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Chapter 186: Storm Clouds Approach

"Abbot Fang Zhang, don't be rash!" Once the novice monk saw that the situation's getting out of hand, he immediately wrapped his arms around Abbot Fang Zhang's ankles!

"Let me go!" Head Abbot Fang Zhang managed to boorishly swipe his sleeves as his face flamed in anger. Where was there any of the beauty of an immortal usually present before other people. "Today, if I don't beat this stinky fellow until he p.i.s.ses in his pants, then my last name is not Fang!"

Baili Jia Jue smiled faintly, his face indifferent. "Your last name isn't Fang to begin with."


Head Abbot Fang Zhang's temples pulsed, his whole body was exploding!

Eunuch Sun was doing all he could to block at the front, holding his horsetail whisk as he advised. "Abbot, please calm down, calm down!"

After he finished speaking, he wanted to cry as he said in his heart, Your Highness, you shouldn't keep provoking the abbot, couldn't you see that he's so angered by you he's almost spitting blood?

Behind them, the young girls and lords blanked out, one after another. Was this really the most virtuous head abbot from Hidden Spirit Temple?

He truly didn't seem like it!

On the other hand, Wei Wei didn't feel that there's anything unusual here. Both her master and Elder Huan was also like this, ordinarily they appeared particularly like divinity, yet as soon as they hear the two words Third Prince, they'd no doubt immediately exhibit both love and hate, gnashing their teeth.

It could be seen how capable His Highness was at drawing out hate, she reckoned that it'd be impossible to find a second prince who's so two-faced in all of Dragon War Empire.

"Fang Zhang, Retired Emperor's still waiting for the vegetarian food. It's not too late to wait until the meal is finished before you and Third Prince start your discussion." In any case, let's first go, dear. If you continue like this, your temple's image will be shattered completely!

Head Abbot Fang Zhang deeply took in a breath, and brushed his own kasaya. When everyone came to their senses, he already regained that level and calm celestial's appearance. His change in att.i.tude was extremely quick, making Wei Wei especially sighed. This Fang now was also an image of a Celestial emperor.

Baili Jia Jue was as before, the indifference on his face unchanged, as if the older person's words wasn't taken seriously at all.

Head Abbot Fang Zhang again clenched his hands, and thought about the fact that there's still one more night to fight, so he slowed down his voice. "Everyone, please follow me. The female benefactors' meal's set up in the west wing, the male benefactors' are on the east wing."

Having heard this, a young lord listlessly curled his lips. "I even thought that males and females are going to be together. This is boring."

"Don't worry. Wait until tonight when we can tour the pavilion. There'll be plenty of opportunities." A few young lords acquainted with each other smiled and turned to look towards the girl's side while fanning themselves before they followed Head Abbot Fang Zhang to the east wing.

The daughters from influential families had actually already expected this kind of situation. Although they'd all reached marriageable age, and each of them had someone they adored, so much so that their heartbeats were somewhat quicker today, yet in ancient times, what they were most careful about was their reputation. Fang Zhang arranging everything in this way was to straighten their desires, like a mother guiding them. Keeping them out of reach of the males, yet keeping them in their minds.

"Female benefactors, we're here." The little novice monk leading the way put his palms together and bowed.

A young lady with the last name Liang sized up the area with a quick glance and wrinkled her brows slightly. "How come the place is so small?"

The young monk paused in his steps as he was leaving and smiled lightly in reply. "The temple is crude, we ask for the lady's forgiveness."

The young lady from the Liang family was going to say something more.

When a slightly deep voice transmitted over. "Hehe, it seems Liang Ai Qing's beloved daughter is dissatisfied with the arrangements at the temple."

It turned out to be Retired Emperor, who'd already finished his vegetarian meal. Behind him, there was a minister to a.s.sist him as well as……womenfolk.

An extremely familiar figure made Wei Wei's fingers clench one by one.

That figure accompanied the group of women, wearing a simple white long skirt embroidered with dark lotus flowers. A jade pendant hung low on her chest. Her long hair was gathered into a flower. One hand was rotating the translucent bright buddhist beads, while the other hand rested on top of her maids supporting arm. She slowly walked towards this side, her complexion was fabulously maintained. She clearly was already thirty years old, however she looked to be just past twenty. At that time, she relied on this kind of pure, tender, and soft appearance to capture the heart of that sc.u.m of a father of hers.

Su Yan Mo!

A name she wouldn't forget in this lifetime.

At that time, Mother was already at her limit, her stomach vomiting air, her body getting worse by the day. However, before others, she still appeared as dignified as before. Even though her illness already was beyond cure, she never lost face in front Su Yan Mo.

She knew she wasn't going to make it, so she made an entreaty to Helian Guang Yao to consider their more than dozen years of mutual affection as husband and wife and be lenient towards their daughter.

Her mother had never asked anyone for anything in all of her life, yet as her time drew near, for her daughter's sake, she begged for the first time.

Wei Wei already forgot what the scenario was at that time. Her memory seemed to be upset by something and became a little fuzzy.

She only remembered that woman bringing a maid to their side room and with her every word, every statement, mocked Mother. "Older Sister, don't be foolish. Do you think it's any use to push yourself like this. So what if you're stronger and more talented than me, hasn't your husband still chosen me in the end. That's why I say, heh, everyone has their own fate, don't argue with the heavens. In the end, the one to suffer will still be you……"

Wei Wei closed her eyes tightly, when she opened her eyes again, her pupils had already become clear and bright.

It was truly ridiculous, when the Su family started a rumour outside that her mother was rude and unreasonable, did they consider what their own family member had done. She hadn't gotten married, yet already had a child with another woman's husband!

Ruined and orphaned, forced to leave home, homeless.

Such a big enmity, on this day, she finally saw the main culprit of all these!

Wei Wei slowly released her hands and restrained her temper to restore her as calm as a breeze demeanor.

It's just that when the minister with last name Liang heard Retired Emperor's words, his complexion changed in an instant, immediately kneeled on the ground, and anxiously explained. "My daughter is still young and spoke harshly without any bad intent, I beseech Retired Emperor to forgive her!"

"Sigh." Retired Emperor smiled as he waved his hand, appearing extremely affable, without the slightest bit of anger. It's just that his next statement actually made the Liang family's daughter's complexion also immediately change. "If she's dissatisfied, don't hesitate to go down the mountain, how's there any crime or not, my dear subject, Official Liang, is being too serious."

Minister Liang wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Yes, you're absolutely right."

"Within the monastery, it's still better to preserve the tranquility." After Retired Emperor finished this statement, he led all the ministers and continued to move forwards, without any intent to ask the one with last name Liang to rise. The Liang family's daughter was dazed. She actually couldn't imagine that because of a statement from her, they'd fall into this plight.

Could this be what they meant by imperial power?

She didn't understand, but that didn't mean that those ministers didn't understand.

Recently, the Liang family had been favored. Being overly favored, they became arrogant. Retired Emperor wasn't like the emperor, his heart was wise and his eyes bright. This trip to Hidden Spirit Temple, besides wanting to pray for blessings, he wanted to seize this opportunity to examine the moral conduct of these daughters from prestigious families. Since the first one to stick her head out was the Liang family's daughter, then he should still exert a bit of pressure.

To avoid other people making moves that they shouldn't make……

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