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Chapter 156: Elder Huan Versus Third Prince

"Besides using Retired Emperor to oppress people, what else can you do!" On the one hand Huan Ming Xiang took a stance while on the other hand, he glared extremely angrily at Baili Jia Jue. "Stinky fellow!"

Baili Jia Jue slipped off the smiling expression he had just now and emotionlessly said. "I can do much more. For example, tell everyone your ident.i.ty."

"You!" Huan Ming Xiang's top was blown off as he gnashed his teeth. "What in the world are you planning!"

Baili JIa Jue smiled, a trace of evilness penetrated the bones. "What can a pretty boy like me do?"

Once the two words 'pretty boy' were spoken, Huan Ming Xiang seemed as if he was choking and he coughed fiercely.

"Very good." Baili Jia Jue continued to say, his voice neither cold nor warm. "It seems that Elder Huan hasn't forgotten that you've started a rumor about me being a pretty boy."

Huan Ming Xiang looked at the face of the one who wielded supremacy, thoroughly defeated. "I won't tear down your act in front of that girl again, alright? !"

This fellow suddenly interrupted him just now, wasn't it because of this.

However, what game was he playing at.

Wearing this look to come to White Academy and even entered the Inferior Compound!

If those teacher were to know of this, wouldn't they go insane?

"Of course it's not bad that Elder Huan can do this, however……" Baili Jia Jue moved his sleeves, within his deep and low voice, there was a feeling of danger. "In the future, when Elder Huan mentions me, it's best that you speak based on facts."

Huan Ming Xiang raised his eyebrows in question. "What based on facts?" He's never tricked anyone, you know? !

"For example." Baili Jia Jue paused, the light in his eyes focused at the distance. "My heart is very gentle, very kind, a trustworthy husband for a lifetime."

Hearing this, Huan Ming Xiang's mouth twitched and his entire body felt ill. "Your heart……gentle and kind? You?" He really wanted to ask this icy fellow, when he's saying these things, didn't he feel the slightest bit ashamed? !

It's very obvious, Baili Jia Jue didn't. He was calm and composed as he retracted his gaze, his entire body filled with a feeling of self-control. "Hm hm, me."

"You believe this yourself?" Huan Ming Xiang 'hehe'd a couple of times.

The light in Baili Jia Jue's eyes was unmoved as it swept over Huan Ming Xiang's face. "a.s.sessing this kind of thing, is of course for the benefit of another person's ears. Having the other person believe it is something I believe Elder Huan can accomplish."

Huan Ming Xiang: ……

This was the same as forcing him to lie for him! He'd said it before, this icy fellow's got a bellyful of dark water!

The person who provoked him wouldn't even have a skeleton left!

"Fine, since we've come to an understanding, then let's first exchange martial qi." Speaking to this point, Baili Jia Jue paused. "Did she tell you which level my martial arts was at?"

Huan Ming Xiang looked up at the sky. "Earth rank." He swore that this was the most fraudulent earth rank he'd seen in his life!

"Earth rank?" Baili Jia Jue knitted his handsome eyebrows, his fingers pressed on his forehead apparently getting a headache because of this level. His eyes were steady as he carefully thought about it, after which his fingers moved. His entire body then radiated an indistinct earth yellow light.

Huan Ming Xiang blanked out. Within the depths of his eyes, raging waves burst forth.

He knew more than anyone this fellow's strength.

Ever since the first year he became Battle Spirit Forces' recruiter, he already started to persuade this icy fellow to become a member.

However, every time, he'd come back empty handed.

As early as ten years ago, Baili Jia Jue already broke through metal rank's tenth level, reaching the summit that everyone envied.

However, heaven was jealous of geniuses. The fire that n.o.body antic.i.p.ated dragged this arrogant heaven defying genius down from the heavenly altar.

At that time, he thought that he should have a chance.

Even if he didn't personally go out to fight, this icy fellow's grasp of martial qi could also allow him to become an accomplished figure within the War Dragon Empire.

But the outcome was still the same, so much so that he even closed the door and refused to see anyone.

To the extent that whenever Huan Ming Xiang thought about him later, he'd feel it's a pity.

Don't be deceived by the kind of comments he uttered in Wei Wei's presence. The truth was that in his life, the disciple he most wanted to have was this little stinky fellow!

He didn't think that someone who'd lost all of their qi could conveniently scatter and changed their own innate martial qi's attribute.

This only clearly showed one thing!

Right now, in this scoundrel's body, there wasn't merely metal rank tenth level's martial qi, but also other attribute's martial qi!

This was simply a genius who's hard to come by in a hundred years, no a thousand years!

Even if it's him, having muddled around to this degree, even at this age, he'd only grasped martial qi from two kinds of attributes, and he even needed to encounter a crisis to be able to cause it to appear.

Because a marti qi's attribute was originally something one was born with an affinity for. A martial artist who'd advanced to the next attribute, could also only make use of that attribute's first level.

Otherwise, it's very easy to accidentally lose control and entirely destroy one's meridians.

Only when a person had an innate gift could he take control of the martial qi of two attributes simultaneously at the higher levels.

Right now, what's most shocking was that Huan Ming Xiang didn't know at all how many attributes Baili Jia Jue was able to use within his body!

As he was thinking this, he only saw a red light flash before him.

When he looked again at Baili Jia Jue's direction, his entire body seemed as if it's been lit aflame, having walked out from the sun. All over his body, there wasn't a spot that wasn't domineering.

Fire……that's the fire element!

Huan Ming Xiang's fingers relaxed, even forgetting about exchanging blows as he stood stupidly in his original spot. Suddenly, he laughed out loud. "Good. Really good!"

Truly deserved to be number one in the world!

After this, he'll have the power to have all of those other Battle Spirit Forces recruiters approve of his opinion!

If he wanted to change people!

They'd immediately be changed!

Wei Wei didn't know at all why Huan Ming Xiang appeared so excited, however, when she saw Baili Jia Jue's body radiating the red light, she also laughed along. "Not bad. You've advanced."

He folded his hands and the swelling martial qi also gradually vanished, until not any trace of a flame could be seen. Baili Jia Jue's thin lips then curved up as he glanced in Huan Ming Xiang's direction, overflowing with evilness. "It's all due to Elder Huan's excellent coaching." At certain times, His Highness could be very modest.

"Since this is the case, we can win the coming matches now." Wei Wei turned her head and faced Huan Ming Xiang to say. "We need to thank Elder Huan's guidance."

Huh? Huan Ming Xiang's senses returned to him, as he coughed lightly and put on an act of stroking his white beard. "Don't need to thank me. It's fine that you guys perform well."

It's best that you champion over all four compounds. When that time came, he could have a perfect excuse to change candidates!

After careful consideration, meeting this icy fellow also wasn't a bad thing.

Wei Wei was also happy. She could resolutely make a profit, who wouldn't be happy to be in this situation.

Huan Ming Xiang stroked his beard again, his gaze rested on the side of guy's flawless face, his gaze br.i.m.m.i.n.g with meaningful thoughts.
n.o.body could imagine that a majestic Third Prince would enter the Inferior Compound.

Yet it's also this kind of accidental coincidence that'd bring numerous variables to what otherwise would've been a foregone conclusion to this compet.i.tion within the academy.

Hehe, more and more, he's really looking forward to the arrival of tomorrow……

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