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Translated by NightShade
Edited by Blue Blossoms

Chapter 63: Handsome Feline of a Man

Helian Wei Wei observed the place where she was currently at. A field of well grown gra.s.s, each one glowed with a healthy shine. Right in front of her was a small river.

When she fell, she fell into the river, so now her whole body was wet. As the chilly wind blew, she couldn’t help but sneeze.

The bottom of the cliff was very damp, so she couldn’t start a fire. Helian Wei Wei could only follow the flow of the river. If tonight she slept in these wet clothes, it’d be hard to NOT get sick.

After she walked for about two hours, Helian Wei Wei finally found a dry place where she could start a fire. She collected some leaves and branches, then searched for some fire stones. Finally she started a fire, and sat down beside it on the ground.

Her stamina couldn’t compare to what it had been previously in the 21th century. Her physique was too weak. She basically only walked for awhile, and she’s tired already. To a cultivator, this was a bad thing!

It would seem when she cultivated her martial qi in the future, she'd need to add extra training for her body.

Helian Wei Wei thought while taking off her clothes, hanging it near the fire, the inner layer was quickly dried up.

After resting for awhile, Helian Wei Wei looked around again. However, she didn't extinguish the fire.

In a forest, having a fire was more critical than having a gun.

Because by having a fire, not only could you identify your coordinates, it could also deter those hungry wolves.

Helian Wei Wei was one of the best agents, she could survive in the forest better than anyone else.

Soon, she realized something's wrong. What the h.e.l.l was this place. No matter how long she walked she couldn't seem to walk out.

From just now, she had been walking around in circles.

So Helian Wei Wei instinctively thought that something was wrong.

There was no sight of any other people, and she was unable to talk to Yuan Ming.

As a result, Helian Wei Wei simply sat down by the fire, roasting the fish that she caught by the river.

No matter what time it was, humans couldn't forget to fill their stomachs.

Helian Wei Wei licked her lips as the fish was done. She picked some strawberries from her spatial s.p.a.ce, smashed them and put them on the fish. As the oil from the fish dripped onto the fire, it made a sizzling sound. Not long thereafter, a delicious smelling aroma wafted out.

As Helian Wei Wei breathed in the aroma, she thought of going into her spatial s.p.a.ce to see if there's anymore spice she could add. When she came back out, one of the fish was missing.

That's odd.

Where did the third fish go?

Don't tell her that the fish grew wings and flew away, because she would flip out!

When Helian Wei Wei was frowning, she heard a rustling sound.

She glanced over, only to see that sitting by the fire was a white cat staring at her. Its ears were straight up. What was that in between its claws? The third fish.

They stared at each other, not moving. For Helian Wei Wei it was nothing to sit completely still, but it's a completely different story for the cat, since it was standing on three paws. Finally it toppled over and meowed with dejection.

Helian Wei Wei couldn't hold it in, and laughed out loud. After all, it's not everyday you could see a cat fall over because it was stealing food.

The wild cat maliciously stared at her, as if it's relieving its anger by biting the fish.

Helian Wei Wei looked at it with a smile, not stopping what it was doing. The wild cat looked small and probably wouldn't pose any danger to her.

The wild cat saw that its action was approved and quickly finished the fish.

As if it hadn't seen food for a long time, in a blink of an eye, the fish was gone.

Just as Helian Wei Wei thought it was going to leave, the cat scrunched up it's face, clutching it's throat, making sounds like it was choking.

Before she could realize what had happened, she started to laugh until tears nearly came out of her eyes: A wild cat ate the stolen fish, and the fish bones got stuck in its throat….. this type of scene probably only happened once every hundred years.

The wild cat glared at the woman who was laughing at him.

Helian Wei Wei saw the uncomfortable face it was making, smiled warmly, and waved at him "Come here."

The cat, as if understanding what she was saying, walked over to her side with its stuck neck.

"Open wide." Helian Wei Wei gripped its mouth, took a silver knife from her sleeve, and carefully took out the bone from its throat.

Helian Wei Wei waved the fish bone in front of its eyes. There's still some blood on it, teaching the cat a lesson with this b.l.o.o.d.y fact: " This thing was stuck in your throat, next time remember…."

Before she finished, she saw the cat faint while looking at the b.l.o.o.d.y fish bone in her hand.

Helian Wei Wei was in disarray…….

Was this the legendary……blood phobia?!

Holy sh*t! Couldn't you act like the wild cat you are!!!!

Though you couldn't deny that the cat was very beautiful, its pure snow white fur shining with a silver gleam, when you touched it, it felt soft and silky.

With this type of fur, you could probably exchange it for some money.

Helian Wei Wei evilly thought, but she touched the cat very gently.

She couldn't help but want to get closer to the warmth coming from the cat.

Just as she was going to hug the cat, the pure white fur cat suddenly glowed with a silver light, and mist started to surround it.

As the mist faded, Helian Wei Wei's mind became blank.

No one told her that the animals here could randomly turn into a human!

Helian Wei Wei stiffly looked at the man, his feather like eyelashes trembled as he breathed. It's not hard to imagine what it would look like when he opened his eyes.


When the beautiful man opened his eyes, at first, he only saw the position Helian Wei Wei was in, as he continued to look down……

When he clearly saw the state he was in, he immediately stood up, not knowing which part of his body he should cover up.

Helian Wei Wei calmly looked at him, enjoying the frantic reaction on his face that was clearly showing that he had no idea of what to do.

In the past, she already made a lot of contact with bodies, so she didn't have any feeling towards the human body.

However, the body in front of her, you could almost say that it was perfect, slim waist, good proportion, the only downside: he was a man.

The man was frantically looking around, and when he noticed Helian Wei Wei's clothes over the fire, he hastened to put on the clothes, not forgetting to threaten her, " This lord orders you to close your eyes!"

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