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Translated by NightShade
Edited by Blue Blossoms

Chapter 68: Touching Intimately

Suddenly… Rumble…. a roar echoed!

The roar made the whole Spirit Forest shake.

No one knew why the spirit beasts in the forest suddenly rioted.

Stones kept falling down from the quiet mountains.

Helian Wei Wei instinctively wanted to stand up, but didn't expect that Baili Jia Jue was even quicker, as he held her while moving to the side, a faint anger raging within his eyes.

The beasts' howling were getting louder, it was like a large-scale escape.

Helian Wei Wei looked at the beasts running by them, her brows slightly frowned: "That was close." No wonder he pushed me down, it's because he felt danger, and there she almost thought that the Third Prince was straight…..

"Yes it was." Baili Jia Jue looked down at her, his voice calm, unable to tell his emotions.

Helian Wei Wei just noticed that her fingers were in his hand.

His fingers clasped her fingers, the friction made her felt weird.

Looked at the face that's right in front of her, Helian Wei Wei was just about to shake his hand off.


The ground was shaking again as rocks rolled down. To avoid them Helian Wei Wei was forced to lean forward, causing her nose to b.u.mp right into Baili Jia Jue's chest.

The faint scent of sandalwood filled her nose, it was the same scent that occasionally appeared in the forest, it was a peaceful and chilly scent, it's hard to ignore….

Helian Wei Wei thought that he would push her away, since the Third Prince had OCD.

Unexpectedly he hugged her even closer, his strong arm circled her slim waist, pressing his forehead against her bangs, his eyes glanced down from her eyes to her neck, his deep eyes darkened……

The once wide s.p.a.ce,suddenly became crowded, her whole body was affected by his essence, it's like she was pushed into his arms.

The two were really close, so with every movement, Baili Jia Jue's sandalwood scent will waft by her, Helian Wei Wei was unable to hide.

Those eyes underneath the silver mask, added too much, too much things, deep as void, as if it could suck her in…..

Helian Wei Wei could clearly see his lips curved into a faint smile, s.e.xy lips that was hard to resist.

To avoid misunderstanding, as soon as the danger was gone, the first thing Helian Wei Wei did was stand up and looked around at the surroundings: "It seems that it has pa.s.sed."

Baili Jia Jue looked at her running away from him, his eyes was cold: "In the future, after you're done eating, wipe your mouth."

Uh huh? Helian Wei Wei touched her lips, raised one her eyebrow, the Third Prince's topic changed so quickly.

No wonder he stared at her so intensely for so long.

It's because there was something on her face.

Okay, then it was reasonable.

Helian Wei Wei knew some of the symptoms of an OCD patient, one of the symptoms was when they saw something dirty, they would stare at it.

It's just that she didn't know that the Third Prince's OCD was this severe, not moving just looking at her mouth, so obsessed.

However, the roar just now was unusual.

What happened in the Spirit Forest, that could cause all of the divine beasts to run?

Helian Wei Wei took a torch and jumped onto a tree, stood on the tip of a branch, observed the huge amount of beasts, there were at least hundreds, too bad they were running towards the opposite direction.

This made Helian Wei Wei disregard the idea of contracting one.

Deep within the forest, in the spatial s.p.a.ce, the Fire Qilin smirked: "It's rare for Master to cooperate so well."

"Oh?" Baili Jia Jue brushed off the dust from his robe and coldly said: "How rare?"

The Fire Qilin rubbed its chin while saying: "I remember that the last time when a woman threw herself at you, Master immediately threw her out of the palace. How come Master didn't resist this time?"

"Because this lord suddenly felt.." Baili Jia Jue suddenly stopped, a wicked smile appeared on his face, "that the softness of the new prey… it's pretty good."

The Fire Qilin looked at that smile, a chill went through his back.

He still remembered, how his Master treated him last time.

His master fed him leaves for thirty-six days straight!

Motherf*cker, he the great king of all beasts, the Fire Qilin, was abused like this.

I wonder how Master was going to 'take care' of that woman.

He couldn't just keep hugging her while eating or sleeping….

As he thought that there's a high possibility, the Fire Qilin couldn't help but twitch, he really wanted to remind his master. Even though that woman had dark skin, she was still human, not a pet!!!

Helian Wei Wei was still standing on the branch, looking at the magnificent view, her eyes flashed with amus.e.m.e.nt: "Little White, you're also a spirit beast. They're all moving, you're not going to run?"

The white cat lay on her shoulder, black lines ran down from his forehead: "They're not moving."

"Then what are they doing?" Helian Wei Wei pointed at the beasts, slightly curious.

The white cat said with a serious tone: "They're excited."

This is how the divine beasts celebrate.

An incredible person came into the Spirit Forest.

Since he was injured, he couldn't sense that person's presence.

The white cat was absorbed in his own thoughts, his silver grey eyes emitted an unknown light.

I wonder how was his clan doing, they were most probably looking everywhere for him now.

The white cat was right. The White Fen Clan was looking for him, the King even led spirit beasts to surround the White Academy, saying that one of the students injured his son.

Tusu Feng was not here, Minister Jing had no experience with this type of situation, his forehead was currently covered with a thin layer of sweat.

The Third Prince was nowhere to be seen, Eunuch Sun was also running around.

This first time they went into the Spirit Forest and such a thing happened. If news of this spread out, then he, a master from the Superior Compound, had no place to put his dignity.

Helian Jiao Er stood right beside Jing Wu w.a.n.g, naturally noticed his thoughts. Her beautiful eyes filled with malevolence. "Master, did you forget? Helian Wei Wei is still in the forest. It might be her who injured the White Fen Clan's prince."

"That waste?" Jing Wu w.a.n.g humphed with disdain.

Helian Jiao Er smiled and slowly said: "Master, she's not coming out anyways, why don't you just push all the blame on her, and give the White Fen Clan an explanation."

Minister Jing halted his step, turned over and look at Helian Jiao Er, stroking his white beard, his face showed the same malevolence as Helian Jiao Er.

Heaven destroys those who didn't look out for themselves. Plus, he hated that good-for-nothing, why not just use her to block the White Fen Clan's mouth!

As the people on this side were scheming, on the other side, Helian Wei Wei casually looked at the night sky whistling.

Baili Jia Jue glanced at her and calmly said: "If you're bored, play chess with this lord."

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