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The youngster had spoken as though he looked down upon the whole world. His eyes were ice cold, his expression arrogant.

He was good-looking. People could see his perfect figure although he was sitting on his tiger.

He was wearing a white robe and looked intelligent, like he was at the height of his youth and vigor.

"Mo Li! It's Mo Li!"

"Ranked seventh on the Prince List and 54th on the Eternal Flame List, he's a genius!"

"The third young master of the Mos!"

The people held hostage didn't care even a little bit about their own situation, but looked at Mo Li excitedly with appreciation and worship.

Even Tan Yun and Li Xin stopped fighting. Both of them were sending l.u.s.tful glances at him.

Shui Sheng was the only one who thought about Mo Li's words and felt worried for Jiang Chen.

The others didn't take Mo Li's words seriously until they felt the killing intent Mo Li emitted and saw his aggressive machine-operated beasts, at which point they all looked over to Jiang Chen.

"Did you kill Mo Qing?" Mo Li said.

"Would you believe me if I said no?" Jiang Chen answered.


"So why did you bother asking? What a fake poser," Jiang Chen sneered.


Mo Li didn't get angry. He looked over to the others and said, "Are you with him?"

His cold tone sounded extremely formidable. The others immediately came to themselves.

"No. We're disciples of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness. We have a problem with him. He cut off my arm!" Xiang Liang said.

"They're with Jiang Chen," Li Xin pointed at Tan Yun and others and shouted excitedly.


Mo Li looked over to those four people. He looked emotionless, no one could tell what he was thinking.

"No… no… We just met by chance."

Tan Yun wasn't an idiot. She knew it was asking for death if she stayed with Jiang Chen. She started to walk away from him unconsciously.

"Yeah? That's not what you told me just now. Didn't you say how great your Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen was?"

Li Xin was cruel and sneaky. She not only hated Tan Yun, but also Jiang Chen.

Tan Yun paled. She felt Mo Li's look turning colder and colder. She gnashed her teeth and shouted loudly, "Young Master Mo, that isn't the case. We didn't know who he was. He didn't tell us anything about himself and misled us so that we thought he was from a big group!"

"Tan Yun!" Shui Sheng couldn't believe what she had said. How was she able to talk nonsense like that?

However, Tan Yun was ready to risk everything. She then smoothly said something even worse.

"If I had known Jiang Chen was a wretch from the Hundred Thousand Mountains, I would have never a.s.sociated with him. I didn't know he had the nerve to kill a Mo disciple! This cruel guy even cut off the arm of a disciple of the Sword Sect of Returning to Oneness. How b.l.o.o.d.y and savage! Only a barbarian from the Hundred Thousand Mountain would do that!"

No one would be able to imagine that just a minute before, she had been grateful to Jiang Chen, and had been trying to flirt with him half an hour before that.

"Exactly. We couldn't ally with such a shameless wretch."

"Young Master Mo and him are like clouds and mud, there's a huge gap between them."

Xu Tao and Han Qianye had been unsatisfied with Tan Yun's flirting with Jiang Chen since they had met him. At this moment, they didn't hesitate for one second to kick Jiang Chen when he was down.

"How could you say things like that? Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen saved our lives!"

Shui Sheng couldn't believe she had been hanging out with such a group of people.

"That's nonsense! We had almost gotten away from the monster. Why would we have needed his help? Besides, who knows whether he came here to rescue us or only because he wanted the general-level monster," Xu Tao refuted.

"Yep, Shui Sheng, stop talking nonsense. Come here!" Tan Yun said nervously.

"No!" Shui Sheng shook her head resolutely. She was standing behind Jiang Chen.

"Fine. Back off," Mo Li said and waved his hand impatiently.

Tan Yun and the other two finally felt relieved. They glanced at Shui Sheng and stepped aside immediately.

"Did you see it?" Jiang Chen suddenly opened his mouth. He was speaking to Shui Sheng.

"What?" Shui Sheng didn't understand what he meant.

"You showed mercy to that woman and in one minute, she turned into a viper, intending to kill you."

Jiang Chen glanced at Li Xin and shook his head. He said, "You have to teach a good lesson to people like this. You have to beat her until she feels frightened deep from her heart."

The other people looked at each other, confused.

They didn't understand why he was telling Shui Sheng these things at this moment.

Li Xin was so angry that she gnashed her teeth, then thought of Jiang Chen's current situation and started to sneer.

"These people of the Mos are the same. Mo Qing was a hundred more times worse than Li Xin, so I had to kill her."

Jiang Chen's words surprised everyone on the spot. He had admitted he killed Mo Qing so directly in front of Mo Li, and in such a plain tone.

"So they came after me. It doesn't matter. I'll kill them all and the whole affair will end.

"I'll keep killing them, until they feel pain, until they feel fear, until they start to run away!"

To their surprise, Jiang Chen became more and more unrestrained.

"Hum," Mo Li sneered. An aggressive killing intent rose.

"Jiang Chen, you're doomed! Today is the day you die! You're not a match for Young Master Mo, who is ranked seventh on the Prince List!" Xiang Liang shouted excitedly. Then he looked over to Mo Li and said, "Young Master Mo, kill him. If you do, I'll be grateful to you my whole life."

To his surprise, Mo Li, who had been calm, suddenly shouted angrily.

"Go away!" He swore, "Who are you? It has nothing to do with you that I want to kill him. Are you trying to flatter yourself?"

"No, no, I'm not."

Due to his excessive blood loss, Xiang Liang's face was very pale, but at that moment, he became even paler. He hurried to recede into the crowd.

"A guy ranked on the Prince List is as marvelous as expected!" Tan Yun said.

To get onto the Prince List, one had to have good abilities, an excellent background, and a great public reputation.

And the reputation wasn't about how kind he was, instead, it had to be related to his character traits.

For example, confidence.

Confidence didn't mean anything when one was facing someone inferior to them, but it was something to appreciate if he didn't lower his head when facing a rival stronger than him.

Mo Li didn't get onto the Prince List thanks to his confidence, but because he was decisive when he was ready to kill.

No matter whether his rival was from a top ten sect or school or royal family, if he decided to kill them, he would do it.

No one could intimidate Mo Li with their accomplishments if the latter had his eyes set on him, so it wouldn't work if Jiang Chen tried to walk away from Mo Li by bragging about his holy pulse or his ident.i.ty as a key disciple of the Natural Law School.

"I didn't expect you to be so two-faced," Li Xin said sarcastically from behind Tan Yun.

Tan Yun was embarra.s.sed. She answered immediately, "I was just telling the truth. Who is Mo Li? He's n.o.ble, elegant, and powerful, not someone that a rude guy from the Hundred Thousand Mountains like Jiang Chen can compare with. Don't you agree?"

"Of course I agree. The whole Fire Field knows Young Master Mo Li's great abilities," Li Xin said with haste, then took another careful look at Mo Li and said, "He can beat Jiang Chen by appearance alone."

Mo Li had jumped off his tiger after swearing at Xiang Liang. He was holding a special sword with a round blade, different from normal swords.

"The Sword of Sun and Moon!" Xiang Liang and others exclaimed in a low voice.

When one became famous, their weapon would become famous as well.

The Sword of Sun and Moon was Mo Li's sword.

He had killed many gorgeous and talented youngsters with this sword.

On this day, it would once again be covered with blood!

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