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Chapter 145: She'll Definitely Lose

"There's something you still don't know." Helian Jiao Er didn't continue to linger on the subject of armaments. She was afraid that if she spoke too much on it, that envious younger sister of hers would become unwell, so she straightforwardly divulged news about Helian Wei Wei. "Helian Wei Wei obtained the qualifications to compete and is representing the Inferior Compound."

As expected, Helian Mei's face stiffened. "How's that possible?" The academy's regulation was that each compound could only be represented by three people. Because of her poor performance during the last test, even she was brushed off by the head elder of the Fine Compound. How could that s.l.u.t have such good luck!

Helian Jiao Er drank a mouthful of tea. "There's nothing baffling about this. Those students from the Inferior Compound are all only at the level of earth rank. Whether they've even pa.s.sed three stages is questionable. She's at the Inferior Compound. If she were to be placed in another compound, most likely, she'd only be in last place."

Once she thought about it, Helian Mei also thought so as she rolled her eyes and continued. "I heard that these three people were grouped into different specialties. It's also unknown which specialty that s.l.u.t selected."

"No matter which subject she chose, she still won't pa.s.s. I reckon that before she even encounters you guys at the Fine Compound, the Inferior Compound will have already been crushed."

Helian Jiao Er wasn't worried at all and set down the teacup in her hand while smiling disdainfully. "What's more, even if that s.l.u.t wins, those two people on her team also may not necessary pa.s.s. This compet.i.tion requires winning two out of three bouts."

Helian Mei also laughed along. "Second Sister is right. Those trash from the Inferior Compound simply will be tossed without producing waves! Actually, that young man is somewhat pitiable." Speaking to this point, a face with a demonic smile appeared in Helian Mei's mind. She looked down as her face heated up, becoming crimson.

Helian Jiao Er's long, shapely eyebrows creased. "That young man?"

"It's the one from Inferior Compound specializing in divination." The more Helian Mei spoke, the more her expression became bashful. "He's certainly NOT like those trash. Besides being born a bit impoverished, he's not inferior to others in anyway. He even came out on top at the last exam."

Helian Jiao Er didn't believe it. "How's this kind of person at the Inferior Compound?" Moreover, divination, this specialty, wasn't something anybody could study, unless they were extremely gifted. Otherwise, no one would choose divination.

"It's probably because his family's not powerful." Helian Mei sighed. Speaking of this, she became agitated. Everything about Young Master Lie is good, only this factor was not presentable. She already sent people to make inquiries, but they were unable to find out his background. It could clearly be seen that his hometown was too remote and was completely unheard of here. He might be some countryside's mayor's b.a.s.t.a.r.d child. In order to make something of himself, he struggled to enter White Academy, like that other young master who hung around with Wei Wei, that s.l.u.t, all the time. He was like one of those cheap things which she was still reluctant to part with.

Helian Jiao Er finally understood her younger sister, and reminded her sister. "If he had no power then forget it. Father won't let you marry him."

"I know." Helian Mei clenched her hands. Suddenly, her eyebrows jumped, as if she'd thought of something. "Second Sister, let me say this. That s.l.u.t likes to make trouble so much, how about we have Father immediately marry her off to someone who can subdue her, won't that be better."

Helian Jiao Er coldly humphed. "You think Father doesn't want that? However, you shouldn't forget that she's born into the upper cla.s.s and possesses Helian family's blood. To marry her off poorly will certainly draw criticism."

"What's Second Sister afraid of. How can she still be the Helian family's true descendant." Helian Mei's eyes flashed. "Even the elders no longer recognize her, who still considers her to be some descendant. She's but a trash. Having Father marry her off is already an honor for her."

Hearing this, a grin emerged on the corners of Helian Jiao Er's mouth. "How did I not think of this. You're right. She currently simply doesn't have the qualifications to be a descendant. In a moment, I'll write a letter to Father and have him quickly get rid of this lowlife, save ourselves from feeling annoyed when seeing her."

"It's still Second Sister who's resourceful." Helian Mei held a grudge against Wei Wei. If it weren't for that little s.l.u.t, how would she have fallen so low, needing to watchout for others' moods, completely different from the time at the Defense Division. Even in marriage, she could no longer chose others and instead, it's up to others to choose her now. She must have that lowlife also taste what it meant to lose one's freedom. When the moment came, it's best that Father arranged for her to become an old dregs' concubine!

After Helian Mei and Helian Jiao Er finished their discussion, their whole body felt much more comfortable, such that even those ordinarily displeasing students from the Inferior Compound seemed not as wretched today.

When she ran into them at the Commerce Plaza, she even stopped to chat a little with those people.

Having come from border towns, they were small-minded and clearly wanted very much to curry favor with her, and didn't even know how to mask it.

Helian Mei disdained them, but at the same time enjoyed this kind of feeling very much. While she walked, she also fanned herself. "I heard that the compet.i.tors representing your compound have already appeared, who are they?"

In front of her were young girls talking and laughing who immediately quieted down. After that, their thin lips turned down. "There's only one girl, Helian Wei Wei. Don't know why the princ.i.p.al chose that good-for-nothing. With regards to ability with armaments, she's not as strong as Younger Sister Hongye. Sister Hongye, why don't you say something."

The person known as Sister Hongye lazily lifted her head. The indistinct sleepy eyes, compared to other girls, had much more of a heroic spirit. "What's there to say. Since the princ.i.p.al chose her, that proves that she's better than me."

"But based on your ability, you clearly can enter the Fine Compound. If it wasn't for Young Master Hei not wanting to be in the same compound as you, you also……" Speaking utp to here, the girl realized that she blundered and hurriedly covered her lips, smiling awkwardly. "Younger Sister Hongye, I didn't mean that."

Nalan Hongye glanced at her then stretched her body. "No matter. In any case, what you've said is the truth. I'm leaving first. I still need to study armaments for awhile."

"How can she be so unsociable." Helian Mei watched the young girl's figure leaving and shook her head, but didn't say anything else. After all, Nalan Hongye's status was exhibited there. Not to mention that she's from a prestigious family, she's also childhood friends with the Hei family. "However, what did you guys just say? That slu, no, I mean, my oldest sister chose armament?"

The young girls answered in the affirmative. "Today, during the armament cla.s.s, she even slept. The teacher woke her up and she had no idea what's going on, so he had her stand outside the cla.s.sroom. This kind of person unexpectedly chose armaments as her specialty. Does she think our Inferior Compound hasn't been humiliated enough or something."

Having heard this, Helian Mei knitted her long, shapely eyebrows. After the contest between her and Wei Wei last time, she thought that s.l.u.t would choose martial qi and didn't expect that she'd chosen the a.s.sembly and dismantling of armaments. Does she know how?"

"I heard that after those two young men finished choosing specialties, only armaments remained, that's why the princ.i.p.al arranged armaments for that good-for-nothing. In any case, she'll lose no matter what specialty she competes in."

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