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Translated by Blue Blossoms

Chapter 83: Want to Marry Wei Wei

From beginning to end, this young girl was watching a play.

Ah, for Baili Jia Jue to become a play for her to watch.

Such a thing could only be done by a reckless 'little thing' like her.

"Your Highness." Eunuch Sun came back and when he saw Baili Jia Jue's frosty expression, he let out a hiccup and he could feel his chest thumping loudly. There was someone who didn't open their eyes and provoked his master.

Baili Jia Jue indifferently 'mm'd a sound, the silver mask's coldness drawing out people's fear. "Let her see it for herself."

"Yes." Eunuch Sun offered his cupped hands and a wood box arrived in front of Wei Wei.

When Wei Wei saw the thing within the wood box, the neck she extended became a bit stiff.

Wasn't this……the handkerchief she sold?

It couldn't be?

How could her luck be so bad that she got caught red handed?

Wei Wei naturally thought that she handled everything surrept.i.tiously. She even picked out a shop at the base of the mountain to carry out the transaction, just so other people wouldn't know of it……

"What?" Baili Jia Jue stood up from the stone bench and calmly straightened the cuffs of his sleeves as he aloofly looked at her. Within his indolence was an icy aura. "It's been but a day and you no longer recognize this handkerchief blown away by the wind?"

Wei Wei swore 'sh*t' in her mind!

This guy definitely did this on purpose!

Cheh, what blown away by the wind!

He clearly knew she sold the handkerchief, and came to find her with a grudge!

However, how the h.e.l.l did this guy know that she sold this handkerchief and even caught her red-handed.

Could it be that this was what's called one's first loss in battle?

In the past, whenever she carried out a mission, she'd never made this kind of mistake, argh……

Baili Jia Jue saw her sincerely standing there, without being p.r.i.c.kly, nor fighting back, hanging her head dispiritedly, appearing to be at a loss. This conversely made him think of the way Seventh Prince received Imperial Grandfather's criticisms. His face only expressed respect, but who knew what tricks his heart was cooking up. Just like a crafty little fox, it first gave you its head for you to stroke. Then, it'd extend its paw to scratch you. Really was a house pet that was disobedient. If he didn't slap that claw of hers, she wouldn't know her place.

However, Baili Jia Jue also didn't think that he really wanted to polish his little house pet's personality.

Doing that also wouldn't make things interesting anymore, right?

"Next time, when washing the handkerchief, look a bit and wait until there's no wind before hanging it out to dry." Baili Jia Jue levelly glanced at Wei Wei and spoke as if the words were true. "If it weren't for Eunuch Sun picking up this handkerchief, don't even think about keeping that head of yours." Taking the gift he gave her, then turning around to sell it to someone else, this was also something that only she'd do!

Eunuch Sun listening from the side was dazed and stupefied. Uhh, how could he have picked it up from the ground? Clearly, Third Prince ordered him to purchase it?

Wei Wei standing at the side was also quite puzzled and extended her hand to scratch her head. Could it be that after she sold it, this handkerchief really got blown by the wind? And then was finally picked up by Eunuch Sun?

If it's like that, then it also wasn't very strange that she got caught.

Oh man, it was all because of bad luck and weather!

Why'd His Highness have to be gay, jeez, she really couldn't compare to a h.o.m.os.e.xual.

Thinking this way, Wei Wei's heart regained much of its equilibrium as she lifted her head and smiled. "What your Highness said is right. Fortunately, Eunuch Sun picked it up."

Eunuch Sun: ……

How come he couldn't remember having picked up some handkerchief!

Compared to His Highness, how could this oldest miss of the Helian family tell lies with even less of a red face and shaky heart!

Wait wait, His Highness just smiled?

Eunuch Sun did his best to rub his eyes. Just when he was about to look a bit more carefully, Baili Jia Jue already restored his former coldness and indifference, as he waved his sleeves and left. The long ankle-length hunting cloak made a sound that no matter how one looked at it, was like a deity that the mult.i.tudes focused their attention upon, and was as different to Wei Wei, who was cast away, as night and day.

Third Prince left. The remaining people naturally also stood up immediately afterwards.

When she pa.s.sed by Wei Wei's side, Helian Jiao Er spoke in hushed tones, her voice br.i.m.m.i.n.g with spite, "Helian Wei Wei, I advise you to best be well-behaved. Don't think about things you shouldn't. Otherwise, I won't only have people drive you out of the clan, and can even make you have absolutely nothing left!"

Facing Helian Jiao Er like this, Wei Wei only smiled mockingly and didn't even look up at all.

Helian Jiao Er gnashed her teeth when she saw, but didn't say anything more, because they were in front of people. She absolutely could not expose any expression that was contrary to her own image, and quickly put on a gentle smiling expression while softly saying, "Oldest Sister, even though you no longer are a member of the Helian family, we're still sisters. If you encounter any difficulties, you can come find me at any time."

These words of Helian Jiao Er were certainly spoken for Baili Jia Jue to hear. Everybody knew that Third Prince liked women who were sincere and generous.

Her saying this would at least leave Third Prince with a good impression.

As expected.

Baili Jia Jue, after hearing her words, slightly looked up and glanced over towards her.

Helian Jiao Er smiled even more, and her beautiful water like eyes rose to meet his……

Baili Jia Jue only stood still for few seconds before indifferently moving his gaze away. His sleeves fluttered, still carrying the fragrance belonging to him. The scent of his body was indeed very fragrant, having the power to bewitch people's minds.

Even though she'd smelled it many times in Spirit Forest, Wei Wei also couldn't help thinking that this really was a man who easily moved the hearts of young girls.

However, these young girls did not include her at all. That's why when Helian Jiao Er faced her with a complacent look, she didn't take it as anything worth noting.

Contrary to what one might expect, Hei Ze, who didn't say anything from start to finish, carried a dense****aura as he came over. When he brushed past her briefly, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly.

Wei Wei's expression didn't change as she fondled the white cat on her shoulder. It's as if she wasn't familiar with the second master of the Hei family.

"Ah. It's getting more and more interesting."

Hei Ze's incomprehensible words made other fellow students turn and glance towards him, "What's getting more and more interesting?"

"Nothing." Hei Ze couldn't take his eyes off her as he walked ahead. His smile continually remained at the corners of his mouth and didn't subside.

In front of others, he needed to pretend they didn't know each other. This was their original agreement.

But he didn't antic.i.p.ate that Wei Wei really could accomplish it.

One needed to know that if another young girl was in her place, she would've already seized the opportunity to climb into his bed early on.

Contrary to expectations, this Wei Wei was totally different from the rumours.

Maybe……she really was too obsessed with that lord from Murong Prince's Mansion?

Ah, his Hei family wasn't inferior to Murong Prince's Mansion right?

Hei Ze slowly narrowed his brown eyes. If it weren't for her face being so dark that he really couldn't stand it, he probably would've been inspired to send betrothal gifts to the Helian family already.

Hey, wait another minute. If his old father insisted on wanting a daughter-in-law, then he could still just choose her, not noisy, not quarrelsome, and even knew how to make money. Embracing her ought to feel about right.

Maybe he could first divulge his thoughts to let his old man know. Hm, let's decide on that then.

Wonder what kind of expression fellow students at the academy and that girl would have after they heard this news.

Heh, he didn't care much about the former's reaction. As for the latter…… he was very interested in her response.

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