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Helian Wei Wei's eyes suddenly lit up and her long legs which were originally straight bent forward. Surprisingly, the excitement was clear on her face. "There are two babies in my belly! That's it! It must be!" Helian Wei Wei glanced at Baili Jia Jue as delight filled her eyes. "As a father, it's likely that you have overlooked the other baby's scent because the magic in one of them is too strong. However, for other magical beings, they couldn't feel the latter's magic because it had managed to conceal its scent being in me. In this case, other magical beings would be able to smell the former baby's weak spiritual aura which is now exposed. That was why the magical being in the Well Sea Waterfall wanted to come after me on our way to the ancient tomb but failed because you scared it away. Think about it carefully, if it had the desire to eat someone, it should have gone after Zhuge Yun who possesses spiritual aura instead of me, isn't it? To make sense of the situation, it must be the baby!" Helian Wei Wei's eyes gleamed brighter as she continued while caressing her belly. Her tone became soft and gentle as though she could tolerate the entire world with her gentleness when the topic was revolving around children. If Old Li was present at the moment, he would find it familiar, unfortunately, he was not around. 

Helian Wei Wei merely focused on mumbling ceaselessly to Baili Jia Jue, "Two babies, but there's only a pair of tiger-head shoes in the palace, even the clothes only came in a set too, not to mention that Imperial Grandfather has only ordered the palace servants to build a single dragon cradle. Now, it seems like it's necessary to add another set. Also, those small bowls and chopsticks are all in boyish design because you mentioned previously that one of them is a boy. How about another one? Would it be a boy or a girl? If it's a girl, then they'll have to prepare things based on the specifications of a princess. It seems like we still have a lot of work to do when we get back. I'm curious to know if these two kids will fight or hug each other tightly when they're put together. When the time comes, let's get both of them to carry a tiny bag each to the White Academy - I believe they will look extremely adorable! 

The smaller fetus went blank upon hearing Helian Wei Wei's remarks. Its initial sense of guilt was gradually filled with warmth. It laid its eyes on the bigger fetus with a cute expression. "Imperial Mother found out about me. Brother, our Mother is aware of my existence now!"

"Yes." The bigger fetus lowered its head, learning the way their Imperial Mother touched them and utilize his knowledge to stroke the smaller fetus' head. "Moreover, I can tell that our Mother adores you, looking at how jovial she is."

The smaller fetus saw for itself. It then turned its huge pair of eyes toward its brother as it uttered in a gentle yet solemn tone, "Elder brother, we must get out together. We mustn't let our Imperial Mother down."

"Sure." The bigger fetus a.s.serted as it wrapped its arms around the smaller fetus. 

The bigger fetus was about half a head taller than the smaller fetus now. At first, both were just two tiny figures and could not even be considered as babies. However, even if the bigger fetus had an arrogant expression similar to that of an adult, when it hugged the smaller fetus, his rage when seizing dead souls was nowhere to be found. Instead, it had the looks of a good elder brother. It even took the initiative to lower its head and kiss the smaller fetus' forehead. The scene was filled with inexplicable warmth and cuteness. 

Baili Jia Jue paused for a moment - never had he expected to have two babies. 

In other words, other than this brat, there is a presence of a human being.

A human being like Wei Wei? 

Baili Jia Jue's eyes sank and he suddenly lowered his body as his fingers ran through Helian Wei Wei's legs.

This time, he did not kiss Helian Wei Wei's lips.

His lips fell on her wounded ankle and his tongue licked the fresh blood on it.

If another baby was a human, then they would have to pick up their pace.

He was a devil so he knew a devil's natural instinct better than anyone else.

Devils were born to seize even when they were unwilling to do so sometimes.

He would harm the other baby when there came a day where he needed more nutrients to sustain himself!

This kind of situation never occurred previously.

One was a devil and another a human...

It was as though someone had locked a wolf and a sheep together and sooner or later, the sheep would become the wolf's meal.

It was a very cruel way of putting it.

Yet, this was how devils were like - cunning and selfish right from the start.

They could never change that no matter how glamorous or refined they pretended to be on the outside.

Similarly, he knew that the woman in front of him did not belong to this world, hence, in the future, they were destined to accept tribulations.

Yet, he still forcibly kept her by his side and even detested the thought of having another person setting eyes on her after him.

Baili Jia Jue mockingly laughed at himself, how insanely possessive.

Maybe his Imperial Mother that he had when he was in the human world was right about him being abnormal.

Even so, she must stay by his side even if he were to change their fate or taint the land with blood!

In this case, he was similar to the exorcist's guardian.

Nonetheless, he found her first in this life.

Yet, that guardian, hah, had mistaken another person as her reincarnation.

Baili Jia Jue did not know what happened back then when they were G.o.ds.

His bloodline had turned black after betraying heaven.

He did not only deprecated G.o.ds but also looked down on magic; living beings were all similar to him.

Only her, Helian Wei Wei, was what he ever wanted.

He did not care whether those old men were telling the truth.

It did not matter if the one she liked previously was not him.

Yet, the one who owned her right now was him!

The moment her blood entered his throat, Baili Jia Jue's eyes turned crimson red as well.

Helian Wei Wei did not know what was on Baili Jia Jue's mind as she could only feel the numbness on the area he kissed and she felt the urge to retract her leg. "Hey, what are you doing? Don't you find the blood dirty?"

"It's not dirty, but instead, it's very sweet." As Baili Jia Jue lifted his head, he licked his thin lips. His peach blossom eyes covered by his black hair flashed through a bewitching smile. His charming and alluring disposition was able to attract the attention of almost every girl. "But it needs to be sterilized."

Upon saying so, his fingers tightened and his black fingernails pierced his palm. Fresh blood dripped down from his palm and fell to her wound. 

Other than Helian Wei Wei, the two fetuses in her belly were also taken aback by his actions. 

They were well aware that the most powerful 'weapon' to damage a demon, especially an expert demon like him was to drain all the blood from his body. 

For the demons, fresh blood represented the formation of a contract, even more, it meant a life-long submission. 

Therefore, every drop of the demon's blood was extraordinarily precious. 

It could not only bring an individual back to life but could also help to heal wounds rapidly. 

However, demons would bear the pain on behalf of the victim. 

Helian Wei Wei fixed her eyes on the dashing face which was beyond perfect, looking dumbfounded.

Does it mean that he is going to submit himself completely to me in the future?

When they entered into a contract previously, they had only come into agreement that her soul would belong to him in the days to come. 

This was the most deceitful part of a demon, even if it was a covenant between life and death, the beneficiary would always be the demon. 

Not all demons would be willing to surrender themselves to human beings.

But now, he added weight to their initial contract...

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