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Zhuang Yi was lying on his stomach on the bed, his head resting on his hands and chatting with Xie Jun behind him: “How come you are so good at ma.s.saging?”

Xie Jun: “Because of my mother. She was a Chinese Traditional doctor.”

Zhuang Yi sighed: “Your mother is so good, look at my mother, hehe.”

Xie Jun was silent for a moment: “Auntie is also very good, my mother… she pa.s.sed away.”

Zhuang Yi was dumbfounded, Xie Jun is still giving him a message, he thought for a long time and did not know what to say, how to comfort him: “In fact, my father has also pa.s.sed away. The two of us are misers in the same boat, hahaha.”

He laughed dryly and unnaturally.

Xie Jun: “…”

Zhuang Yi: “…”

The two did not know what to say for a while.

Xie Jun patted Zhuang Yi’s b.u.t.t: “Ok I'm done, I am going to wash my hands.”

The atmosphere improved and they were once again harmonious.

Xie Jun turned Zhuang Yi over so he was not resting on his stomach, and then went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Zhuang Yi layer on the bed and stretched out lazily, then he sat up, cross-legged on the bed. His hair was messy and resembled a bird’s nest.

At this time, the pitter patter sound of the water of stopped, and Xie Jun asked: “Do you have hand towels?"

“Yes.” Zhuang Yi jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, pointing to the piece on the edge of the towel that had just been washed. “This is a hand towel.”

Xie Jun wiped his hand with the towel and hung it back.

Zhuang Yi hesitated a bit, and went forward and rearranged the towel, and aligned the four corners of the towel.

In fact, Xie Jun had hung the towel neatly, but Zhuang Yi has a little obsessive-compulsive disorder. The fourth corners of the towel had to be aligned perfectly for him to be comfortable.

Xie Jun: “…”

Xie Jun silently raked his hands through Zhuang Yi's hair until several of them were sticking up, and they would not go down when pressed down.

But this time, Zhuang Yi had no obsessive-compulsive disorder at all: “It’s okay.” He avoided Xie Jun’s hand and ran his hands through his hair twice, making it more chaotic. “Ora okay like this.”

Xie Jun: “…”

Zhuang Yi had changed his view towards Xie Jun, probably because he helped him with a ma.s.sage. He felt that Xie Jun was not that bad, and was quite easy to get along with.

Originally, Zhuang Yi wanted to drive him away when his mother went out. Now he changed his mind and took out his treasured gaming device and played with Xie Jun.

After playing a few rounds, Zhuang Yi found that Xie Jun’s gaming techniques was very good, and his evaluation reached a new level.

In the middle of a game, Xie Jun's phone started blinking indicating a text received. Xie Jun took the phone out and looked at the screen display. He then asked Zhuang Yi the address and sent it by WeChat.

Zhuang Yi asked: “Will your family come pick you up?”

Xie Jun: “Yeah.”

Zhuang Yi snickered: “Your dad does not trust you.”

Xie Jun was noncommittal and said: “He is free today and wants to see me.”

"Your father is usually very busy? My mom is also busy and only comes back at night. Sometimes on weekends she has social events.” Zhuang Yi's expression was somewhat down, then he quickly cheered up, “but she is working to give me a better life. My mom loves me a lot".

Xie Jun: “I can see that. Later, there will be someone who will love you when she's not there too".

Zhuang Yi did not ask who that “someone” was.

Zhuang Yi thought that although Xie Jun's family would pick him up, they still had time to play for a while. He would not expect that Xie Jun did not send the address for a long time. However, Zhuang Yi's doorbell rang soon after.

“Your dad is here!” Zhuang Yi ran to open the door.

Xie Jun said, “It shouldn’t be my dad.” He did not have time to say that when Zhuang Yi opened the door and said with a smile: “Uncle h.e.l.lo!”

As a result, at the door stood a young soldier who looked no more than 20, hair cropped short, with a righteous face.

Zhuang Yi: “…”

The short haired soldier solemnly said: “h.e.l.lo, may I ask if Xie Jun is here?”

Zhuang Yi nodded and let go of the door, pointing to Xie Jun who was packing his bag in the living room.

Xie Jun walked out with his bag, and the soldier at the door dug his heel and did a standard military salute: “Young master Xie h.e.l.lo! The chief sent me to pick you up!”

Zhuang Yi: “…”

Xie Jun nodded to the soldier and turned back to Zhuang Yi: “He is my dad’s guard, my dad usually has no time to see me, and just ask me to let him pick me up.”

Zhuang Yi: “…”

Zhuang Yi was awed: “What to do? I suddenly feel that you've become so cool. Kind of like your aura field is 2.8 meters".

(TN: so quick google search: . So I guess our family's YiYi is saying his aura is high xD)

Xie Young Master and what not, simply permeated with a tyrannical, chairman's, high-ranking military chief's wild, cool, tyrant son's spirit.
(TN: way way too much adj to be grammatically accurate xD)

Xie Jun laughed: “In that case should we "me me da"?”

Zhuang Yi hooked a finger at him and Xie Jun's heart was moved for a second and he lowered his head. Zhuang Yi said softly in his ear: "From now on, you must come play more often… if your father is not at home."

Xie Jun originally thought that Zhuang Yi would not kiss him by himself and was being mischievous. He didn't expect him to tilt his head up and speak those words to him.

Xie Jun's control almost couldn't resist embracing him.

When Zhuang Yi finished speaking, he stepped back and impatiently said. “Oh my, your dad is still waiting for you, don’t talk nonsense, just quickly go.”

Xie Jun gazed at the comrade behind him who was watching them fixedly behind him. In the end he resisted his desire to embrace him, simply smiled and said: “Don’t worry about me. My dad is also trying to give everyone a better life at the risk of his own. He also loves me very much.”

Xie Jun indiscriminately copied Zhuang Yi's praises of  mother.

“Help me say sorry to aunt.” Xie Jun said, “See you at school.”

Zhuang Yi waved: “Umm! See you at school!”


The author has something to say:
I haven’t even written eight thousand words yet. I am planning to write until high school graduation! *panicks*

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