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Chapter 754: Executive Power

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The crowd didn’t know the Three Mountains Elders’ plan, and they a.s.sumed that they really wanted to kill Jiang Moliang. Thus, as time slowly elapsed, a ruckus started in the plaza, and the ambiance turned tense.

Jiang Beishan was angry. The Jiang family’s members unexpectedly dared to question an elder like him about Jiang Moliang. He found this matter difficult to accept because this was all due to Jiang Moliang’s father.

“Elder, it’s up to the Family Master to determine whether the young miss, Jiang Moliang, colluded with Young Master Feng. You don’t have the right to execute her before reporting it.”

Beiliang City’s Lord came over to the plaza along with black-armored guards. His att.i.tude changed drastically, and he took a firm stand. “That’s right, you don’t have any witnesses or evidence for this, so how can you all accuse her?”

“Why are you this rash? What if you end punishing her unjustly?”

“Release her!”

After the City Master took the lead, all the people there erupted with righteous indignation filling their b.r.e.a.s.t.s.


Jiang Beishan suddenly attacked. He rushed towards the City Lord, thrust his fist at him, and sent him flying back. The large number of black-armored guards behind the City Lord didn’t manage to catch him. Instead, they spouted blood as he rammed them. Many pained cries echoed, and the indignant crowd instantly calmed down as they all drew back at the same time.

Jiang Beishan rushed at the heavily injured City Lord and shouted, “A Three Mountains Elder has privileges above all City Lords. Can someone the likes of you call that into question?”

Beiliang City’s lord seemed like he was at his last gasp, and the people next to him quickly helped him consume a live-saving spirit pill. After a while, the crowd became even more engaged, but they didn’t dare to speak.

“Behead her!” Jiang Beishan looked at Jiang Moliang with his ice-cold gaze.

“Beishan?” Jiang Yishan and Jiang Dongshan couldn’t discern what he meant. This wasn’t what they had planned. Did Beishan really plan to kill her? Had he planned this from the beginning, or had he just now decided to do this because he was infuriated by the citizens?

“I will take care of it myself.” Jiang Beishan strode forward with a knife that had already appeared in his hand at some unknown time. The people in the city couldn’t bear observing this, so they turned their heads away. Jiang Moliang fell into despair. She closed her eyes and just waited for death.

All of a sudden, Jiang Beishan stopped in his tracks and looked at the sky. The crowd looked up along with him. They witnessed Jiang Chen quickly flying over. He didn’t stop for even a moment until he reached the plaza and landed in it. He was dozens of meters from the Three Mountains Elders.

“The Jiang family’s shamelessness has surpa.s.sed my imagination once again,” Jiang Chen said.

There were many members of the Jiang family there, and when they heard his words, they didn’t get angry. Instead, they felt ashamed. The Jiang family really couldn’t put up with Jiang Beishan’s actions.

“You actually come back to save her. Can you still proclaim that you aren’t colluding?” Jiang Beishan shouted. He was quite pleased with himself now. Since Jiang Chen came by himself, even if Jiang Moliang jumped into the underworld’s yellow river, she still couldn’t wash herself clean from such an accusation.

“What did you come back for?” Jiang Moliang’s widened. She hadn’t expected this at all. As a matter of fact, she didn’t care about Jiang Chen one bit, just about the Blood Oath. In the end, even at such a moment, she still hadn’t forgotten her mission.

“Why can’t I come back? Jiang Yan was killed by the Alien Flame, and he fought me on his own accord,” Jiang Chen said.

“We won’t look into Jiang Yan’s death, we just want the Sky-Burning Evil Flame,” a Three Mountains Elder said.

“The Sky-Burning Evil Flame looked for Jiang Yan, so doesn’t the flame belong to him first, before your Jiang family?” Jiang Chen asked.

The Three Mountains Elders looked at each other before they nodded and expressed that he wasn’t mistaken.

