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Jiang Chen was only in the peak of the preliminary stage. Of course Shen Huan wouldn't believe that he had killed Zhang Shichao, who was on the Eternal Flame List.

"Watch out. He's mastered the sword point," Su Qian suddenly said.

Both Shen Huan and Jiang Chen looked a bit uncomfortable.

"You know him?" Shen Huan didn't rush to attack, but turned around to ask Su Qian.

She nodded and didn't say more.

"She is my ex-fiancée, but I broke up with her. I don't think you have very good taste," Jiang Chen said.

Both Shen Huan and Su Qian's expressions darkened, especially the latter. The certificate of divorce was shameful to her.

Shen Huan, as a man, certainly couldn't stand what Jiang Chen had said.

"You'll die a bitter death," Shen Huan said coldly.

"I'm so frightened," Jiang Chen smiled.

Shen Huan flew into a rage, but then he recalled Jiang Chen had been grinning cheekily even while facing Zhang Shichao, so he thought it normal for Jiang Chen to behave like this.

In his opinion, Jiang Chen was a r.e.t.a.r.ded.

Like Zhang Shichao, he wanted to see what Jiang Chen's expression when he was facing death.

At the thought of this, Shen Huan licked his lips with excitement.

"The Windcease Sword - a strike in a ksana!"

Shen Huan attacked. His sword was treasured, emitting icy cold radiances. With his skilled sword methods, the sword was giving off a shining, silver light.

When the light suddenly appeared in the dark night, people couldn't even open their eyes.

"I was stunned by the name of your sword method, but it's so underwhelming," Jiang Chen said coldly.

The sword movement intended to defeat the enemy rapidly with the unexpected use of lights.

It had a really good effect at night, but to Jiang Chen, it was silly and childish.

He threw the Redcloud Sword out. Then with a scream, the sword ray disappeared. Shen Huan fell down and lost control of his treasured sword. The sword became stuck in a tree trunk.

"How? How is that possible?!"

Shen Huan's right hand was bleeding. His clothes were tattered. Paired with a look of pain, he was in disbelief.

"I told you. I killed Zhang Shichao. Who do you think you are?!"

Jiang Chen came up and suddenly looked over to Su Qian. He grinned at her, "Thanks a lot. Looks like you just can't forget about me. Thanks to you I won easily."

Su Qian was still shocked by the defeat of Shen Huan. She didn't understand what he meant.

"The spirit of the sword?! You've mastered the spirit of the sword? d.a.m.n. Why did you tell me it was sword point?"

Shen Huan realized something and looked at Su Qian with hatred. "No…"

Su Qian was shocked. She knew Jiang Chen wanted to make fun of her. She was about to explain, but suddenly an idea occurred to her. She walked up to Jiang Chen and said gently, "Because I care for you."


Jiang Chen burst into laughter. He circled her waist with his arm and pulled her into his arms. "You—you!"

Shen Huan raised his bleeding right hand. His lips were trembling. He tried to say something, but in the end said nothing.

"Kill him," Su Qian said.

"You do it," Jiang Chen picked Shen Huan's sword up and handed it to Su Qian.

Su Qian gnashed her teeth and thrust the sword forward without any hesitation.

However, when the tip of the sword was about to pierce into Shen Huan's chest, Su Qian's wrist was grasped and she couldn't keep thrusting the sword.

"What happened?" Su Qian looked over confusedly.

Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously and helped Shen Huan stand up. He pressed on some parts of the latter's back.

"Kill me! Wait, what are you doing…"

Shen Huan found he was recovering rapidly.

"Jiang Chen, what are you doing?" Su Qian sensed the situation was unfavorable for her. Her heart sank down. She wanted to run away immediately.

"Nothing. I'm jealous to see you two have made a good couple. Since you chose him, I don't want you anymore."

Jiang Chen gave the sword back to Shen Huan and said, "You have no way to kill me, but I'll give you a chance to take your revenge."


Shen Huan stood up and walked towards Su Qian with a disappointed, yet fierce look.

"Brother Shen, listen to me. I was forced to do that. I didn't really intend to kill you," Su Qian hurried to explain.

"Do you think I believe you?" Shen Huan grinned grotesquely.

He dashed toward her rapidly, but pushed her away when he was close to her and shouted at her, "Run!"

Then he turned to Jiang Chen immediately and made an all-out attack.


Jiang Chen brandished the Redcloud Sword. In a flash of the sword's ray, Shen Huan was frozen. He covered his throat with his hands, but blood didn't stop flowing through his fingers.

"You really believed her."

Jiang Chen watched Su Qian leave and shrugged his shoulders, feeling a bit bored.

He had intended to see those two kill each other.

It wasn't because he was cruel, but because Su Qian's behaviors really made him want to teach her a lesson.

He wanted Su Qian to understand she couldn't conquer all the men in the world.

Besides, this woman was evil. Jiang Chen only wanted to tease her at the beginning, but she took the chance to say he concealed his swordsmanship level intentionally.

Does she think I am as foolish as Shen Huan? Jiang Chen shook his head. If he wasn't being chased, he would definitely hunt down and kill Su Qian.

I should have killed them directly and not made fun of them. Did that woman evoke the dark side in me?

Jiang Chen wasn't a guy who didn't care about others' lives, but he was no saint either. If he made up his mind to kill someone, he would kill them with no hesitation.

But what he had done had, in some ways, violated his principle.

"Do I hate all women because of Xiao Nuo?" Jiang Chen thought to himself.

At the same time, Su Qian was finally relieved when she made sure Jiang Chen wasn't after her.

He didn't believe me at all. Su Qian's eyes were filled with hatred at the thought of this.

Suddenly, she heard several sounds, and the sounds were all emitted at the same time.

Whatever they were, Su Qian realized she had been surrounded.

In an instant, many people appeared around her with torches in their hands. Judging from the position of the flame, everyone was mounted on some type of animal.

"It's not Jiang Chen," one of them said.

"d.a.m.n. Where is he?!" another guy cursed immediately.

Su Qian recognized Ning Ping's voice, since he had announced he would reward anyone who killed Jiang Chen.

Su Qian hurried to ask before they left, "Wait, are you chasing Jiang Chen?"

"Oh? Do you know where he is?"

Ning Ping turned around and sized her up.

"Yes. I'll tell you, as long as you guarantee my safety," Su Qian said.

"No problem," Ning Ping agreed without any hesitation.

"He's further ahead. He just killed my companion because my companion heard what you said…" Su Qian wasn't sure whether she should continue or not.

"Your companion was useless. Don't waste any time. Take me there!"

Ning Ping lifted her onto his mount without asking her. He made Su Qian his guide.

"Oh? You're pretty," Ning Ping didn't see Su Qian's face until then. A smile pulled up the corner of his mouth.

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