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Chapter 144: His Highness Loves to Pretend

Baili Jia Jue looked at him, his thin lips overflowing with devilishness. "Not at all. What can I do when my tuition still hasn't been paid. Of course I have to think of ways to earn money."

"Cough!" Little Bald Head still ended up getting choked while holding the meat bun and stared with his eyes wide open.

Even someone as mild tempered as Tusu Feng, when he heard this answer, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch. Wasn't this Little Stinker going overboard with his pretense!

Helian Wei Wei didn't care about why the atmosphere in the study was so weird. Being able to find someone to practice with while earning money and a vacation at the same time, there was simply no deal better than this one.

"I agree." Wei Wei always settled matters quickly. "However, I don't know of anyone to recommend."

Besides attending cla.s.s and going to sleep, she ordinarily was only close to her deskmate, and couldn't even recognize the rest of the people.

"I do." Baili Jia Jue's eyes flashed evilly, his voice indifferent. "For a bit of fun, it's fine to just bring along Ah* Lie."

Little Bald Head did his best to push around the meat bun stuffed in his mouth, to refrain from speaking.

Based on his understanding of Third Brother, 'a bit of fun' meant unilaterally pressuring the other person to death……

What's more, he's even bringing along Nangong Lie, that big king of devils.

These two people working together…..

In any case, this time, he absolutely must not represent the Superior Compound to compete!

The fact was that Seventh Prince was thinking too much. The new elder in charge of the Superior Compound, although he wasn't as obvious as Jing Wu w.a.n.g, in his mind, he still firmly believed in crushing those wastes from the Inferior Compound. He simply find no need to use the cream of the crops like Seventh Prince. Even bringing along Murong Chang Feng and Helian Jiao Er served only as rear support.

It's enough to have only one expert in the public lineup. It wasn't necessary to waste too much time on those people from the Inferior Compound. On the other hand, with regards to the Good Compound, he'd always wanted to dig out Young Master Hei, so he had no choice but to take notice.

As for the rest of these students, he only needed to casually make a move and all of them would be eliminated!

Helian Jiao Er's opinion was the same as the elder from Superior Compound's. To have a martial artist like her fight with those wastes from the Inferior Compound would only degrade her worth.

However, what she didn't expect was that Wei Wei's name unexpectedly appeared on the list of compet.i.tors.

Shouldn't that s.l.u.t have been expelled the minute she returned to the academy?

Could it be that Helian Mei didn't carry out her instructions well?

The pupils of Helian Jiao Er's eyes submerged. She increasingly felt that this younger sister of hers, apart from going crazy in front of other people, didn't possess an iota of brains and failed to carry out even such a small set up!

Helian Mei couldn't figure out how she offended Helian Jiao Er. From the moment she saw her, the older sister's att.i.tude was ice cold.

Helian Mei also wasn't someone whose temper was that good. She clenched the handkerchief in her hand tightly. It was difficult for her tone of voice to avoid sounding sullen. "Second Sister, what's up with you, pulling a long face on me the moment you returned."

"Pull a long face?" Helian Jiao Er coldly laughed. "Third Sister, if Father heard these words of yours, you won't need to study anymore! Why don't you look to see what place is this, yet you still speak so impolitely."

Naturally, Helian Mei's heart was resentful, yet she had no choice but to concede that in regards to her speech, Father had already warned her countless times. If she made another mistake, it's quite possible she'd really get delivered away from White Academy.

When that time came, she'd only be able to wed an ordinary looking, or even worse, an old lord.

She really didn't want to try this kind of taste.

"Second Sister, my heart was merely too anxious," Helian Mei muttered with a softer voice. "I was afraid I'd offended Second Sister somehow."

Helian Jiao Er knew her sister's life more than anyone. She held a teacup and drank a mouthful of tea, before replying slowly. "We're sisters, what's there to offend. I'm talking to you like this only for your own good. Right now, your martial qi is so-so. Many years have pa.s.sed without any big breakthroughs. Continuing more or less this way, if you don't even pa.s.s on etiquette, how would any future husband want you."

"What Second Sister said is right." Helian Mei responded with her mouth, but her heart was not necessarily happy about it. She's also no longer a child anymore, and had her own principles. Every word that Helian Jiao Er uttered practically stabbed at her heart.

If Helian Jiao Er's att.i.tude was a bit better, then forget it, but that kind of pinching disdainful tone really made it difficult for Helian Mei to be cheerful after hearing it. However, she also knew that she couldn't afford to offend this blood-related sister of hers.

"It's good that you understand." Seeing that the other was tamed by her, Helian Jiao Er began to speak of the main matter. "The rumors I asked you to spread, did you spread them?"

Helian Mei nodded her head. "Without exception, everything was done according to Second Sister's instructions. It's again because the s.l.u.t's luck was good that Grandmaster Zi Zun personally asked for leave on her behalf and even said that she didn't elope with some man. Instead, she went to Armament City, and seemed as if she intended to take the armament master exam." Speaking to this point, Helian Mei disdainfully coldly humphed. "Someone like her wanting to take the Armament Master exam is simply asking to be humiliated."

It would've been better if Helian Mei didn't bring up the things that happened at Armament City. Once she brought up the subject, the malicious thoughts in Helian Jiao Er's eyes became even more fierce as she gripped her handkerchief and knead it into a lump.

Observing Helian Jiao Er's expression, Helian Mei couldn't figure out what had happened and was somewhat at a loss. What's up again?

"She won't go far depending on luck." Helian Jiao Er deeply breathed in one breath and released the handkerchief in her hand. "Did she think that relying on those bootlicking methods, she could play some other tricks? Ridiculous!"

Helian Mei actually agreed with this point. "Second Sister, you're right. I heard, um, that the troops Third Prince sent out have already withdrawn. It's obvious that he lost interest in that s.l.u.t."

"Third Prince had never been interested in her." Helian Jiao Er's voice was cold. "It was merely because he couldn't stand her methods and wanted to give her a lesson. Now he thinks that it's too troublesome, so he recalled the troops."

However this was also good. It saved her from being worried all day long that His Highness would treat that s.l.u.t favorably……

Helian Mei didn't see through Helian Jiao Er's thoughts and only echoed her. "It's still Second Sister who truly understands Third Prince. However, two days ago, within the academy there's been continual talk of a fairy like young girl who appeared within the capital. I've seen all of the young ladies from influential families within the capital. Don't know who's making mischief."

"It's merely an unknown village girl." Helian Jiao Er faced up and blew on her red fingertips. "Covered all over with a dest.i.tute and pedantic aura, could that still be a fairy, heh."

Helian Mei stiffened. "Older Sister has seen her?"

"I've met her face to face." Helian Jiao Er recalled that figure, who seemed familiar, yet she couldn't think who that person resembled, so she only disdainfully said. "Forget about it. Only the skin was a bit white."

Once Helian Mei heard that it was only a village girl, she also didn't continue to ask anything else and changed the subject. "I heard that Second Sister obtained a nice armament? Can I see it?"

"It's not in my hands yet. Wait until prior to the armament compet.i.tion, Father will negotiate with the people over there." As Helian Jiao Er spoke, she again recalled that boss who didn't know how to appreciate favors. When the time comes for them to meet, she must properly make a show of her strength!

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