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Chapter 180: Males and Females Traveling Together

"Set out!" Eunuch Sun held a horsetail whisk in his hand, stood at the very front of the imperial guards squadron with straight waist and back, and sharply yelled!

Every student felt very happy in their hearts. After all, ordinarily, there wasn't many opportunities to leave the academy. Not only was the academy program filled with cla.s.ses, asking for leave from the teachers was extremely difficult.

Something like today, where males and females went on an outing together, was something they shouldn't even think about.

That's why regardless of whether they were young girls from prestigious families or sons of n.o.bility, they greatly looked forward to the trip to Hidden Spirit Temple this time.

Helian Jiao Er and the Liang family's young lady smiled at each other, allowed their maids to support them in entering the carriage.

Yet when Wei Wei turned her body, she stopped in place. It wasn't for any other reason, except the carriage that she wanted to sit in, had a wheel that had been messed with. One of the spokes was cut.

If this kind of wheel were to roll on mountain roads, it'd certainly be unstable. Add to that at night, the rugged mountain roads became more foggy, accidents could very easily happen.

Logically speaking, these carriages were all prepared by Retired Emperor, so this kind of situation shouldn't have happened.

Yet clearly, this carriage that she wanted to ride in had a broken spoke. As intelligent as Wei Wei was, she didn't believe that this could be a coincidence, but was instead, someone's deliberate arrangement. After all, if a problem were to truly occur, even if the government officials investigated, at most, it'd be considered an accident.

It would seem that the enemy truly wished that she could die immediately!

Wei Wei stood up straight, her pair of eyes narrowed, and was going to have someone go ask if there's another carriage.

Yet the little eunuch standing by her side flicked the horse whisk in his hand, and seemed to be anxious as he said. "Hurry up. If we delay the time Retired Emperor was to light the incense, it'd be a big offense!"

Wei Wei glanced at him with cold eyes. The little eunuch suddenly felt as if he was seen through and was startled. He recoiled and stepped back.

Wei Wei's long, shapely eyebrows jumped. "A horse carriage like this, if something happened to the person sitting in it, whose responsibility would it be?"

"Miss Helian, you really like to joke, with Third Prince's imperial guards present, how could something happen." The little eunuch's gaze circled all around and laughed 'hehe' before he continued. "Miss Helian should still hurry and get on."

Wei Wei's thin lips curved up. "Having me enter the carriage is possible, however there's one thing, you and I should go in together."

"This……" The little eunuch's complexion paled as he took a step back. Originally, that horse carriage was in fact his handiwork. Having received people's money to help them avoid calamities, this kind of thing was seen often in the palace, and was also often done.

Those imperial concubines' schemes, I entrap you, you frame me, were too numerous to count.

At the time when he received money, he already felt that this method was very malicious. When that horse carriage entered the mountain roads, it could only encounter the night mists. Once the wheel slips, it'd dash against the overhanging cliffs and go down.

This could eliminate an enemy, with neither G.o.ds nor ghosts the wiser. At that time, the carriage would fall apart to pieces, no matter how furious Retired Emperor became, no matter how many people he sent to investigate, he still wouldn't be able to find any clues whatsoever.

That's why the little eunuch dared to take that person's money. Moreover, this oldest daughter of the Helian family standing before him firstly, didn't have power. Secondly, didn't have influence, and was even driven away by the Helian clan. Even if she wore the Helian family name, when all's said and done, she's but a commoner.

Almost everyday in the palace, there'd be a palace maid thrown in the river. The death of one commoner wouldn't cause any detectable commotion.

It's just that the little eunuch didn't antic.i.p.ate that when it's finally time to set off, Wei Wei wanted to have him get on the carriage together!

Thinking of the consequences, the little eunuch's expression became even more unsightly. "This isn't so convenient, this slave's life is lowly. It wouldn't be good to disturb Miss Helian's peace."

"Then give me another carriage." Wei Wei watched him with a smile that's not a smile.

The little eunuch was so nervous, his forehead almost perspired, the tone of his voice also became impatient. "There's no other carriage. Isn't Miss Helian afraid of ruining Retire Emperor's schedule, in a moment, someone will come to reproach us?"

"Then let them come." Wei Wei calmly smiled, as carefree as the gentle winds and floating clouds, and swept a meaningful glance over that carriage wheel. "It's just right for having them investigate a bit. How did a horse carriage become this way without rhyme or reason."

Hearing this, the little eunuch's entire body panicked, he originally mentioned Retired Emperor in order to pressure this Helian Wei Wei. Even if she didn't want to get on the carriage, she still couldn't ignore the big picture.

He didn't expect that instead, it became an excuse for her to threaten him with!

He thought that a fourteen year old girl who hadn't even entered the palace wasn't worth his vigilance and that some casual statements from him was enough to deal with her.

Yet now!

He suddenly fell into a position where he could neither advance nor retreat.

If they were to leave, this Wei Wei's att.i.tude insisted that if he didn't get in, she wouldn't go. Truly, he'd seen so many Young Ladies from n.o.ble families before, yet he'd never seen such a fearless one.

Don't look down on him as a little eunuch, the numbers of young ladies from influential families who fawned on him weren't few. Even if their family backgrounds were impressive, they still needed to give him some face.

Yet she, don't even mention giving him face. She's so rampant she's like a ruffian, and also didn't care about her own reputation.

If they still didn't leave, Eunuch Sun undoubtedly will send someone to ask. When that time comes, the matter about the wheel quite possibly would be discovered. Based on Eunuch Sun's lengthy experience in the palace, the matter of him receiving bribes would most likely be exposed.

The problem was even if he wanted to give Wei Wei another carriage, there no longer was enough time to do so. Most of the imperial guards had already left, following them would be the student's carriages. If they didn't leave on schedule, the person taking the blame in the end would still be him!

Compared to the little eunuch, who's perspiring a head full of cold sweat, Wei Wei appeared exceptionally relaxed. She languidly looked behind her and leaned her back against a tree, crossed her arms in front of her, and watched this scene. The smiling expression on her face was very obvious.

The little eunuch finally realized what's going on.

What she said about pulling him onto the carriage with her was only blather.

She's just waiting for the time to come, for the impatient Eunuch Sun to come over and investigate her!

No, not to investigate her…..but to investigate him!

The little eunuch's back shook, his pupils dilated as a feeling of unprecedented ice-coldness engulfed his entire body. This, this girl, she'd known early on that the wheel was his handiwork!

"Eunuch." Wei Wei blew on her fingers and smiled lightly. "Did the Helian family give away a lot of money?"

The little eunuch's lips quivered, he seemed to have been hacked open, his fingers also started to tremble. "What's Miss Helian saying. I'm unable to make sense of anything."

"Really?" Wei Wei closed her eyes, clearly resting. "Then let's wait until Eunuch Sun come to inquire. The questions he asks, you'll understand for certain."

In a split second, even the smiling expression on the corners of the little eunuch's mouth became stiff, as he lifted his head and looked at the smile at the side of Wei Wei's mouth, just like one seen on a fiend who'd just emerged from h.e.l.l.

He no longer dared to regard her as a fourteen, fifteen year old girl who didn't know anything.

He even somewhat regret having received that money.

He absolutely couldn't wait until Eunuch Sun came. If it's Eunuch Sun who came to investigate, he undoubtedly will draw out that madam at the back……

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