“Since Jiang Yan died, then what he left behind belongs to me, obviously.” He didn’t forget to stress the last words. “What kind of explanation do you still want?” Jiang Chen took out a Video-Recording Scroll and started broadcasting its content. It had recorded his wager with Jiang Yan.

Jiang Chen and Jiang Yan stated everything clearly in the video. If Jiang Yan lost, the Alien Flame would belong to Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen lost, he would chop off his arms and hands.

“This is a piece of material evidence, and you’ve witnessed its content. Moreover, there are still four witnesses,” Jiang Chen said. The four witnesses were Tang Shiya, Yu Ling, Lan, and Jiang Moliang.

“He even has a Video-Recording Scroll?” The Three Mountains Elders became slightly restless. They must have a valid reason for attacking him because of the Blood Oath.

The reason Jiang Chen had taken the recording out just now was that he had learned from his former experience in the Civil and Martial Arts Inst.i.tute where his two divine pieces of art were destroyed.

“You don’t have any valid reason for targeting me, yet you still want to kill Jiang Moliang. Don’t you find it laughable?” Jiang Chen said.

“That’s right!” The crowd’s anger was ignited once again, and they all spoke one after the other.

When Jiang Moliang witnessed Jiang Beishan’s expression changing constantly, she warned him, “Be careful!” None could guarantee that Jiang Beishan wouldn’t suddenly attack Jiang Chen. However, it was still fortunate that this time, Jiang Beishan decided not to attack him.

“Do you all just want to let him take away the Alien Flame?” Jiang Beishan vented his anger on the crowd in the plaza.

This was the reason why he was infuriated; he wasn’t capable of accepting the fact that they all stood on Jiang Moliang’s side and disregarded him, despite the fact that he was striving for the family’s benefit.

The crowd was startled by this. They all knew how precious an Alien Flame was.

“But, this is the Sky-Burning Evil Flame,” someone reminded them.

“That type of Alien Flame is uncontrollable, and even though the Jiang family got it many years ago, was it ever useful to us?”

“The Jiang family was troubled many times by Jiang Yan’s rash actions, and what did he even achieve in the end? He was just easily killed by someone.”

Those people were all dissatisfied with the Sky-Burning Evil Flame, and they couldn’t hold back from stating it because of Jiang Moliang’s matter.

“You are all shortsighted people.” Jiang Beishan cursed them.

“Beishan!” The other two Celestial Venerable elders quickly went over to him and tried to persuade him.

“Get out of the way!” Jiang Beishan clung to his decision obstinately. He pushed the other two people away and spoke in a deep voice, “Since you are all this stupid, I won’t try to get the Alien Flame any longer. However, Jiang Moliang was sent by the family to Young Master Feng’s side, yet she didn’t make any contributions, and she even caused us to suffer grave losses in Treasure and Beiliang Cities. Moreover, she even caused Jiang Yan’s death, so she must be punished.” He could now only settle for the second best outcome and kill Jiang Moliang. As he spoke, he raised the knife and swept everyone with his murderous look.

“I will kill anyone who dares to obstruct me, and that includes you, too.” He pointed at Jiang Chen as he spoke. “This is the Jiang family’s private matter, and you don’t have any right to meddle in it.”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows while Jiang Moliang lowered her head. In her eyes, Jiang Beishan’s approach wasn’t wrong. He had high executive power, and he wouldn’t go back on his decision easily. However, the mistake he made was targeting her instead of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but ask, “You can all kill a Celestial Venerable with boundless future prospects?”

“She’s just an incompetent woman, and she only reached her current realm through wasting our family’s precious resources.” Jiang Beishan sneered coldly while approaching Jiang Moliang. As he waved his knife in the air, the sound of flowing water echoed from it.

As he was about to kill Jiang Moliang, Jiang Chen’s body flickered like lightning, and he quickly went to her. “I won’t let you kill her,” Jiang Chen said.

It seemed like Jiang Beishan wasn’t surprised by this, and he spoke without giving the matter a single thought. “Why? This will be considered a violation of the Blood Oath.”

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