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Chapter 169

Baili Jia Jue looked down, his loose black hair draped down, preventing people from seeing his expression. "Go make a birdcage."

"When did you become interested in raising birds?" A baffled Nangong Lie lifted his brows.

Baili Jia Jue's voice was neither fast nor slow. "Not birds. Human."

Having heard that, Nangong Lie's scalp numbed. No, it can't be what he's thinking!

Ah Jue's flown into a rage out of humiliation, and planned to lock up that oldest daughter of the Helian family like a pet!

"Listen to me, I was joking just now." Nangong Lie immediately held onto Baili Jia Jue's arm. His entire body wished he could wind around him, in order to hold him up. "The captain absolutely wouldn't go soft on him. Are you forgetting that she actually loves money the most. Murong Chang Feng, that guy, who knows what place he's at."

Baili Jia Jue thoughtfully glanced at him. Just when Nangong Lie almost could no longer stand the gaze fixed on him.

Baili Jia Jue finally sat back down, a cold light in his eyes. "You're right."

"Huh?" Nangong Lie swallowed his saliva. Actually, he'd forgotten what he said just now.

Baili Jia Jue extended his hand and was going to turn the pinkie ring on his finger, but discovered that there was a plain white strip of cloth wrapped there instead. His dark eyes became deeper. "She certainly loves money the most. Don't know how far down the list other people are."

Including him……

During the time Nangong Lie and Baili Jia Jue were speaking, onstage, Master Tu Lao already started to read Murong Chang Feng's answers.

It was written quite well. Each answer was explained clearly and could be graded as excellent. Other masters also felt this way. One after another, they nodded their heads.

When it was time to read Wei Wei's answers, one of the masters was disinclined to read it.

The outcome of the compet.i.tion was already obvious, what difference would it make to read her answers?

Yet suddenly!

When Master Tu Lao actually took hold of that rolled up piece of paper, his fingers immediately trembled. "So it's like this. It turned out that tungsten can be used in this way, to change the armament's form……how did I not think of this before!"

If, as they say, this piece of paper was blindly written, then he wouldn't have been so excited. However, the logic and line of thinking was clearly a.n.a.lyzed and each component was a.s.signed its appropriate place by her.

It's as if all of these components were originally part of an armament, after they were dismantled, they were again rea.s.sembled. In addition, each design was more breathtaking than the previous one.

What's most unfathomable was that her writing surprisingly filled up the entire page of paper, with no less than eight designs!

Even he could only think of seven designs at most!

This, this girl unexpectedly!

What was even more astonishing was that she surprisingly even wrote at the end: There are other armament designs, however, this writing brush was too difficult to write with. I propose that in the future, the masters can change this into an oral compet.i.tion. Thank you.

There were other designs? ? ! !

How's that possible? !

The person sitting next to Master Tu Lao also became shocked!

They looked at each other in dismay. The light in their eyes was shivering.

"Helian Wei Wei……" Master Tu Lao murmured this name, his fingers gripped in excitement. "This person is certainly a genius! I want to go down there, go see what this girl really looks like!"

The other master's left hand was extended and held Master Tu Lao to keep him down. "Don't, Tu Lao, you should wait a moment. We're in the middle of a compet.i.tion, after all, and must follow the rules. Moreover, she's Grandmaster Zi Zun's disciple. Maybe she got lucky and was taught these answers prior to the compet.i.tion, so she merely recited each word from memory, that's all."

Tu Lao stiffened slightly. "Maybe that's true, I reckon that guy, Zi Zun, could be used as a cover. However, to be able to recall and recognize so many components so well, within White Academy, we won't be able to find a second person like her! That girl absolutely is not the good-for-nothing that others say she is!"

"I know that." That master nodded his head, and gently stroked his beard. "What I'm saying is that this part of the duel is very clearly is her win. However, her strength is only this much after all. We still need to see her put the knowledge to practical use. That's the second part, a.s.sembly and installation."

"Ha ha, this proposal of yours is good." Tu Lao sat down again, but his eyes were no longer as calm as before.

Everyone was puzzled as they watched those two master laughing, and creased their brows in confusion.

"Must be that the answers provided by Oldest Sister made people not sure whether they should laugh or cry. That's why the masters were so moved." Helian Jiao Er spoke as she sighed in a rather vexed manner.

Having heard that, the young girls in the audience also laughed, one after another. "What do you guys think. What kind of answers can she possibly write? Could the designs be the ones that I don't know how to design, ha ha ha ha."

Facing the sneers rising from beneath the stage, Wei Wei didn't open her mouth to say anything at all, and only rotated the writing brush in her hand. Even the way she stood was as if she was languidly taking a stroll in a garden. If it's necessary to use something to describe her, then she's precisely like an afternoon sunshine, an enchanting scenery, in addition to a cup of the highest grade earl tea, when rotated in the hand, it's very ordinary. Only when one truly drank it into one's mouth, did it become clear what it meant to be refined.

Helian Wei Wei, she's that kind of person.

Possessing a kind of casualness, as if all of those things before her eyes were only a game.

Speaking of which, from her point of view, it's truly that way.

a.s.sembling components was something she's done all of her life.

The K7 weapons in modern times were much more complicated than these armaments. Weapons' parts, from her point of view, posed no difficulty.

What's more, after arriving at Dragon War Empire, she depended on the a.s.sembly of armaments to become rich. Even though she might not necessarily be able to compare with other master in other ways. However, their store's most distinguishing feature was that they catered to both common martial artists and armaments researchers. In other words, no matter what category of armament components, poor, or good, she's worked with them all.

Moreover, from her point of view, there might not be such a clear distinction between poor and good components.

As long as a suitable use could be found for a component, it could produce a previously unimagined power…….

Master Bai didn't know at all what Wei Wei was thinking, and even thought she was left speechless. Facing Tusu Feng, who's sitting not far from him, he said with a look of much regret. "What did I say before. I've suggested that Princ.i.p.al change your candidate. It seems the second duel no longer needs to continue. It's predestined to be a knockout compet.i.tion."

Tusu Feng didn't respond, and only turned his head to say to Nangong Lie. "You should get ready."

Hearing that, people from the Inferior Compound lowered their head. Even the princ.i.p.al also spoke this way. It seems it's hopeless.

"Lord Murong, I knew the result was going to be this way!" The young girls from the Superior Compound turned towards Murong Chang Feng and smiled sweetly. "You're Dragon War Empire's most outstanding genius! It doesn't make any sense that you wouldn't win!"

Murong Chang Feng knew who that young girl was. That's why he returned her smile gently. After all, it's beneficial to him. "The results haven't been announced. Let's wait a bit." Even though he said this, Murong Chang Feng's appearance actually was one which was determined to win!

"OK." The young girl was pleased with herself as she glanced at Wei Wei.

Wei Wei didn't even try to throw her off.

That young girl clenched her teeth. Wait until the results were announced, she'd properly ridicule her then!

Finally, Master Tu Lao stood up from his judges seat. His gaze encircled the audience below, his voice unhurried. "The winner of the first portion of the armaments compet.i.tion is……"

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