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l.u.s.t's sincere voice melted with sweetness. It was too shallow to shake Theodore's composure, but the temptation accompanying l.u.s.t's power could also capture a transcendent.

The appearance was the same, but l.u.s.t was so different from Sylvia. The hand gestures she made using the long white fingers and the eyes that curved like crescent moons when smiling...  The whisper that rose in volume and then suddenly dropped sounded eerie.

"Theodore Miller."

Theodore hated the way l.u.s.t called out his name, and anger filled him. "What?"

"Before discussing the terms, is there anything you want to hear from me? I will answer any questions honestly if I can."

"...I see. Then I won't hesitate." Theodore took a breath and pointed at her. "Why her? Why did you take Sylvia Adruncus?"

That was it. It was the question he couldn't solve, and the reason he was caught by l.u.s.t. If he knew what Sylvia was worth to l.u.s.t, he wouldn't have gone too far or allowed her to act alone. l.u.s.t giggled and opened her mouth, "She is worth using. There are two reasons."

"Worth using?"

"Oh, I'm not talking about the usefulness of a magician. The magic system of the West Continent might've reached a fairly usable level, but it is still outdated compared to the magic of old times. The efficiency might be a bit lower, but there is no big difference if I just change shamans."

Theodore ground his teeth, and his blue eyes cooled as he heard her words. Other people might not know, but he knew. It wasn't an a.n.a.logy. She meant it literally. Using human sacrifices which involved live offerings was also a technique used in shamanism, not just black magic.

He didn't know how many victims there were, but it should've played a major role in reducing the shaman population of the East Continent. If he measured it in simple magic power, l.u.s.t might've collected enough to be equivalent to a few dragons.

'If she turned all that power into defense... I won't be able to break through the defenses of Geongun Castle with my power.'

Theodore was thinking this when l.u.s.t said, "Do you know what my power is?"

"Reincarnation through birth, right?"

"That's right. The child will be better than the parents, and this cycle will repeat infinitely until the end. That is the purpose of my existence and the work I have been doing since the beginning of the Age of Mythology. At that time, I used the name Thetis, not l.u.s.t."

'Thetis?' Theodore hesitated, thinking he had heard that name somewhere before.

Then l.u.s.t touched her chest. Sylvia's body part, which had grown after five years, was touched by l.u.s.t's hands.  Heat burned in Theodore for two different reasons when he saw it.

"Don't play games."

"Don't I look good? What is so bad about being loyal to a reproductive need? Won't it be better to touch once?"

All of these provocative actions were to draw out his reactions. Theodore realized this and stood silently. He wouldn't show any answer to the same hara.s.sment. Unsurprisingly, l.u.s.t became bored at his dull response and soon stopped her actions. 

She started talking again, "Where did the story get up to? Yes, the past. I have the power of the 'mother' and can measure the potential of the womb. What type of genetic factors are better suited and what qualities can be inherited? Well, I can make a comprehensive evaluation."


"What is it? You asked. Why did I take Sylvia Adruncus?" l.u.s.t licked her lips and stroked her belly. "This Sylvia is an excellent product."

"l.u.s.t!" Simultaneously, killing intent was projected from Theodore's body for a few meters around him.

If a normal person touched this air for a few seconds, their brain would accept death and their heart would stop. The killing intent he was emitting right now was terrible.

"Ahaha, I'm scared. Actually, it isn't scary at all!" l.u.s.t waved her hands as she spoke. Sylvia's body was instinctively terrified but couldn't overwhelm l.u.s.t's control. "If it is this womb, yes. 782 years. A mutation in the const.i.tution that is loved by mana. It is a characteristic that can be expressed in an unconnected lineage and carried on to the third generation. She isn't lacking to be the mother of the 'last child' to be born in this material world."

"Don't think I will just be watching!"

"Ahahaha! Why else do you think I came to negotiate? Listen to a person's words to the end."

Theodore's fingers tightened as he let out a low growl, "Talk."

l.u.s.t swept a hand over her hair that was moist with sweat and pointed to his brow. 

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