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Chapter 143: Maintaining Distance

"How thoughtful of you." Baili Jia Jue didn't stop Helian Wei Wei from moving away at all, and seemed as if whatever she did was unrelated to him. He merely gracefully raised his leg and folded it over the other, while one finger slowly, segmented as if it was playing a tune, tapped on his knee. There was a gracefulness to his countenance mixed with a cold detachment that's unique to his character. He looked at Wei Wei indolently. There was an indescribable kind of expression reflected in his eyes.

Within the arrogance, a gracefulness penetrated which seemed amiable, yet also was not easy to get close to.

This made a person couldn't help but a.s.sociate him with a Persian cat. The n.o.ble aura, the indifference, the spellbinding charm.

Looking at this expression of his, Wei Wei's suspicions dissipated. Sure enough, she was just overthinking it just now.

Third Prince was still that distanced man. Merely, the two of them were just a bit more familiar with each other than they were at the beginning, and that's also why he'd target her once in awhile with his venomous tongue, looking for a bit of amus.e.m.e.nt.

Who told her to be the only other person with him in this carriage.

Anyways, she could forget about counting on him to be gentle.

That's how Third Prince treated her, his cooperative partner. When he ought to be aloof, he'd be as aloof as before.

"Your Highness." The sound of Shadow's voice transmitted again from the outside, mixed with the sound of the wind. "We're entering the city. Should we directly return to the palace, or go to White Academy?"

Baili Jia Jue raised a hand and unhurriedly arranged and straightened out his messy sleeves. His silver mask was the same as the n.o.ble moonlight contrasting with the side of his perfectly shaped ice-cold face, imposing, n.o.ble, and poised. "Go to White Academy."

"I won't be returning with Your Highness, then." Wei Wei's pretty head turned around. "In a moment, Your Highness can directly drop me off at the foot of the mountain. That'll be fine." Before she won the martial qi compet.i.tion, before the choice of consort had been decided, it's still better if they maintained their distance.

Even though she and Third Prince already signed a contract, however, during the time the conditions hadn't been carried out, if the people at the academy saw her and Third Prince returning together, it's possible that they'd again come up with some wicked idea that's really troublesome.

Having heard what she said, Baili Jia Jue's hidden eyes sank deeper in thought, but his appearance was still indifferent. Merely, his thin lips pursed slightly, and the chill increased by a notch. "Are you maintaining your distance from me?"

Wei Wei paused, and also didn't hide it from him. "Your Highness is too popular. I'm afraid I'll be considered as a thorn in the side of those admiring fans of yours at the academy."

"It can't be as extreme as you've made it out to be." Baili Jia Jue took a glance at her as not a small amount of chilliness dissipated.

Wei Wei packed up her things and didn't forget to reply with a light smile. "Of course Your Highness wouldn't understand a woman's jealous heart."

Just like last time, she only had a chance encounter with Third Prince for a bit inside Spirit Forest, yet after they returned, rumors sprung up everywhere. Within White Academy, every new student wished that they could choke her to death themselves.

Helian Jiao Er's schemes were even more unceasing, only wishing she could make her thoroughly disappear within White Academy.

However, sometimes, Wei Wei really wanted to know who all of the people behind Helian Jiao Er were, that allowed her to be so absolutely unrestrained.

If it was only the protection of the Su family, it's unlikely that she'd go so far as that.

The Su family. Wei Wei's pair of eyes narrowed, producing an atmosphere of hostility. Sooner or later, there'd be a day that she'd end it!

However, right now, the issue that she needed to resolve was to visit the princ.i.p.al and properly end her leave of absence.

Master had already helped her ask for three days off but her struggle against Third Prince used up one and a half day's time. Right now, it's already the fifth day, and Master was also no longer at White Academy. She wondered how the princ.i.p.al was going to punish her.

That's why after she separated from Third Prince, Wei Wei didn't immediately return to the Inferior Compound at all, but rather, she headed off to Tusu Feng's study.

What she didn't expect was that when she entered his study, her desk-mate was also there.

He calmly stood at the most distant section of the room. He was wearing a full body pure white robe layered with a slim-fitting black outer robe. His handsome figure stood bolt upright like a sword, his appearance was not clearly seen from the distance.

Somehow, Wei Wei felt that this appearance of his felt very familiar.

He seemed to have been saying something to the princ.i.p.al.

Wei Wei couldn't clearly make out what they were saying, merely that looking from this direction, that pair of long and narrow matchless dark eyes was peaceful and calm, appearing especially mysterious.

Her desk-mate, when did he change into this figure from a painting?

Wei Wei was just about to look more carefully when she saw him turn his body and extended a hand to place it inside of his jacket, just like a n.o.bleman who walked out of a manga. That pair of eyes was also as graceful and wickedly misleading as they used to be while an arc forming a smile that was not a smile hung on the corners of his mouth, proud and aloof, bewitchingly gazing down at her. With demonic charm, he faced her and smiled. "My respected financial backer finally returned."

Wei Wei noiselessly rubbed her temples which started aching. How come the words that this guy spoke made people a.s.sociate them with a fluttering dance. "What brings you here, too?"

"Something came up with my family that required returning for a few days." Baili Jia Jue's voice was natural, and seemed like this matter wasn't important at all.

On the contrary, Little Bald Head sitting by the side eating his stuffed meat bun, when he heard this excuse, his movements paused as the little cute face that was like a bun became stiff and twitched.

Even though he was already used to Third Brother's ability to pretend, however, when he saw it, it still affected his appet.i.te.

The little Seventh Prince started to wonder, should he go into closed door training and wait until Third Brother resumed his own ident.i.ty before coming back out!

Otherwise, this could really tire him out.

He had to pay attention to everything he said and couldn't walk too close to Third Brother, all because of those people at the Superior Compound. All day long, they wanted to bring trouble to Third Brother, and even planned something for the testing event within the academy this time, wanting to use the opportunity to bully Third Brother.

Thinking up to this point, Little Bald Head slightly raised his head, held a stuffed meat bun, and started to observe a moment of silence on behalf of those people.

Tusu Feng didn't stop his questioning from just now at all, even as Wei Wei entered. He kindly curved his thin lips as his fingers pushed up on the spectacles which had slid down. "The Inferior Compound needs to produce three people to take part in the test within the academy. Why don't the two of you recommend one more person to me."

Wei Wei creased her long, shapely eyebrows. If she didn't remember incorrectly, she was only here to take care of her leave of absence. What's this about a test within the academy?

"This is White Academy's tradition, which happens every year." Yuan Ming's pondering voice transmitted from the Celestial Boundary s.p.a.ce. "Each compound needs to send three people as their representative for the purpose of the testing. However, students from the Inferior Compound have never won before, and have tended to lose fairly miserably. Who can you guys blame for belonging to the Inferior Compound. If the students with the lowest apt.i.tudes don't lose, now that would be unnatural."

Wei Wei's lips moved up and down as she said an 'oh', and was clearly not very interested.

Tusu Feng naturally also perceived her expression. His eyes swept across the handwriting on the fine writing paper, which was an introduction to the Helian family's most well-known good-for-nothing. His pair of hands were placed on the tabletop as he spoke neither urgently nor slowly. "The compound that tops the test will be awarded one hundred thousand taels of silver and ten days of vacation. How about it? Do the two of you still feel that it's uninteresting?"

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