in their tracks. There wasn’t enough s.p.a.ce for them to attack unless they ran to the other side. However, since the Three Mountains Elders had already attacked together, it would be needless for them to take such action.

“Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!” Jiang Chen also entered Wind and Fire Swords state. The fire was obviously the Sky-Burning Evil Flame, and as the wind blew at it, it formed a shocking fire tornado. As the fire tornado revolved, it emitted a more terrifying might.

It was only then that Jiang Moliang realized Jiang Chen wasn’t bluffing, so she drew back.

“Awful!” The Three Mountains Elders, who had used their ultimate techniques with all of their power, realized that the current situation was far from rea.s.suring. However, it was already too late for them to pull back as the fire tornado came at them. They could only choose to attack empty air with their ultimate techniques. They made use of the impact to draw back quickly, and they started fleeing decisively.

However, they had underestimated the fire tornado’s might. A great suction force emanated from it, and it was becoming stronger as it approached them, which in turn caused the Three Mountains Elders’ speed to decrease.

“The Sky-Burning Evil Flame… Why is he capable of controlling it freely and with ease?” The Three Mountains Elders could discern that Jiang Chen had managed to achieve all of this only by depending upon the Sky-Burning Evil Flame.

The Sky-Burning Evil Flame was an extraordinary Alien Flame, but controlling it was extremely difficult, as it would hurt one’s allies as well as one’s enemies. It had been removed from Alien Flames List in the past because of this. However, they couldn’t see its detriments at all while Jiang Chen wielded it, and it displayed its whole devilish might.

“Flee, quickly run away!” The two black-armored leaders looked in shock at this. They found the Three Mountains Elders’ currently fl.u.s.tered and alarmed expressions quite unbelievable. However, the fire tornado was just before them, and after it neared them, they also felt its blazing hot temperature.

“We can’t escape!” As they looked at the fire tornado drawing closer to them, the Three Mountains Elders realized this.

“It’s all because you are too impulsive!” In the end, Jiang Yishan and Jiang Dongshan couldn’t stop themselves from complaining and blaming Jiang Beishan. If he hadn’t just charged at Jiang Chen in the beginning, it could still have been possible for them to flee.

“It’s already useless to discuss this now. Let’s use that technique.” Jiang Beishan regretted his actions, but since matters had already developed to this point, he couldn’t care about it any longer.

“Okay!” The other two people didn’t have an objection to this, and it was especially the case since they could now feel their skin burning. They quickly started using the technique. Two of them stood shoulder to shoulder, and they all stuck their palms together. Their three hands seemed as if they were moving great mountains, and they forcefully struck each other’s palms. “Three Mountains Secret Technique!”

Jiang Moliang became nervous as she witnessed this technique. One of the reasons why those three elders were called the “Three Mountains Elders” was that their names had “shan” in them, which meant “mountain,” while the other reason was the fact that they had mastered this joint attack technique.

Once the three mountains united, they could face even a Great Venerable. This was the reason why the Jiang family’s master was quite cheerful when he heard Jiang Chen’s proposition. Even if they didn’t send Great Venerables to attack him, the Jiang family’s Celestial Venerables’ power could still reach a Great Venerable’s level. Moreover, Jiang Chen was just a mere Spiritual Venerable.

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