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The woman hesitated for a long time, then she suddenly said, "Apprentice brother, what about this?"

Before Jiang Chen could reply, she stood up and took off her protective clothes and everything else she was wearing until she was naked.

Soon, her fair, naked body could be seen in the forest. She had good skin and a good figure.

She smiled at Jiang Chen coquettishly and walked over to him.

He smelled an aroma that opened all of his pores. He felt his blood boiling. He was breathing heavily and eager to hug her into his arms.

"Apprentice brother."

Her voice was gentle, like enchanting music.

Jiang Chen's aggression as a swordsman was disappearing. His eyes wandered in her direction.

The woman grinned at him. There was a dagger hidden behind her back.

When she was only three steps away from Jiang Chen, she raised her right hand casually and the dagger slipped down the inside of her arm.

She grasped the dagger and rammed it towards Jiang Chen's neck.

They were so close and Jiang Chen was starry-eyed. She was sure she could stab him immediately.


To her surprise, Jiang Chen's Redcloud Sword whirled before his chest without any signs of movement and countered the dagger precisely.

"I was playing with you since you're kind of pretty, but did you really think such a two-bit hypnosis would work?" Jiang Chen sneered.


The woman didn't even try to talk back. She didn't bother to put her clothes back on and immediately turned around to run away.

Jiang Chen shook his head slightly. He kicked the dagger into air and hit it with his Redcloud Sword. The sharp dagger reflected off and hit the woman's back in right where her heart was.

The woman screamed and fell into a bush beside her.

"You brought this on yourself."

Jiang Chen inserted the sword into its sheath. He had given the two their chances, but they had wasted them.

At this moment, he had four holy points in his chest and side. They were like four slaves, ready to work.

This meant he would be able to fly faster. Of course, he would also consume more energy.

Besides that, he could continue to practice the next two movements of The Rainbow Sword Method.

Since he had mastered the full spirit of the sword and inherited the doctrine of sword, he was already able to exert the next sword movements, but the last two were the essence of this sword method. They were powerful and didn't only require high attainments of sword method, but also powerful holy yuan.

The two movements were Red Dragon Out of the Cage and Rainbow and Sunset.

As long as he could master these two, his strength would be greatly enhanced, especially if he used them with the elevation of the sword and the Immortal Doctrine of Sword.

As for the elevation of the sword, Jiang Chen had some thoughts.

The elevation of the sword was achieved by practicing secret methods and it was created for the specific sword.

The common point shared by secret and practice methods was that they would both become one's own skill after one mastered them.

This skill couldn't be improved by working on the method itself.

With a practice method, the speed to take in the spirit of universe wouldn't change. If you wanted it to become faster, you had to seek something else.

Secret methods, like the elevation of the sword, required the help of martial arts techniques of creation to enhance them.

Jiang Chen had practiced Tai Ji Wan, a method that exerted one's strength in a spiral method. If he had great attainments in the creation of wind, the efficiency and the destructive power of the spiral force would improve as well.

If Jiang Chen wanted to enhance the elevation of the sword, he would have to master both the creation of wind and the creation of metal.

The elevation of the sword was more powerful than spiral force, so it needed two kinds of creation.

Jiang Chen was skilled in sword method and had mastered Tai Ji Wan, which was a base for the creation of wind, but he hadn't worked on it yet.

It was because he hadn't had enough time…

Jiang Chen's right hand had a great talent for knife methods, but he didn't have the time to practice any of them.

However, Mo Li's Sword of Sun and Moon, the combination of flame and the creation of metal, had enlightened him. He thought of a secret method that was perfect for him.

But if I want to practice it, I'll have to have six holy points and my state will have to be at the peak of the preliminary stage.

Jiang Chen didn't realize until then how many more things he had to work on and improve.

He couldn't put them off anymore, he had already wasted enough time.

Jiang Chen planned to master the two sword methods first, then work on the creation of wind.

This process took him a few days. He stayed around the crack until he absorbed all of the essence of primordial yuan, then he set out again.

This time, Jiang Chen flew to his destination directly.

Jiang Chen drew a circle on his map to mark the areas which could have spiritual herbs. The circle wasn't very big on the map, but it was actually a circle with a radius of 3,000 feet.

It wouldn't be easy to find the spiritual herb.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen knew its features well so that he could investigate the area quickly, and he could fly, so he estimated that the investigation would take him one day.

This length of time seemed fine to him.

He was flying over the forest while his holy awareness was covering each corner.

In a few hours, he had discovered nothing except how many monsters were below.

Don't slack off. If the spiritual herb is really here, it must be guarded by some terrible living creature. Hopefully that thing can't fly.


Jiang Chen saw a light travelling through the forest below while he was thinking to himself. He wondered what it was.

He followed it and found the three-foot long light was emitted by a small oval thing, which looked like a… seed!


Jiang Chen had heard the story of the seeds. He felt a bit disappointed when he learned that the Natural Law School didn't expect much from him, but from the standpoint of the Natural Law School, they could delegate anyone on the top ten of the Talent List as their key candidates.

After all, the compet.i.tion was in six months, and it would be difficult for Jiang Chen to enhance his state to the fullest in such a short time.

However, although he could understand, if he had the chance to get a seed, he wouldn't give it up.

Yet it was confusing that this seed was flying about here.

Then, he sensed two strands of energies were chasing it. He immediately understood what was happening there.

One must conquer difficulties to get the seed. Those two people must have completed a task and were trying to reap their fruit.

Jiang Chen was eager to get the seed, but he wouldn't allow himself to grab others' property.


When he noticed who those two people were, he gave an interested smile.

They were He Renlong and his brother, who had tried to peep at the bathing woman.

They were here!

Such being the case, Jiang Chen wouldn't act politely. He landed and grasped the seed immediately.


He Renlong was irritated to see someone had grabbed the object. He was even more surprised when he saw it was Jiang Chen.

"It's you?!"

He Renlong was surprised to see him here. He thought for a while, then smiled in a cunning way, "Your apprentice sister is busy fighting for her life. She won't have the time to protect you. Did you come to ask for death?"

"Fighting for her life? What do you mean?" Jiang Chen paled, wondering whether he was telling the truth.

"Bro, kill him! Kill this son of a b*tch!" He Renlong's brother suddenly shouted excitedly.

Jiang Chen had laid bare his actions and he had been suffering from others' cold shoulders ever since. None of the women in the group wanted to speak to him.

When he met Jiang Chen again, he wished he could kill the latter immediately!

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