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Chapter 146: Putting Third Prince in His Place

"The other compet.i.tors are those two young men?" Helian Mei paused from fanning herself. "Wasn't it said that they didn't know anything?"

The young girls glanced at each other, somewhat embarra.s.singly. "Even if they don't know anything, they're still stronger than the rest of us."

Helian Mei then uttered 'oh' and didn't continue to pursue this question. It seemed that Second Sister wasn't wrong at all. Helian Wei Wei, the reason why that lowlife was chosen was entirely because those students within the Inferior Compound were totally too lousy to mention!

However, she already heard something early on. When they'd just entered the academy, those young men from the Superior Compound already couldn't stand those two people from the Inferior Compound. She also didn't know how they'd be dealt with during the compet.i.tion……

The elders offering sacrifices at the shrine, because of a prophesy, one after another, argued and became flushed with anger.

Sitting among them, Nangong Lie lazily propped up his chin, as sloppily as can be.

"Young Master Lie." The page boy ran to his side and stooped to ear level. "News arrived from His Highness asking you to stay at White Academy these few days and partic.i.p.ate in the academy's test."

Nangong Lie's eyes shined. "Test?"

"His Highness said that you guys' tuition haven't been fully paid." After the page boy communicated this statement, a few black lines couldn't help but appear on his forehead. He really couldn't imagine what in the world these two young masters were playing at.

Nangong Lie laughed demonically. "Ah Jue has become addicted to playing make belief."

"His Highness also said that people from the Superior Compound recently wanted to chat privately with the two of you." The page boy had reached the end of his message.

Nangong Lie impatiently stood up, his thin lips perked up into an alluring arc. "Go prepare to immediately ascend the mountain." As a matter of fact, he wanted to see those reckless people running into the muzzle of a gun.

It's been awhile since he'd seen Ah Jue unilaterally beat up other people.

Speaking of which, ever since the big fire, he'd really become much more well-behaved.

Enough to have people forget that once a certain highness moved his hand, he could directly strip a person of their bones!

Towards evening, at a corner of the Commerce Plaza.

The little person saw the figure in front of him take a step, so he waddled a step.

Baili Jia Jue stopped his pace and turned around to look at him, his voice neither cold nor mild, without moving up nor down. "Go back."

"Third Brother, when are you going to recover your ident.i.ty." The little person's cute and chubby little face was even more smooth and round than it used to be, full of antic.i.p.ation as he looked at Baili Jia Jue. "I'm really bored to be by myself at the Superior Compound."

Baili Jia Jue adjusted his sleeves, the side of his handsome face illuminated by the sunshine seemed as if it was plated with a layer of light. His apathy made it difficult for people to approach. "We already talked about this before. I won't go there for now."

"Then how about I transfer into the Inferior Compound with you guys? !" If he wasn't worried that standing here could be seen by others, he would've already hugged his third brother's thigh earlier after rolling about in the dirt. His Third Brother, who's afraid of dirt, submits most easily to this move of his!

Baili Jia Jue looked at him and extended a hand to rub his brother's head. As before, he spoke two words without the slightest feeling. "No way."

Seventh Prince's little lips pouted. His little hand also immediately hung in defeat.

No matter how, no one would be able to recognize that this was the same tyrannical 'Little Bald Head' who took a rod at that time and dominated the White Academy.

Don't look down on his young age, he entered White Academy earlier than anyone else. Basically, no one dared to provoke this little 'King of h.e.l.l'.

Everyone thought how could this be a little boy. Aside from his status, he was basically a little tiger that was both brave and clever. If anybody only looked upon him as a child, they'd be bitten by him for sure until even their skeletons ceased to exist.

There were people who'd been puzzled. What in the world did Retired Emperor teach him during his childhood to make him this way. Even though watching Third Prince caused a person to tremble from the bottom their hearts, but at least he wasn't so blood-thirsty.

But they were mistaken. No one knew that the one who looked after Little Bald Head when he was little wasn't Retired Emperor, but rather Baili Jia Jue.

It could be said that Seventh Prince now became this way completely because when he was younger, his older brother told him this before, "Go fight. If you can't handle it, I'll help you fight."

Besides eating, Little Bald Head only remembered one thing: behind him, there's his older brother who supported him. That's why, it's to be expected that Seventh Prince was raised to become a little tiger.

"Fine then." Little Bald Head was hurt as he brought out a meat bun to comfort himself. "I'll just be waiting for Third Brother at the Superior Compound."

Baili Jia Jue again rubbed the little person's head and softly instructed. "Shadow."

"I'm here." Shadow knelt on the ground on one bended knee. When he appeared, there wasn't any noise from his movements whatsoever.

Baili Jia Jue emotionlessly said. "In the future, follow Seventh Prince. Whatever he wants to eat, obtain it for him."

"The Seventh Prince seems to be forbidden from eating meat right now." Shadow changed the way he spoke in order to remind his own master. This had to do with White Academy's rules.

Baili Jie Jue's eyebrows rose. "So then?"

So then……Shadow thought to himself. So then, master, shouldn't you have some misgivings.

Baili Jia Jue continued to respond, his voice completely level. "He didn't come to be a Buddhist monk. Let him eat."

Shadow looked down. "Yes." Sigh, academy rules and what not, in His Highness' eyes, existed only in name……

The Seventh Prince was actually very happy, as he pulled Shadow towards a store at the Commerce Plaza and rushed there.

Under the shadow of such a big tree, only Baili Jia Jue remained alone. He casually walked forward, his ink-like black hair fluttered freely in the air, his outer robe, which wasn't belted, hung against his body. His eyelids were half opened, within which reflected countless talents and s.e.xiness, yet clearly his appearance was self-restrained and seemed pure and n.o.ble. The epitome of two kinds of handsomeness were vividly expressed on his body. When he crossed the street at the Commerce Plaza, girls couldn't help but look his way.

Using Helian Wei Wei's words, if White Academy also had a ranking for handsome men, then this desk-mate of hers unconditionally would rank first among the firsts, stabilizing those gra.s.ses (n.o.bodies) at the academy.

"Young Master, look." The little boy servant standing next to Yuan Ling Xuan looked towards the street that Baili Jia Jue emerged from.

Yuan Ling Xuan didn't care and humphed coldly while the other young men actually curved their lips into a smile. "I heard that his name was on the Inferior Compound's list for this year's compet.i.tion."

"It's but a clown from the Inferior Compound, even if he was even more handsome, he still can't compare to Brother Yuan."

"Of course. How can he compare with Brother Yuan! However, isn't this guy still too arrogant. Can it be that he doesn't know that this is our territory."

"Brother Yuan, how about we go give that guy a lesson!" Someone turned and glanced at Yuan Ling Xuan's direction.

Yuan Ling Xuan's eyebrows rose, and didn't say anything, but his expression appeared somewhat irritated.

Another person dragged the person who was speaking over. "Are you an idiot, is it necessary for Brother Yuan to personally deal with this kind of person? In a moment, we'll find a deserted place to put this guy in his place!"

"Right, right, right. Look at me, I'm really an idiot." That person slapped his forehead as his eyes shined. "Should we go now?"

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