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Translated by Blue Blossoms

Chapter 72: Stunned Everyone

"You still haven't found Master?" Eunuch Sun was simply so anxious that he's going insane as he grabbed a scout and sharply asked. He hadn't slept for a night. Visible veins covered the inside of his bloodshot eyes.

Minister Jing, who'd just spoken with the White Fen clan, walked over and tried to console him. "Eunuch Sun, don't worry, nothing will happen to Third Prince. I've already dispatched the most outstanding people from the academy to go search for him. We'll have news after daybreak."

"How could I possibly not worry!" Eunuch Sun stomped his left foot, panicking and anxiously said things he should not have said. "Master doesn't have a bit of qi in his body, yet is missing in Spirit Forest like this, where there are so many demonic beasts within, sigh. Right now, one night has already pa.s.sed, if, if we still don't reach Master……" He truly didn't dare to imagine what could happen!

"We will certainly find him. Eunuch, don't be anxious." Minister Jing watched the old Eunuch spinning incessantly, like a spinning top. As before, on his mouth were gentle words of consolation, but in his heart there was some disdain. So it turned out that the rumors were actually true. The Third Prince that was previously acclaimed as the number one young n.o.ble in the country now could no longer be mentioned on equal terms as a prince without any qi. No matter how outstanding he formerly was, he currently was nothing but a cripple. It's been said that even the Fire Qilin also abandoned him, hiding within the deep mountains.

When he had a chance, he should really tell Lord Murong so that he could go on a trip to the Kunlun mountain range. Who knows, maybe he could contract with the Fire Qilin and bring it back.

Minister Jing was doing a great job of counting the chickens before they've hatched when he suddenly heard the sound of a horse's neigh from the distance. A graceful and purebred shadow with the strength that could almost pulverize everything into dust, a pair of wings burst forth to drop from the sky and directly stood in front of him!

Even an experienced and knowledgeable Superior Compound's elder was inevitably startled by this kind of spectacle.

It was the most difficult to capture spirit beast within Spirit Forest, a black flying horse!

How did it appear here?

Moreover, the person riding it……

When Minister Jing moved his gaze and fixed it on that somewhat irritated little face, his pupils abruptly constricted!

Helian Wei Wei!

She unexpectedly was still alive? !

Minister Jing shook all over and stiffly took large strides backward.

Originally, he joined hands with his disciple and took part in this plan, because he believed that Wei Wei absolutely wouldn't be able to come out alive.

Because that map's final destination was the forbidden area within Spirit Forest that no one dared to venture into. In that place, not only were there man-eating demonic beasts, there was even a thick fog that didn't scatter year round.

Even if it were third years from the Superior Compound, those who were trapped there would be incapable of escape, let alone a spoiled girl who didn't know anything!

Therefore, in Minister Jing's view, at this moment, Wei Wei should've already become a corpse.

Yet right now, she not only wasn't dead, but to one's surprise, even harnessed a black flying horse and appeared at White Academy!

This made Minister Jing, besides being astonished, also feel his confidence shaken.

It's precisely because he felt so uncomfortable that Minister Jing didn’t even look clearly at the person who was behind her, and then dragged a little manservant over to have him to find Helian Jiao Er.

Since Wei Wei was still alive, then let's just make the best of it and directly have people from the White Fen clan take her back for punishment!

To avoid having anything else happen in the future, he's going to take advantage of his position and power to shake off everything!

"Minister Jing appears very surprised to see that I've shown up here." Wei Wei nimbly turned herself and descended from the horse, standing beside the black flying horse, one hand gently stroked the horse's head as the ends of her mouth maintained an evil smile.

It was that kind of smiling expression that caused the bottom to fall out of Minister Jing's bottom line, adding to his determination of having Wei Wei pushed to the wall to face the end of 'the muzzle'.

Following Wei Wei's movement, the other figure on top of the horse's back, however, made him feel an indescribable trembling.

It's the Third Prince?

Why would the two of them be together?

