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Chapter 384 - Heavy Taste

Translator: lav

Editor: SSins

Shi Lei wasn't prepared for this question.

He stared at Song Miaomiao in shock as he finally understood that she only put her legs on him and moved around for the purpose of teasing him.

But who would have that kind of intentions at a time like this!

Shi Lei realised that Song Miaomiao wasn't only crazy. Her thoughts jumped quickly.

Song Miaomiao stretched, "Boring. Alright. That's about it for a.n.a.lysis. Little s.h.i.tou, lull me to sleep!"

Shi Lei immediately lost all colour on his face and he pressed his chest rightly with both hands, "Didn't you say that your relative came to visit you and you are inconvenient?"

Song Miaomiao bent down, grabbed Shi Lei on the collar, and spoke ferociously, "I'm not telling you to do something. Cut the bulls.h.i.t. You must make me happy. That's what you promised!"

Shi Lei could only see the b.r.e.a.s.t.s in front of him and smell the fragrance of shower gel from Song Miaomiao. He felt dizzy.

"Ma'am, please. Let's talk it out. It's hard for me to hold back like this. With your relative here, it's bad…" Shi Lei was bold because he knew that Song Miaomiao couldn't do it today. Otherwise, he wouldn't have dared to say it.

Song Miaomiao pushed Shi Lei away and replied maliciously, "We can't continue contemplating this d.a.m.n question. I'm getting hot. If you dare to ask it again, do you believe that I'll fight you bloodily tonight?"

Shi Lei quickly closed his mouth and didn't dare to say more. Song Miaomiao walked to the window, glanced at the night view, and shook her head, "Small cities are quiet with fewer lights. I'm getting sleepier. Little s.h.i.tou, come to bed and serve me."

With that, Song Miaomiao pulled the curtains down and pulled off the towel in an extremely alluring manner right in front of Shi Lei.  

She pulled it off…

Shi Lei was dumbfounded. There was… Under her towel… Oh, she was wearing something. She at least wore underwear because she was on her period and she couldn't use extra long night pads without underwear.

However, the rest of her was naked. Luckily she had her back against Shi Lei. But even with the curves of her back, it was so perfect that it made one want to commit a crime.

Under this state, Shi Lei had trouble holding back even with Song Miaomiao's echidn like hairstyle. But are you crazy? You know what she's doing yet…

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