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Translated by Blue Blossoms

Chapter 73: Pow Pow Face Slap

[What's going on here?]

Helian Wei Wei's long shapely eyebrows had yet to crease.

And Helian Jiao Er already walked over elegantly as her hand pressed on her entirely grieving face. "Older Sister, this time you've truly charged into big trouble!"

"Charged into trouble? What trouble have I charged into?" Wei Wei smiled. She really wanted to see what kind of devilry Helian Jiao Er had cooked up again.

"The moment you entered Spirit Forest's restricted area, there came news that the prince of the cat clan was being chased to kill. Oldest Sister, there couldn't be such a coincidence in the world. Don't tell me that you still want to deny this?" Helian Jiao Er's beautiful eyes fixed on her. Her face was filled with an expression of disappointment at Wei Wei for failing to meet her expectations.

Wei Wei rubbed her chin and willfully curled her thin lips. "You mean to say that the one who chased to kill the cat prince was me?"

"If it isn't you, who can it be!" Helian Mei also walked over and used a gaze for looking at someone guilty of terrible crimes to tenaciously glare at her. "We've set up the troops at the main roads, but you, only your whereabouts were unknown! Oldest Sister, I previously only felt that you were shameless yet didn't expect that surprisingly, your heart is so malicious!"

Wei Wei was just about to open her mouth.

"Helian Wei Wei, things already reached this stage and you still want to quibble! If it's really as they've said, no matter who your master is, you still wouldn't be lucky enough to survive. People from the White Fen Clan are already knocking on the door. Even if I wanted to protect you, it'd still be of no use." Minister Jing flung his long sleeves, with anger slowly growing, he interrupted her. "You should now know what crime you've committed! It's a capital offense!"

Having heard what was said, Wei Wei pondered as she glanced at Minister Jing.

So this was what it was. As it turned out it's because there's some trouble that this man, as the acting academy princ.i.p.al, was unable to resolve, so he pushed her to become a scapegoat.

He obviously knew that once she entered Spirit Forest, she wouldn't be coming back out.

Because the ones who'd planned all of this was him and Helian Jiao Er.

In the beginning, she only a.s.sociated this with Helian Jiao Er, but upon careful a.n.a.lysis, even if Helian Jiao Er was outstanding, she still was merely a new student.

The one who could switch out the map to the Spirit Forest when no one even felt or had any idea something happened could only be someone of great importance in the academy.

Otherwise, the teachers wouldn't have failed to sense anything wrong with the map even till the end.

And who this person was, besides Minister Jing, there could be no other.

Right now, he was teaming up again with Helian Jiao Er. One pretending to be pink faced (ashamed good guy), the other pretending to be white faced (stern bad guy), just for the sake of making her be at a loss for words and bend her head to accept the crime.


The cat clan's prince, right?

How coincidental.

She'd just contracted one.

Wei Wei smiled very astutely.

Seeing her like this, Helian Jiao Er was afraid something was off, as tears dripped from her eyes. "Oldest Sister, ever since we've entered the academy, I've racked my brains for ways to have people change their perception of you, but this time, your Younger Sister honestly am powerless. No matter what, I didn't expect that you are this kind of person."

After having heard Helian Jiao Er's words, only a 'swish' was heard and those imperial guards erected the pikes held in their hands.

Facing this kind of menacing situation, Wei Wei not only wasn't fl.u.s.tered, she instead slowly curved the corners of her mouth. "Younger Sisters, from the beginning until now, you guys have continuously said that I'm the murderer who chased to kill the cat prince, without giving me even a chance to explain at all. If the person who chased to kill the cat prince wasn't me, then how do you plan to apologize this time? Are you guys going to give yourselves a few slaps again?"

"You!" Helian Mei had the most fiery temper. Hearing Wei Wei mention the previous humiliation, she wished she could have the cat clan's imperial guards take this s.l.u.t's body and dismember it into ten thousand pieces!

Helian Jiao Er was clearly much higher levelled, as her eyes swelled with tears from feeling wronged and approached the matter from a righteous angle. "Master, disciple knows that it's because I've misunderstood Oldest Sister in the past, that's why Oldest Sister is so confident that she'll be in the right again. This time, disciple won't continue to speak anymore, only, people from the White Fen clan are still standing here. Regarding what's right and what's wrong, I believe that they will make a determination in their heart!"

Having heard to this point, Minister Jing seemed to have given up all hope on Wei Wei, as he heavily closed his eyes and tiredly brandished his hand in a big wave. "Helian Wei Wei, this teacher also can no longer manage such a sinful disciple as you, if you still have a conscience, then quickly accompany the imperial guards to go down the mountain and avoid bringing trouble to your fellow student sisters and brothers."

"Master Jing is right, one person created the problem, so one person should take responsibility. Helian Wei Wei, if you are still a person from the Helian family, then don't bring shame upon the Helian bloodline!"

"That's right! Just because you were undisciplined, don't implicate others!"

The voices of condemnation rose like the tide and engulfed from all directions, almost swallowing up Wei Wei's entire body.

Yet Wei Wei only tilted her head and straightened her own collar while smiling devilishly. "Master Jing, everyone knows that I am a good-for-nothing, a good-for-nothing without even a shred of martial qi. How would I be able to chase after a prince from the cat clan? As a martial qi master, you can't not know this reasoning! You're someone who's taking the princ.i.p.al's place, yet is unable to distinguish between black and white and just rushed to pour a bowl of dirty water on me without even carrying out a basic investigation. You then already want to punish me for the crime!"

Having said this, she turned to look behind her at the people from the two Zhang and Li families. "In those days when grandfather's cavalry defeated enemies at the border, blood dyed the rivers and mountains in exchange for your current glory, and what of you guys? Every single one of you is eager for my death."

"Helian Wei Wei!" Having his thoughts exposed, Minister Jing was shamed into anger and roared loudly. "I ordinarily haven't been unkind to you, yet you entrap me like this. This behavior is simply too disgraceful!"

Wei Wei thought about this as her eyebrows jumped. "Entrap? Master Jing, from the very beginning you haven't taken out any evidence to prove that the person chasing to kill the cat clan's prince is me. If we're talking about entrapment, then we should say that teacher, you are entrapping me."

"Master, you need not be long-winded with her. This rebel is fundamentally unable to feel your kindness!" Helian Mei leapt over. "She's always been self-indulgent and spoiled and is basically unable to differentiate good from bad. If we're to talk of evidence, doesn't she also have no evidence to prove her own position? What's more, during that time, all of us already left Spirit Forest. Only she acted without following the guidelines on the map. She's clearly done something shameful!"

Having heard this, Wei Wei's lips curled. "Younger Sister, who told you that I have no evidence to prove my innocence."

What? !

Helian Mei was stunned.

When Helian Jiao Er heard these words, her complacent smile also stiffened at the ends of her mouth!

Impossible. It's impossible that she would have some kind of evidence to prove her own innocence!

They'd dared to push the crime on her precisely because everything had already been arranged within the academy. Even if the teachers discovered anything, they would be silenced and absolutely wouldn't be able to bear witness on this s.l.u.t's behalf!

Then where in the world did the evidence that she talked about come from!

"Little White, come out." Wei Wei's voice was very emotionless, yet emitted a chill that made people cold. "Come and tell them what the real facts are."

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