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Chapter 87: Vague Feeling

"OK." Wei Wei shrugged her shoulders signifying 'no problem'. In any case, eating one meal was eating, eating two meals was also eating. It was but merely going through the motions. The earlier it ended, the sooner she could concentrate on preparing for the martial qi exam.

Grandmaster didn't know what she was thinking, and looked at her for a long time before standing up loudly, "Disciple, rest a.s.sured, even if Third Prince's side didn't choose you. There are also going to be other n.o.ble young men at the banquet. If things don't work out, that youngster from the Hei family also isn't bad."

"Forget it. Right now, I'm not interested in getting married." Wei Wei laughed as she pushed the components in her hand and created a first-rate armament.

This armament was clearly different than other armaments. What was used was a quality black material which was only the size of a palm after it was shaped, yet when it was truly unfolded, it became a sickle that was actually worthy of being carried only by the Grim Reaper from a manga. It's absolutely ruthless yet elegant. The cutting edge able to penetrate gracefully and haughtily, as if it scorned all living things, holding power over their lives, displaying the utmost of a demon's coldness.

Upon seeing that armament, his eyes shined!

"Wing of the Night G.o.d! Disciple, how much are you planning to sell this armament for? I'll up the price. How about it, will you sell it to me?!"

Wei Wei was also very satisfied with the thing she made, and casually raised it on her shoulder. She arched her mouth and smiled, "Master, I can't with this one. I already gifted it to someone. You can choose one you like from among those left over."

"Alright." He obviously looked disappointed. However, 'Wing of the Night G.o.d' was useless even if placed at his side. He was already getting old and simply was no longer able to manipulate a weapon possessing such destructive power. Rather than allowing such a good treasure stay at the shop collecting dust, why not place it into the hands of a suitable person.

Only, he didn't know why, but as soon as he looked at this armament, he surprisingly instantly thought of that icy fellow who should be in the middle of choosing a consort.

Speaking of which, he also hadn't found out who the 'Red Phoenix' was?

During these few days, he'd been watching the celestial bodies every night, yet he still couldn't guess who she was.

"Master. I'm leaving." As Wei Wei's fingers moved sideways, that sickle seemed as if a mechanism had been triggered, rapidly folded together, and laid quietly within the palm of her hand.

He looked at her retreating figure from the back, again shaking his head, If his disciple was a bit fairer, it'd be great. If she was a bit fairer, even if that icy fellow wasn't willing, he could still send his dear disciple into the palace!

But as it is, sigh!

He let out a long sigh and only hoped that at tonight's banquet, his dear disciple wouldn't receive those people's malice and degradation, and that'd be good enough……

Before night fell, there was a burst of activity within the academy, for the purpose of welcoming Retired Emperor's arrival, lanterns were hung up everywhere. Even the Commerce Plaza had an air of prosperity.  

Previously, Jing Wu w.a.n.g had already been thrown into the dungeons. Princ.i.p.al Tusu Feng's return caused the entire banquet to be suffused with an academic atmosphere.

It's clear that the latter's style was much more elevated compared to the former's.

Wei Wei didn't hurry to the banquet at all. As before, she wasn't dressed up and instead made an appointment with her 'little brother'. She stood under the chinese scholar tree with a lazy appearance and yawned.

When Baili Jia Jue, disguised again as a student, showed up, he saw that scene. After verifying again that there was no smell of alcohol from his body, he then strolled over, using an indifferent tone of voice, "What's the rush?"

"Hm? You're here?" There was a split second when Wei Wei felt that his voice was overly familiar, so familiar yet she was unable to recall where she'd heard it before.

Baili Jia Jue 'mm'd once, his enchantingly cool gaze fell on top of her thin lips.

This made Wei Wei think again of the kiss that happened at Third Prince's place earlier this evening.

She clearly knew that the matter wouldn't be known by anyone, yet Wei Wei inexplicably lost a bit of confidence. She avoided his line of sight as she felt inside her bag, took out a black bracelet, and threw it to him. "Give it a try. I promised to make you an armament."

Even though it was Baili Jia Jue, when he saw that armament, within his eyes, a bright light faintly flashed. Except, that flash was hidden too deeply by him, so deeply that only he knew.

"Such a small thing, am I to fasten it on my wrist?" The guy pretended to be puzzled as he asked.

Wei Wei smiled, "Push at the little b.u.t.ton on its left side."

Baili Jia Jue cooperated and moved accordingly. Just like that, a black sickle as long as a person's height appeared beneath the boundless moonlight!

"This is?" Baili Jia Jue's eyebrows jumped.

Wei Wei arched her thin lips, "Wing of the Night G.o.d. When I saw you for the first time, I felt like making a sickle like this. Don't look down on the fact that this armament isn't made of silver. In fact, the quality of this material is not one bit inferior. Little White helped me dig up some tungsten from within Paradise Forest. Reportedly, it's better than silver by possessing the ability to absorb the soul……"

"You really want to give it to me?" Baili Jia Jue emotionlessly interrupted her.

Wei Wei blinked her beautiful phoenix-shaped eyes, "What? You don't like it?"

"No. I like it a lot." The young man's deep and profound eyes emotionlessly looked at her. Suddenly, he lifted his arm and flipped up her bangs. Following that, he leaned over and his thin lips placed a kiss on her forehead. The corners of his mouth carried the wicked aura of having committed a theft, "Thanks, financial backer, for the gift."

Wei Wei felt her own forehead while pushing him away, "What are you doing? Don't you know the academy's regulations?" Last time, within the ancestral hall, he put himself in the limelight, yet didn't make any substantive moves. This time, even as a game, it's still a bit too much.

Baili Jia Jue lazily curved his lips as he received the sickle and looped it around his wrist, "I already said it's thanks for the gift. And also, Minister Bankroller, would you prefer an even deeper sensation?"

"Such as beating you to pieces?" Wei Wei also laughed as her left hand rotated at the wrist. This appearance of hers was like a demoness.

Baili Jia Jue extended his hand and wrapped it around her wrist, opening up his thin lips as if he still wanted to say something.

But right at this time, a burst of taunts suddenly came forth from the distance.

"What did I say, some people are already accustomed to being unrestrained and lecherous, can't live without men."

It was Helian Mei. Also following behind her were the aristocratic young ladies about to attend the dinner banquet. Without exception, they're all meticulously made up, especially Helian Jiao Er wearing a pure white dress embroidered with dark gold and silver velvet flowers. A light pink outer robe was worn over the dress. In the s.p.a.ce between the eyebrows, a small delicate hibiscus flower was drawn with the hidden agenda of adding the hint of a family girl's yielding and tender beauty.

"Don't need to bother with her. Her kind is well suited with someone found in the Inferior Compound."

"What Sister Nie said is so right. Let's not bother with her, and speak instead of a happy matter. Have you heard? There's news from the palace. Reportedly, this time, Retired Emperor didn't merely come to choose a consort for Third Prince, but also to hold the Flower Gifting Festival. Every young lord will be partic.i.p.ating. The young lords will present the white cherry blossom in their hands to the ones they like."

"A certain person will surely be miserable. When that time comes and she doesn't even receive one flower, wouldn't she be too humiliated."

There were more and more taunts, so much so that someone laughed flagrantly, "Then tonight, wouldn't there be a good show to watch? Remember at last year's Flower Gifting Festival, a certain person even allowed us to see a groundbreaking new comedy, hee hee, ha, ha……"

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