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Chapter 91: Chose The Wrong Person

On the other hand, Wei Wei's face appeared indifferent. In any case, whoever Third Prince chose, it wouldn't be her……

"Helian Wei Wei."

Huh? Huh? !

"Stand up."

Whew, so it turned out she was obstructing his path. She even thought something happened to Third Prince's brain.

Wei Wei was still very self-aware and knew that in order to reach Helian Jiao Er, he'd need to pa.s.s by her location. She stood up from her seat while a piece of pastry was still held between her lips. Her eyes even shined limpidly, a little bit like a silly cute fox, just about to make way.

"For you."

The white cherry blossom arriving suddenly in front of her eyes was more subdued compared to any other blossom, yet faintly appeared n.o.ble and luxurious, probably because the person holding it was absolutely too exceptional. A single common white cherry blossom could even cause people to feel it was elegant.

Wei Wei blanked out. Wait a minute.

Oh dear. She must be mistaken about something.

Hey, she clearly came just to go through the motions!

What's up with this Third Prince giving her the flower?

Could it be that he's lost?

Wei Wei gave moving her seat a try.

The pair of long and narrow deep eyes beneath the silver mask submerged lower.

Eunuch Sun looked worried again and immediately gave her a push.

Wei Wei looked up and faced those emotionless lips of his.


He's really giving it to her?

What d.a.m.nable thing!

Hey, it's been agreed she's only here to go through the motions!

"Cough!" Because she wanted to speak but couldn't get the words out, Wei Wei instead choked on the osmanthus flowers pastry that she had between her lips.

She could clearly see that when the man's gaze looking at her saw this confused appearance of hers, he became incomparably chilly and aloof.

What's Third Prince's intention? Giving her the cold shoulder?

Giving her the cold shoulder yet giving her the flower!

"Ole Three." Retired Emperor's complexion when Baili Jia Jue stopped in front of Wei Wei changed completely at once!

Baili Jia Jue, on the other hand, didn't change at all and calmly brushed away dust that wasn't on his body. The tone of his voice was apathetic, "If I have to choose one, then just choosing her is fine."

What! ! !

Everyone couldn't help but cry out in surprise, their gazes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with astonishment as they faced Wei Wei, and even revealed some anger.

Helian Jiao Er's little face became even more pale. The pearl pin in her hair almost seemed to feel its owner's resentfulness as it swayed to and fro. Compared with her disbelief, what's more apparent was the lack of color on her face.


That s.l.u.t was only a good-for-nothing who's been driven out of the clan!

How could Third Prince just casually choose her!

What's more, she was so unbecoming!

Wei Wei raised her eyebrows, what did he mean by if he had to choose one then just choosing her is fine.

Matrimony was such a major affair, yet he just used such a casual att.i.tude?

Maybe it truly didn't matter to him who he chose, however, don't just drag her into it. She, Helian Wei Wei, had always felt it beneath her dignity to be any kind of accessory.

Seeing this scene, the empress' eyes flashed once and said, "Ole Three, you and this Miss Helian still don't understand. It's possible to give her a flower, but that still doesn't mean that the one who received the flower is the one who's been chosen. You just misunderstood your Imperial Grandfather's intention." After speaking, the empress turned her head and brought her gaze upon Wei Wei. Her delicate eyebrows creased, "Wei Wei, your engagement's already been broken by our Murong Prince's Mansion, yet you don't even understand a bit of our established customs. Third Prince's merely giving you a flower in pa.s.sing yet you go so far as to helplessly show this expression? This can actually easily make others misunderstand."

Wei Wei chuckled a couple of times in her heart, this woman planned to push all the blame in her direction to allow Third Prince to choose another person.

However, this time, she was quite happy to cooperate with the other party, as her thin lips curved up, "The Empress is right."

Empress Murong wasn't aware till now, when had this Wei Wei learned to read other people's expression so well. She smiled, "In all likelihood, even now, Miss Helian's body still doesn't have one bit of qi, right?"

"Mm hm. No." After Wei Wei answered, Wei Wei laughed lightly and added, "Moreover, I'm currently still at the Inferior Compound, whether I could pa.s.s the exam or not is still unknown."

The exam must be pa.s.sed. Not merely the exam, she planned to even seize first place at the Armament Compet.i.tion.

However, at this moment, she didn't mind telling a little lie.

Empress Murong seemed to have antic.i.p.ated that she would say this and the satisfaction at the corners of her mouth became even more distinct. What Helian Wei Wei's worth was, she understood more thoroughly than anyone else. Within her voice was a bit of a smirk, "It can be seen that you still fall a bit short if paired with Third Prince."

"Ah, aye yes." Wei Wei let out a long sigh, seemingly very vexed, yet without any bit of disappointment. On the contrary, the smile in her eyes became even deeper. Where was there the disappointment of being looked down upon on her face, there was only a hint of mockery.

Baili Jia Jue looked up. When he caught the trace of a smile on her face, within his long and narrow lovely eyes there seemed to be a tiny thread of anger which covertly pa.s.sed quickly.

"Then shouldn't the flower in your hand be returned to Third Prince?" When the empress finished saying this, she felt that it was a bit unexpected that this girl surprisingly could cooperate so well with her.

This time, Wei Wei replied even more quickly. That voice of hers spread throughout the courtyard, "Of course."

Two words. Clear and limpid.

After saying this, she took that white cherry blossom and delivered it into Baili Jia Jue's hand. Within the gaze she used to look towards the empress, there was even more of a mocking cold smile.

It was obvious that they looked down upon her.

It was also obvious that they felt that she didn't deserve their treasured son.

Also, what they wanted had never been a woman, but the power that the family behind this woman represented.

The power in their daughter-in-law's hands was what they actually wanted.

And she, in their view, she was only a good-for-nothing whose engagement had been broken.

The reason why she was so cooperative with the empress was only because she didn't want to get married.

She had never thought about wanting to marry someone before. Even if she wanted to marry, she still absolutely wouldn't marry someone like Baili Jia Jue.

This certainly wasn't because he wasn't good enough.

On the contrary, he was handsome and cool-headed in distinguishing right from wrong, truly was a good man.

Yet, it's actually because he was so outstanding that in the future, he very probably will succeed the throne.

When that time came, the harem of three thousand women will fight and scheme against each other, this one comes, that one goes.

She really didn't feel like sharing the same man with other women.

Even more so, she disliked being involved with fights and conflicts over the man.

This kind of thing was not something she's willing to do!

Moreover, what she wished for was absolute devotion!

Having someone who was fond of her, loved her, treasured her, would be more important than any rank or wealth.

I won't wish for much in life, but I wish for a faithful heart, not to part even in old age*……

It's very obvious that Baili Jia Jue didn't suit her!

A person who didn't have her in his heart, even if he was perfect, she would still reject!

Sitting at the seat of honor, Retired Emperor hadn't spoken all along. It's unknown what he was pondering.

Helian Jiao Er, on the other hand, let loose a breath of relief. At the same time detesting Wei Wei, her heart hiddenly rejoiced somewhat. This good-for-nothing could be said to have been tactful!

And at that moment, acting as if he was uninvolved, Baili Jia Jue didn't even say one word. The silver colored mask perfectly hid his state of mind completely within his pair of deep, profoundly composed shapely eyes. He saw the white cherry blossom approaching him, while under his sleeves, fingers slightly stiffened, seeming as if he's patiently enduring something……

*line from a Chinese poem

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