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Chapter 92: His Highness Angered

"Ole Third, Miss Helian already extended her hand. How about you take back the flower. After all, this cherry blossom actually is not a small matter." Empress Murong faced Baili Jia Jue and said in a conversational tone, "Luckily, this child, Wei Wei, has good common sense and understands that you've never partic.i.p.ated in the Flower Gifting Festival before, so you don't know the meaning the white cherry blossom represented." After she finished speaking, she looked towards Wei Wei, smiling sincerely, "Right? Wei Wei?"

"Yes." Wei Wei faced forward and took a step, facing Baili Jia Jue and said elegantly and open-mindedly, "Third Prince. How about you gift this flower to someone else."

It certainly hadn't crossed her mind to marry him.

Moreover, from his perspective, it was all the same whoever he married, wasn't it.

She had already heard previously that Retired Emperor already pressured Third Prince to marry countless times.

It couldn't be helped that in Third Prince's eyes, there'd never been any woman.

That's why Retired Emperor had to make an arrangement like this, and had him directly choose a consort at the Flower Gifting Festival.

Merely, he faced Retire Emperor and raised a condition. As far as what that condition was, no one knew.

In any case, his choosing a consort was also only in response to Retired Emperor's demands.

From his standpoint, there was fundamentally no difference between women.

The most they could do was help him resolve his current predicament.

The reason why he chose her, probably was also because he was acting out at Retired Emperor.

She believed that he was also unwilling to gift her the flower. If it weren't for the fact that she was such a 'wanton good-for-nothing' and was 'unbearably ugly', he wouldn't have been able to put Retired Emperor in a bad mood as a result.

He wouldn't have shocked people with such words.

Perhaps, he's already regretting it right now.

Wei Wei mockingly curved the corners of her mouth, smilingly looked at Baili Jia Jue. She was very happy for him to make another choice. Actually, those aristocratic young girls wanted to marry him even in their dreams, especially Helian Jiao Er……

"Don't want this flower?" On Baili Jia Jue's s.e.xy thin lips hung an arc that was a smile yet not a smile, his manner chilly, seemed like the north wind that blew in winter, a cold that penetrated the bones.

Standing behind him, Shadow's body stiffened.

He knew master became angry.

A person like His Highness, when he was angry he contrarily used even more effort to smile. That kind of smile was coldness that penetrated to the bone, making people shudder.

It's been a long time since he's heard master use this tone of voice to speak.

But this time, master was truly furious!

The consequences of His Highness' anger……

Shadow didn't dare think about it. His Highness' methods had never been gentle. Sometimes, they were so ruthless that they were abnormally brutal.

He conducted himself in a nonchalant manner, but that didn't mean that he didn't have a temper!

The oldest daughter of the Helian family had truly indeed ruffled master's feathers……

"A thing that is unwanted, what value can it still have." Baili Jia Jue continued to speak under everybody's staring eyes. He moved his fingers. Following his ice-cold bone chilling voice, the white cherry blossom was knead in the palm of his hand little by little and was ground by him into fine powder.

The surrounding voices immediately came to a stop. The empress looked at the side of his face which was so grave and stern as to reach the freezing point and the bottom of her heart couldn't help but go 'clump thump'. Seeing those deep sharp eyes so thoroughly chilled as to not have slightest bit of temperature, she truly was unable to figure out, at this moment, what in the world he's thinking of.

The empress didn't even feel this much pressure that year when she dealt with his birth mother, yet often when she saw him, she would always feel a lingering fear.

Wei Wei frowned as she looked at him, her eyes looked up slightly. What's the meaning of these words of his?

Baili Jia Jue wore a cla.s.sic black robe as before. Besides the black jade thumb ring fastened by his fingertip, there plainly wasn't any other unnecessary jewelry. The colors as dark as night against his skin added even more of an ice-cold gracefulness.

In the silence, his very long dark black wavy hair, without a strand out of place, cascaded down neatly to his waist. His perfect features were like the moonlit night, chilly and cold, making people can't help but shudder.

Wei Wei wanted to move her gaze away, but his movements were even quicker than hers. All of a sudden, he had already pulled firmly at her arm. His long and slender fingers grasped her chin upwards and forced her to have no choice but look straight at his eyes.

Those were a pair of eyes as ice-cold as a winter stream, deep and quietly secluded, just like a bottomless ancient well. Once it's been encountered, one would be deeply mired within.

It seemed it wasn't antic.i.p.ated that he would act his way.

In an instant, within the main hall echoed the undulating sounds of air being drawn one after another.

Helian Jiao Er's originally pale and colorless face, for a split second, seemed as if air was sucked out of it. She tightly gripped the white handkerchief in her hands. That pair of lips were bitten until they nearly bled.

And even the empress couldn't believe it as her pair of eyes opened wide.

Yet Baili Jia Jue's expression was actually apathetic, acting as though n.o.body else was around.

The two people then looked at each other face to face in this way.

In that moment, it seemed as if even the air stood still.
Within ten thousand sounds of silence.

Wei Wei suddenly had a kind of illusion and felt that only two people were left between heaven and earth, the two of them, him and her.

Her heart uncontrollably thump thumped and jumped, missing a beat……what in the world was this man thinking of doing?

"Don't want to be my consort?"

Wei Wei was dazed, and answered per etiquette and customs, "This commoner wouldn't dare."

"Wouldn't dare….." He laughed deeply, the strength of his hand couldn't be considered small at all, to the extent that it gave a person a kind of vicious current that was cold down to the bone.

Wei Wei was unable to figure out why he would repeat her words.

Then she heard him say in a deep voice by the side of her ear, "In this world, what would you still not dare to do."

She truly didn't want to have this relationship with him at all.

Speaking even that sort of lie.

Truly was a lamb that hadn't been fully trained! ! !

Wei Wei also narrowed her eyes. All along, she'd avoided and didn't want to provoke this guy, because master had already told her previously, no matter who she stirred up, don't stir up this guy.

She certainly didn't think that she only came as a mere formality, yet ended up getting chosen by him.

Now, his expression at the moment, made Wei Wei's body can't help but stiffen a bit. Having been in contact for a few days, she'd seen his aloof and remoteness, just like a deity on earth, pure and n.o.ble. She'd also seen him when he was drunk, indolent and demonically bewitching. Yet she couldn't imagine that once this guy became angry, he surprisingly could be so frightening.

Perhaps, this was truly his original character.

It's just that he ordinarily hid it too well, so well that practically everybody mistook Third Prince to be just an incomparably pure and n.o.ble, holy being, within whose ideology there simply was no happiness nor anger.

However, today, she had felt his anger, just like a rain of ice, which could freeze a person from head to toe, such that even the entire body's blood could be solidified……

"In regards to my selection, making thoughtless remarks……" His lowered eyes gazed attentively at Wei Wei, within that pair of chilly eyes was extreme restraint and oppressive determination to win and possess the world. His clear and cold words, nevertheless, was tantamount to having seized the power to choose and placing it within the palm of his hand. "Slaps to the mouth!"

Baili Jia Jue slightly opened his own hand. Within his hand, the white cherry blossom broken down into powdery bits fell down continuously, making everybody stiffly shiver.

Wei Wei also became angry; her temper brought fire to her eyes; did she make thoughtless remarks?

She merely didn't answer him.

Could it be that she wasn't even given a chance to refuse?

Having heard this, the corners of Helian Jiao Er's mouth contained delight in the hint of disaster to come. She was merely a s.l.u.t, extremely disgracefully standing there with His Highness like that, wasn't this simply courting death, hah! Hehe, served her right!

She actually wanted to see, this time, how this s.l.u.t could still escape!

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