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Chapter 140: Setting the Engagement

When Helian Wei Wei woke up again, it was already noon. Third Prince was just sitting by the window drinking tea. His appearance was neither urgent nor slow and seemed as if he was waiting for her to wake up so they could continue on their journey.

He was feverish for several days. How could he have recovered in only one day, unless he had previously been a member of the special forces.

Wei Wei had never seen anyone have such a tough recuperative ability.

However, she also didn't mind this at all. She stretched her body while still lying down and looked at Baili Jia Jue, then unhurriedly laughed cleverly. "Since Your Highness is better, then let's discuss the matter of the medical fee."

Baili Jia Jue didn't speak and only raised his eyebrows while he looked at her. He languidly leaned against the wood chair as his pair of legs contentedly propped up slightly. His manner was imposing and purely n.o.ble, not one bit like the appearance of someone who had been wounded.

Wei Wei's empty hand took out a small abacus from the Celestial Boundary s.p.a.ce as she 'tap tap tap' moved the beads. "Ten taels for each mouthful of poisonous blood. I sucked about seven mouthfuls. One small scale operation no matter what should be worth eighty taels. In addition, an entire night of wiping the body to reduce the fever, I'll charge you only one hundred taels. The other miscellaneous expenses also adds up to ten taels. Altogether, that adds up to 180 taels." Calculating everything up to here, she knitted her long, shapely eyebrows. "One hundred eighty taels? How come I feel like something's not right. Oh, that's right, I even fed Your Highness a medicinal pill. I'll charge you twenty taels for that pill, to make it even." While she dropped these words, without waiting for the man to respond, her pair of spotlessly white slender hands extended towards him. "The total is two hundred taels of silver. Please settle the account, Your Highness."

Baili Jia Jue looked at the delicate fingers before his eyes. The surpa.s.singly dark pupils hidden in depth looked up. The sun's brilliant rays seemed to all fall inside his pair of slender bedroom eyes, resplendent and moving.

Two hundred taels? This woman really dared to open her mouth wide like a lion's.

He lifted his eyelid and scanned over the simple silver abacus in Wei Wei's hand as he spoke levelly. "Are you short on money?"

Once she heard these words, Wei Wei then felt that there was hope in getting the silver as she nodded her head with an excited smile.

Baili Jia Jue calmly put down the tea cup in his hand. "How about the silver that This Highness won from you. That seemed to be more than two hundred taels."

"Is Your Highness planning to settle those accounts?" Wei Wei's limpid eyes looked at him. "That's a different matter."

Baili Jia Jue studied her. After a while, his cold thin lips slightly curved. "Did you really not know, or are you pretending not to know."

"What?" Wei Wei had always felt that Third Prince, this person, only existed to make fun of her IQ.

Baili Jia Jue's pair of eyes were chilly and clear. "Within War Dragon Empire, after marriage, all properties are managed according to the wife and children."

The hand that Wei Wei extended paused. Third Prince meant to say that in the future, his money would be managed by her?

She had no choice but to say that sometimes, there's just something cute about a Third Prince who didn't care about fame and fortune!

Wei Wei again retrieved the abacus and paused before she raised her head to ask. "Reportedly, there are a lot of treasures within Ghost Palace, is that true?"

"Mm." Baili Jia Jue replied faintly. There wasn't any change at all in the expression on his face.

Wei Wei struck the abacus once. "Also, I heard that when you were younger, Retired Emperor gave you lots of precious metals, so that you can play with them?"

Baili Jia Jue nodded his head. It was but a simple gesture in conjunction with drinking his tea, but one could see from it how well bred he was.

Wei Wei was irritated. Such a disparity, oh man!

They were both disabled, yet Third Prince had always treated armament components as toys.

As for her, she didn't even know what armaments were! And even foolishly chased after Murong Chang Feng begging him to play with her.

Thinking about it carefully.

Did this count as her marrying a 'Mr. Perfect'. Did this mean that she'd reached the pinnacle of life?

Even if this was only a marriage by contract.

Even if everything was fake.

Looking at it now, this actually wasn't bad.

However, Wei Wei certainly wasn't used to being idle while only leeching off of others.

She let go of the abacus and with a light smile, said. "Your Highness, how about you give me all of the armaments components that you have. I'll use them and when they've made a profit, we'll split it fifty-fifty?"

Baili Jia Jue could be said to have glanced at her as the corners of his mouth curved into a profound smiling expression. "That's fine."

"Then how about the two of us quickly sign an agreement." As Wei Wei was speaking, she also walked to the desk to take a writing brush and started writing.

Actually, Wei Wei felt that her own calligraphy was nice. At least, considering that she was a secret agent from modern times, her ink brush writing was pa.s.sable. Since the ink didn't smudge or splash, that was already pretty good.

However, that aloof and cold Mr. Perfect, Third Prince, scowled. "You used this kind of handwriting to pa.s.s the exam for entering White Academy?"

"Mm hm." When Wei Wei lifted her head, her face was even smudged with ink. "Don't you think that my writing is very artistic?"

Baili Jia Jue coldly laughed. "It's indeed so ugly that other people have no way of comprehending it."

Wei Wei:……

She now finally understood why Third Prince chose her as consort. Besides her skin tone being so dark that it was eye-catching at the time, there was another reason, and that was because from time to time, he wanted to be able to kick her down, so that it could boost his own ego!

Roughly due to a lack of a better option, Baili Jia Jue inclined towards her and wrapped his hand around hers to hold the brush, as he lightly pulled to form the brushstrokes. Each stroke was distinct and clear. Each stroke could directly be used as a template for a modern calligraphy practice book. They were natural and flowing, like moving clouds and flowing water, yet carried a faintly aggressive quality.

The posture he used to hold the brush was resolute, a kind of innate imposing manner which took control of the overall situation, producing writing which was also unusually powerful.

Only, positioning himself this way seemed as if he was hugging her entire body into his embrace from behind. Wei Wei's eyebrows creased and thought of freeing herself from this position.

"Don't move." Baili Jia Jue's chest was almost close enough to touch her back as his long eyebrows knitted in concentration. His long fingertips dropped as his clear and cold emotionless voice sounded. "All done."

After that, he stood up straight towering above and looked down at her, as if he was looking at a stranger.

As expected, she was overthinking things. Wei Wei curved her mouth and smiled as she began to slowly inspect each sentence of that contract. Some were written by her, some were added by Third Prince, nevertheless the main idea wasn't changed and that was that they were to be a couple in front of others, but strangers behind them.

However, there was one problem, and that was that the scale of the wedding was too grand. They even needed to make a proclamation throughout the world?

Wei Wei focused on this last clause and bit on the handle of the brush as she raised her brows. "Don't need to be so troublesome, right? How about arranging a bit more of an ordinary wedding."

The man looked up and indifferently glanced at her. "My, Baili Jia Jue's, big day, how can it be ordinary."

Wei Wei:…..

"Then how about leaving it like this first, but afterwards, we can add to it if we think of anything else." Wei Wei specifically looked at the section concerning the married couple's obligations. The only the words there were: 'not a thing'. She felt relieved as she used red ink to imprint her fingerprint. After that, she shallowly smiled and grabbed the writing paper while pushing herself away from Baili Jia Jue.

The man's eyebrows half raised as he looked at the patch of skin exposed at the back of her neck when she lowered her head. It was very white, also soft and easy to take a bite out of.

Thinking of this, Baili Jie Jue was somewhat unable to look away from this spot that his eyes repeatedly lingered on last night……

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