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Chapter 152: Dallying With Third Prince

"What our team focused on was freedom of expression." Wei Wei thought about it for a long time and finally was able to say something that she was satisfied with. After all, she still wanted to win.

Huan Ming Xiang was dumbstruck again. "Freedom of expression." In other words, they basically didn't even feel things out and already planned to face those students from the Good Compound tomorrow?

"Can you guys really win?" The old man helplessly propped his forehead. It's not that he didn't believe in this girl, it's the other two people, whose ident.i.ties he's unclear about.

This time, Wei Wei replied forcefully. "We're going to win!"

"You have such confidence?" The old man cracked up. Ordinarily, this girl had always been low-key. Saying these words this time, he supposed there's something up their sleeves.

Wei Wei beamed and nodded. "Our team's special."

"How're you guys special?" Huan Ming Xuan's curiosity's been aroused.

Wei Wei stroked her chin and meaningfully curved her thin lips. "Our goal is clear, look towards money, look towards profits. This time, the princ.i.p.al's very generous. The champion gets a hundred thousand taels of silver."

Huan Ming Xiang's mouth twitched repeatedly. So this was what she meant by her team being special?

Hehe, really was unique!

He's been at White Academy for so many years. This is the first time somebody's competing because of money……

"Forget it. Forget it" Huan Ming Xuan let out a long sigh because it's so ridiculous. "Bring your desk-mate over here. Even though I'm old, I can still coach him through some moves. Regarding divination, I can't help directly, but there's an old book here that you can take with you."

Wei Wei thought about it a bit and felt that this could be their insurance.

After all, after the Good Compound, they will face the Fine Compound. Hei Ze's ability couldn't be ignored.

Having Elder Xuan's guidance, was a good thing anyways.

"When night falls, I'll bring him over." Wei Wei laughed softly. "Also to this place."

Huan Ming Xuan nodded and stroked his beard. "What attribute does this deskmate of yours control. What level is he at now?"

"I haven't asked." Wei Wei took a guess. "He should be at the earth rank."

The fingers stroking Huan Ming Xiang's beard paused, his eyes opened slightly. "Earth rank, the most low leveled?" That's about as good as a fart! He'd lose for sure!

"Probably." Wei Wei's eyes narrowed, eyes shining slightly. "Wait until night falls. I'll bring him over, so Elder Huan can chat with him personally."

Huan Ming Xiang thought about it a bit before responding. "What else is there to do."

A martial artist at the earth rank. He'll need to think long and hard. It's been so many years since he'd seen one, sigh.

Couldn't blame Huan Ming Xiang for having this reaction. One had to know that as War Dragon Empire's minister, besides being a powerful figure at court, he's also enormously accomplished at martial cultivation. As a person who paved the way for the Battle Spirit Forces, he could be considered a master admired by everyone.

Just like he himself had said, since a dozen or more years ago, he hadn't met a earth ranked martial artist. He'll need to properly think about how to coach this student……

"Elder Huan, do you really plan on teaching them?" Only after Wei Wei left did a cyan colored human figure appear behind Huan Ming Xiang. "Wouldn't that waste too much of your time? Those students at the Inferior Compound, beside Miss Helian, all of the others have no apt.i.tude. That's why the last time you proposed looking for talent inside the Inferior Compound, you were declined. You now personally coach the Inferior Compound's students like this, wouldn't that be unfair to the compet.i.tion?"

Huan Ming Xiang's long white beard floated. "If merely a few words of coaching by me can cause a earth ranked new student to win the compet.i.tion, then those famous people at the Superior and Fine Compounds are just too easy to knock down."

"Elder Huan intend to use them to temper those new students from the Superior Compound?" The human figure's eyebrows rose, as comprension dawned on him.

Huan Ming Xiang smiled weakly, a smile that's as mysterious and beautiful as a celestial. "This girl, Wei Wei's existence presented too many variables. Her emergence will break the feeling of superiority that those students from the Superior Compound had always possessed for so many years. I'll tell you the truth. I'm quite dissatisfied with those who's been chosen, so I want to give them an obstacle and see if they could overcome it or not, but this isn't only that girl's compet.i.tion, and involves two more people. I have to confirm that the others won't drag her down. At least two of the matches needed to be guaranteed, to allow her to face the Superior Compound."

"But a martial artist at earth rank……" The human figure was still doubtful. "A short evening's time won't increase his ability much."

Huan Ming Xiang propped his forehead and heaved a sigh. "Man proposes but G.o.d disposes. I only hope that the person that girl brings in a moment is not too slow-witted……"

The sun sets in the west, a soft wind blows gently. At a corner of White Academy's cafeteria.

"After we finish eating, follow me somewhere." Wei Wei laid down her chopsticks and looked at the guy in front of her as she lazily yawned.

Baili Jia Jue gracefully used a white cloth to wipe a corner of his mouth, his voice was indifferent and only replied with one word. "Fine."

This caused Wei Wei to have a misconception that the person opposite her must've come from a n.o.ble or royal background. Even the way he ate was so beautiful to watch. Compared to those celebrities captured on billboards in modern times, his manners were even more bewitching.

"You're not going to ask me where I'm taking you?" Wei Wei softly smiled as she faced him and raised her eyebrows.

Baili Jia Jue suddenly smiled as he watched her, within the enchanting coldness, there was a deeply seductive aura. "What? Could it be that you want to do something to me?"

Dallying with her? Wei Wei's eyebrows rose as the smiling expression on her face deepened. "Selling you to a male brothel should fetch a good price."

Shadow listening while serving food found himself drenched in cold sweat.

Selling His Highness……have His Highness sold to a male brothel ? ? ! !

Did this Miss Helian not want her life anymore.

"Heh." Baili Jia Jue reached for the teacup. As his slender fingers touched the cup, his eyes were filled with rumination. "It seems that Minister Bankroller is very a.s.sured of my looks."

Wei Wei also poured herself a cup of tea and smiled. "Of course. Can it be that you don't look in the mirror everyday? With your kind of looks, it's enough to make people throw their money away recklessly."

Shadow silently replied [only throwing away money? Everywhere His Highness has been, people had even thrown away their hearts!]

Baili Jia Jue neither hurriedly nor slowly drank some tea. Having been moistened by tea, those originally exquisite thin lips became even more moist, illuminated by the evening light, they seemed to be faintly luminescent. "Sounds like my qualifications are indeed pretty good."

Wei Wei's eyes shined. "So do you plan to enter this industry? I can especially open a place for you."

Shadow:……hold on, why's this conversation getting weirder and weirder! ! !

Baili Jia Jue smilingly braced his left hand on the tabletop as the slender fingers on his right hand, without any warning, grasped Wei Wei's chin, while his entire body faced and inclined towards her……

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