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Chapter 288 - Communication and Painting Gathering

Translator: Lav

Editor: Likia

The sound of running water could be heard. Shi Lei was probably washing his face with cold water. The flame burning inside him could only be calmed with a lot of cold water.

As for Wei Xingyue, she was curled up on the couch, dumbfounded, and couldn’t pull herself together.

The b.e.a.s.t.i.a.lity that Shi Lei had demonstrated just then really shocked her. She had never seen a person like that, let alone a man.

She bit her lip and her gaze fell to her feet. Her breath paused. She couldn’t understand how Shi Lei could emit such a horrifying aura because he was just a lil’man.

And what did he mean by that?

“You won’t necessarily be able to do anything.” Shi Lei’s voice seemed to sound next to her ear. He had said it under his breath, yet Wei Xingyue seemed to hear the special meaning in it.

Perhaps he already knew about her intention for getting to know him? Wei Xingyue began to worry. Although she thought that their close relationship now had nothing to do with her initial purpose, but who knew? If Shi Lei really knew that she was interacting with him on purpose and purely for the sake of his secret, would he explode with immense power like he did just then?

What secrets did he have? That secret could be his weakness. He knew what the Wei family’s position was in Jiangdong province, but still dared to talk to her like that. It meant that what he was relying on was even above the Wei family. Perhaps he could do something ridiculous and her father would be unable to say anything, or wouldn’t dare to.

Wei Xingyue thought that Shi Lei was even more mysterious now. She didn’t think that he had been talking without thinking first and believed that he had to have meant something.

For someone as smart as Wei Xingyue, she could tell that her father’s att.i.tude toward that old friend was careful, as if walking on ice. Otherwise, there was no need for him to be so careful with a young man who hadn’t even turned twenty-two years old yet.

Without a doubt, her father’s old friend was the person whom Shi Lei could rely on the most. But what kind of person was that, to make Shi Lei put the Wei family aside and make her father act so carefully?

It was long time later when Wei Xingyue finally cleared her mind and Shi Lei emerged from the bathroom.

His face was dry, but his hair was inevitably damp.

His gaze turned cold, and Wei Xingyue was scared.

“S-sorry…I just wanted to tease you…I…We…We’re still friends, right?” Wei Xingyue asked fearfully like an immature little girl.

Shi Lei glanced at her coldly without saying a word. It was freaky to Wei Xingyue.

He finally sighed after she had put on her heels and approached him, intimidated. “If you do it again, I won’t hold back.”

The threat hit Wei Xingyue heavily, but other than horror, she was somewhat…looking forward to it…

“You are still accompanying me, right?” She became extremely tame.

Shi Lei glanced at her again. “I’ve already spent 50,000 yuan. It’ll be such a waste if I don’t go and take a look!” In fact, Shi Lei really didn’t want to go, but his clothes were obviously prepared for the event. Although he had already worn it, he was worried that the shameless Scepter would say that his clothes wasn’t used appropriately and wouldn’t count toward the total.

Shi Lei was capable of making up for the 50,000 yuan, but that would decrease his own funds significantly. The less money he had, the lesser the possibility of earning enough money for the investment, and Shi Lei didn't want to be killed because he didn’t have enough money to pay for Zhen Xu’s investment.

“What kind of event is it?” Shi Lei softened his tone, making Wei Xingyue relieved.

“It’s a small gathering. A few families will bring their collected paintings and communicate with each other. An uncle got a work of Zhang Sengyou(1), which was a copy made by someone from the Song Dynasty. I heard that it has an extremely high value and demonstrates Zhang Sengyou’s style of charm.”

Shi Lei froze and thought: Is this a coincidence?”

He had drawn prizes not long ago and received an Animal Language Card and Drawing Card. Now he was going to partic.i.p.ate in a gathering for painting.

Although Shi Lei didn't think that they were somehow related, it was too much to be a coincidence. When he received the Ancient Times’ Martial Arts Card, Song Miaomiao had appeared and dragged him to a boxing ring. This time, he received a Drawing Card and Wei Xingyue was dragging him to a gathering about paintings.

From the beginning until now, Shi Lei had drawn six times altogether. He got two cards the first time, the Millionaire Card and the Golden Thumb Investment Card, which were used in different ways. These cards were very useful and seemed to be serving him.

He had drawn the same card twice the second time: the Ancient Times’ Martial Arts Card. Although it looked useful, since Shi Lei’s ability to fight with cold weapons was invincible in the world after being possessed by a martial arts master. That’s what Shi Lei had thought. If three kings of boxing couldn’t defeat the martial arts master by attacking at the same time, then if that wasn’t invincible, what was? Of course, if the enemy had weapons, he could fight with cold weapons, but that depended on the abilities of the enemy. However, if the enemy used a hot weapon, then Shi Lei definitely didn’t think that the martial arts master could dodge bullets with the human body or catch the bullet with his bare hands.

But somehow, Shi Lei thought that the appearance of the Ancient Times Martial Arts Card wasn’t entirely serving him, but with some sort of guidance.

A few days ago, he had received an Animal Language Card and Drawing Card.

Shi Lei hadn’t tried the Animal Language Card yet. Actually, he didn’t have any chance in which he could try, but the Drawing Card would soon be used.

Of course, Shi Lei didn’t know whether there was a possibility to use the Drawing Card today, but it had already alarmed him.

Regardless of that, it was too much of a coincidence.

Wei Xingyue didn’t drive in her own car. She sat in Shi Lei’s and directed him to Lake Baishui.

The parking was opposite to Wudong Station. There was a lake garden connected to the train station, making a s.p.a.cious area in front of it. All the roads were elevated, which created an empty area that only allowed pedestrians between the lake and the station. The sides were expanded and had been eventually developed into a lake garden.

Cars weren’t allowed to drive into the garden, but Wei Xingyue told Shi Lei to drive inside a small residential district that was right next to the garden. When he parked the car, Shi Lei realized that this district was next to Lake Baishui and there was a small bridge built over the water that led to the lake garden.

It was definitely the most convenient path for those who needed to park their car.

After he got out and walked into the district, Shi Lei realized that the strict security wasn’t a joke.

There were only seven or eight small buildings in the district and all of them were built next to the lake. There was enough s.p.a.ce between all the buildings and each of them was different.

“This is probably the most expensive unit price in Wudong,” Wei Xingyue said. “There are eight buildings altogether, the smallest being five hundred square meters in size and the biggest being one thousand and two hundred square meters in size. The average price per square meter is 200,000 yuan.”

Shi Lei stuck out his tongue and shook his head in disbelief. Although he didn’t have to worry about money anymore, he could only buy four or five square meters here, which wasn’t even enough for a bathroom.

Zhang Sengyou: Famous painter and governor in the Southern and Northern Dynasty

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