Eunuch Sun also saw Baili Jia Jue. The old one's eyes gleamed with tears as he threw himself over. "Master, you've returned at last, but you've truly worried this old servant to death."

Baili Jia Jue's pair of eyes wasn't moved in the least, and only sat on the horse's back with his eyebrows raised.

The five years old Seventh Prince strode over on his crude legs, eating a meat bun. His cute face looked up. "Older Brother, how are the two of you together?"

"Seventh Prince's right." Minister Jing interrupted and came closer, his face wearing a concerned appearance and spoke words which misrepresented Little Bald Head's meaning.

"Your Highness should've found an expert to accompany you. Only that will guarantee your safety. If something had happened to you, I'll probably die of worry. Fortunately, both of you safely came back."

After saying that, he turned towards Wei Wei and looked over. "Was it this black flying horse that brought you back? It seems as if it hasn't been contracted. Why was it willing to carry the two of you?"

Minister Jing also could be considered a senior who had stayed at White Academy for many years, and knew very well that these spirit beasts that lived in Spirit Forest, were actually much more arrogant than those demonic beasts. As long as someone wasn't contracted with them, no matter how powerful any other person with powerful qi was, they still wouldn't allow them to ride on them.

Wei Wei shrugged her shoulders and turned around to face Baili Jia Jue with a look that said 'you're so smart, let's turn this over for you to deal with'.

Baili Jia Jue received her message and watched Minister Jing standing below the horse from up high. His pair of deep and clear eyes gleamed and sparkled, mingled within was an indifferent and disaffected cold att.i.tude which seemed like it could emanate an astonishing martial qi at any time.

Being watched by him like this, Minister Jing's heart actually trembled. As he looked at Baili Jia Jue again, he saw that his thin lips were as pale as before. The mysterious dark pupils, although hidden in depth, no matter how one looked, still had the appearance of having received a heavy injury……

Minister Jing frowned as he shook his head. Just now, he was just mistaken. He absolutely was mistaken.

Even though everyone had wanted to be under the Third Prince's command, however, that had already changed. It was a fact that the third prince's body was already disabled.

A person who was disabled, how could his imposing manner still pressure and make someone who was at gold rank like him tremble in fear.

It must be because Third Prince had occupied a high position for too long a time. Just like yesterday, when he first saw him, he also felt as if chills travelled down his back.

Just as Minister Jing was thinking this in his heart, he suddenly heard Baili Jie Jue's voice come out of a slightly opened mouth. Contained within that voice was even a trace of a devilishly cold smiling expression. "Since Minister Jing would like to be involved in my affairs so much, then this Highness can say a few words to Retired Emperor on your behalf to have you enter the palace and replace Eunuch Sun's position in the future."

In other words, this is the same as cutting out that thing of yours and turn you into an eunuch.

Having heard this, innumerable drops of cold sweat then emerged from Minister Jing's forehead all at once.

Wei Wei watched that paling face of his and couldn't help but turn again towards Baili Jia Jue for another glance. She couldn't help but think that Third Prince truly deals extremely large damage. His four pounds of force able to push aside a ton, hitting exactly where it hurts, one sentence suffocating enough that Minister Jing was forced to be anxious and frightened. To speak of sending him into the palace to replace Eunuch Sun's position and so on simply was outwardly kind but inwardly evil to the extreme.

No wonder even if he'd lost his martial qi, no one dared to treat him with disrespect.

Because from beginning to end, this man's body always contained a sense of danger that could make everyone not dare to treat it lightly.

If he was like he was in the past and still possessed that startling martial qi envied by the world, the War Dragon Empire's current power structure would absolutely not be the way it is.

Truly, Third Prince was also indeed acute enough to know that she didn't want people to know the things that happened to her in Spirit Forest, and went as far as to not say a single word of it.

"It seems that Master Jing already doesn't have any other question. Then I'll leave first." Wei Wei indifferently took a quick glance at Minister Jing whose face had turned green, and was just about to leave, but the way out was obstructed by a regiment of imperial guards that appeared from who knew where!

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