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"I'll be your slave forever. It'd be better to die," Azure Demon said. That being said, he didn't sound very resolute when he said the word "die."

"Twenty years. You can be free after twenty years, and I'll help you create a new body," Jiang Chen said.

"Create a new body?"

Azure Demon was shocked. Only divine immortals were able to do that, but since Jiang Chen was able to create the eight groups of spiritual beings, it wasn't impossible that he could build a body.

Compared to the thousand years he had been trapped in the hunting lodge, twenty years wasn't very long.

"I agree on the condition that I'll be a deva!" Azure Demon agreed.

Among the eight groups of beings, devas and nagas were the n.o.blest, so it was also called devas, nagas and the eight groups of beings.

Azure Demon didn't want his soul to vanish, so he had to accept Jiang Chen's offer, but at the same time, he made a request.

Even if Jiang Chen found other groups of beings, he wanted to be ahead of them.

"Okay." Jiang Chen unbound the thread-bound book and took eight pages out. He put them together to make a pamphlet, then wrote down the scripture text on it.

He looked serious. When the black ink touched the paper, it turned into radiant golden characters.

When he had finished, he cut off three segments of the ware pattern of the Redcloud Sword and modified them to the pattern needed by the eight groups of spiritual beings, then put it onto the pages.

"The Redcloud Sword will be affected if you don't recover the ware pattern in time," the soul of the Redcloud Sword said unhappily.

"Don't worry. I'll recover it as soon as I make it out of here. I've memorized the original ware pattern. I can a.s.sure you they'll be the same," Jiang Chen comforted the sword.

Then, he put the jade bottle on the first page of the pamphlet and uncorked the bottle.

"Please," Jiang Chen said.

Azure Demon's soul came out as azure smoke. It flew onto the page and was absorbed by the scripture text quickly.

Instantly, the pamphlet emitted a golden light and flew up into the sky. It erupted with the intention of a strong Buddha.

After a good while, the golden light of the pamphlet became gentler. The pamphlet descended slowly into Jiang Chen's hand.

A picture of a Protector of the Law appeared on it, but due to the scripture text and the ill.u.s.tration of the mausoleum, the portrayal wasn't very clear.

Jiang Chen beamed. The eight groups of spiritual beings were done!

However, it was difficult to judge its level, since it wasn't simply a spiritual weapon.

Its power had to be decided by the eight groups of beings and the intention of the Buddha contained in the scripture text.

"Your eight groups of spiritual beings aren't good enough. My strength is less than even ten percent of what it was before," Azure Demon's voice came from the pamphlet.

"I don't have a deep comprehension of the Buddha's intention, so the scripture text I wrote isn't devout enough. So naturally…" Jiang Chen said righteously.

"It's unfair!"

"It will get better. Just be patient."

Jiang Chen didn't hurry to leave. He wanted to take good use of the ape's blood while it was still fresh. He took off his clothes and spread it on his Qihai and where his three holy pulses were.

Soon the blood became hotter and hotter, as if it were magma that had been spread on his skin.

The monster blood seeped into his skin slowly until it completely disappeared from the surface.

In the Sacred Zone, at the ages of five, ten, and fifteen, disciples would soak in liquid made from the blood and bones of fierce beasts living in ancient times, a secret recipe. Even garbage would turn into a capable person after such a bath.

In comparison, Jiang Chen's monster blood was really nothing.

Jiang Chen used a third of the monster blood. His state had been enhanced again. He looked refreshed.

Then, he started to crack the second level of the restraining order of the general statue.

"This restraining order was made in the Era of the Hero. I guess it was used to guard an important place. Why did you take it?" Azure Demon asked curiously.

His surprise came from the consensus that the thing used to guard treasure couldn't possibly be a treasure itself.

Generally speaking, intruders would either destroy the guard or be killed by them.

He saw the energy of the restraining order was getting weaker and weaker as Jiang Chen was working on it. In the end, it was completely gone.

"Remember, never say never."

He left the hunting lodge and came to the edge of the tactical formation. He said, "Now, crack the formation."

"Didn't you say you know how to crack it?!" Azure Demon sounded surprised.

"I don't have a formation disk with me."

Azure Demon was irritated. If he had known that, he could have negotiated with Jiang Chen and wouldn't have been so submissive.

For example, he would have argued that twenty years were too many and he would only consider if it was ten years.

But at this moment, he had to resign himself to what had happened.

With the release of the tactical formation, the mysterious sixth hunting lodge finally became visible to everyone, although unlike from the rumor, there was only sc.r.a.p metal inside.

The treasure of the Vermillion Bird State was doomed to be a legend that could never be confirmed.

In the air above the mountains, Wen Xin and Meng Hao were traveling around in the airship. They were looking for Jiang Chen, but hadn't seen him since he had told them to leave.

"Shall we go back to the school to report it?"

"It'll take a long time. Do you think Jiang Chen can hold out for such a long time?"

"But we're only wasting time here."

Suddenly, they looked ahead with fright.

The killer of the Black White School was standing in front of them. The flying spiritual weapon under his feet looked very unique, like a chessboard of a normal size, where there was only s.p.a.ce for him alone.

However, the killers' face attracted Wen Xin and Meng Hao's undivided attention.

The burn marks were horrifying enough, but what was more, they were black and white, as if he were still wearing his mask.

The two knew Jiang Chen had a spiritual weapon that could spit fire, so they instantly knew it was Jiang Chen's work. Judging from the killer's anger and aggressiveness, they were sure Jiang Chen was safe.

But they were not.


Strangely, the killer didn't do anything. He flew away without saying a word.

It turned out the killer had lost track of Jiang Chen after he entered the tactical formation, so he panicked and planned to force Jiang Chen into submission by kidnapping Wen Xin and Meng Hao.

But suddenly, he sensed Jiang Chen's energy again.

He could only catch it because he had left marks of his holy awareness on Jiang Chen.

It was one of the necessary skills of the killers of Black White School. The targets on whom they left marks would be discovered, no matter how far they traveled, unless they fled to the ends of the earth.

The killers could locate their targets even in a crowded city.

"Follow him!"

Wen Xin came to her senses and vaguely guessed why the killer had left. She urged Meng Hao to steer the airship after him.

As expected, the two found something beside a hunting lodge.

There were five hunting lodges in the mountains, so they weren't surprised to see one, but they didn't know this was the sixth hunting lodge.

Jiang Chen was standing on the roof of the palace, expecting the arrival of the killer.

The killer was standing on a column. He stared at Jiang Chen and said, "I'll make your face look exactly the same as mine before sending you to my employer."

"You look great now. You won't need a mask anymore. The typical look of killers of the Black White School," Jiang Chen teased him.

"Go to h.e.l.l!"

The killer hadn't expected Jiang Chen to make fun of him. He foamed with rage to such an extent that he changed his mind and decided to kill Jiang Chen instead of capturing him.

"Do you still want to kill me?"

Jiang Chen sneered and took out the Universal Darkfire Lamp and the pamphlet with Buddha's light.

Then, he threw the general statue over to the killer. He read a spell, and the statue came to life in the air!

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