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Chapter 139: His Highness Was Unyielding

Wearing the silver mask, Baili Jia Jue's complexion under the sunshine was suffused with a silvery sheen, so handsome that it somewhat nearly made a person feel bedazzled, except his personality was too calm. His apathetic, reserved, and cold manner made people feel as if approaching him a little would be like defiling him.

Helian Wei Wei gazed attentively at this man before her eyes, because the contrasting perspectives was somewhat puzzling. Her body also stiffened and subsequently froze in place.

However, right at this moment when she was lost in her own thoughts, Baili Jia Jue's extremely cold voice suddenly sounded out. It pulled her back to reality in an instant. "If you want to feast your eyes on me, then sit properly. Your pressing on me like this is uncomfortable for me." Every word was carefully chosen and there was even a little bit of grogginess. "Or should I say that you just want to throw yourself in my arms."

Wei Wei's eyebrows jumped as her pair of eyes shifted down, revealing a smile. "Looking at the position with which Your Highness is reclining (even shirt off), you don't have the qualifications to criticize me, right?"

"Eh?" Baili Jia Jue maintained his position of having both hands behind his head. The indolent appearance that he radiated seemed to indicate that the person who was physically excited basically wasn't him, but was simply the most evil of evildoers.

From start to finish, Wei Wei just couldn't compare to him in terms of how thick his skin was (she couldn't be as shameless as him). She pulled her hand back and planned to get up.

Baili Jia Jue's pair of eyes half narrowed as he watched the female before his eyes. His expression was as if he'd lost a 'body pillow'. "This Highness still hasn't slept enough."

The corners of Wei Wei's mouth twitched. What did he mean by he didn't sleep enough. What did his not sleeping enough have to do with her? In addition, his posture clearly wasn't one of embracing a person but rather was one of embracing a house pet!

How was she like a house pet!

Wei Wei was just thinking of using force to subdue Third Prince when she heard the somewhat hoa.r.s.e deep and low voice by her ear, filled with that distinctive aloofness. "When you sleep in the future, don't snore."

Wei Wei glared at him. When did she snore when she slept? This Third Prince, besides throwing personal attacks at her, was he capable of anything else?

Wasn't he tired of living in the clouds all day long! Why would he care about so many little details!

Wei Wei looked at the man who was close at hand and secretly cursed. Even his sleeping posture was freakishly perfect and also unaffected by weariness.

Actually, she was already sleepy. In any case, there wasn't any other bed around here. After fighting a certain highness' fever for a night, her eyes were also a bit tired.

Wei Wei adjusted her position and turned towards the wall to go to sleep.

Only……why was Third Prince also lying down by her side.

Wei Wei thought that someone like him, with such extreme mysophobia, when he woke, he would immediately get up, like last time within Spirit Forest.

Looking at the situation now, he didn't plan to go find another room.

The man was just going to lie down like that by her side without the slightest scruple. There was even the obvious scent of imperial sandalwood floating around them, a distinctively pure and cool scent.

Wei Wei's gaze couldn't help but rest by the side of his face, partly exposed by the silver mask. The high bridge of his nose, the thin corners of his lips, the stern contours of his face, all made a person have the illusion that their heart had stopped beating.

Thinking of this, Wei Wei felt her eyelids growing heavy. She straightforwardly yawned as she continued to go back to sleep.

Yet Baili Jia Jue still continued to maintain his original position of flatly lying by her side as he watched Wei Wei sleeping soundly. The dark black pupils of his eyes gradually sunk deeper in thought.

The sleeping Wei Wei looked to be very peaceful. What hadn't changed was still that temper, which made him wonder from where she had learned that from. Those fine, long, and thick eyelashes covering the top of her eyelids were like b.u.t.terfly wings as they trembled lightly. Her small and exquisite nose was quite elegant. The dark juice on her face was separated a bit by filth and appeared just like a silly fox that had fallen into a pot of black ink.

However, Baili Jia Jue knew that only when this fox was sleeping would it stay in its place for a bit.


Baili Jia Jue moved his gaze to fall on Wei Wei's left hand resting on his waist and extended his hand to pinch the hollow of her palm.

Just like Wei Wei was saying, the pinch wasn't like he was pinching a person. Instead, it was more like he was pinching a house pet.

That's why even now, Third Prince was debating whether he should directly destroy this pair of claws which had been used to scratch a person!

These claws which hadn't been obedient!

Baili Jia Jue's eyes again submerged in thought as he watched the side of her somewhat purely cold face pull all of the blanket over. Even his blanket was grabbed by Wei Wei and monopolized into her bosom. Still, he planned to close his eyes for a moment more.

"Your Highness." Shadow experimentally spoke out loud as he faced the inside of the room. Actually, he had already stood outside of the room for quite a long time. However, he was afraid of disturbing his master's rest.

What amazed him was that His Highness surprisingly could put up with someone else sleeping with him on the same bed.

One ought to know that His Highness' mysophobia actually had already reached a certain level.

Apart from that year when he was taming the fire qilin's beastly character, when His Highness had raised it by his side and lived with it for half a year.

After that, no one could spend the night by His Highness' side.

Could it be that His Highness really planned to take the Helian family's eldest daughter and raise her as a house pet?

Or should he say that it's because of another reason…….

As Shadow was thinking about this on his end, Baili Jia Jue had already stood up. He was still wearing that ancient styled robe from since yesterday. His collar was half open. With a swishing sound, he pulled open the wood door which exposed his abs underneath the robe that could cause people to be envious. The robe on top of the wood table seemed as if it was blown by the wind as it steadily dropped on top of the man's shoulders. The black colored robe hung straight down, placing its mark on the perfect and fair skin. The intense visual impact shocked the eyes as a familiar sense of suppressed desire pervaded.

The wound on his arm not only didn't make him appear pitiful, on the contrary, it added a different kind of wicked quality than what he usually possessed.

Looking at this appearance of his, Shadow's entire person became distracted. When combined with the dialog from a moment ago and what the Helian family's eldest daughter did to His Highness previously……His Highness shouldn't have been……He shouldn't have been forced by Helian family's eldest daughter, right? ? ?

No, that's absolutely impossible!

He must be imagining too much!

Shadow shook his head.

Wearing the sable fur black gown, Baili Jia Jue's expression was indolent as he reclined on the wooden chair at the side. His fingers plucked off the silver mask. As the light clearly shined on his face, one could vaguely see the side of the man's incomparably handsome face. It seemed to be the most perfect jade sculpture in the whole world, making a person who'd had a glimpse be unable to look away anymore.

"How was it?" Baili Jia Jue extended his hand and picked up the celadon cup on the table top. The joints were clearly distinguished on his hands, in contrast to the small china cup. His fingertips were even suffused with a pure and cold light appearing as white as jade.

His hands were slender and thin just like those of a scholar's, yet caused one to feel as if they could grasp the entire heaven and earth within their palms.

"Responding to His Highness. We only left one prisoner alive and already released the news. We claimed that they provoked Young Master Han." Shadow kneeled on the ground and respectfully replied.

"Mm." Baili Jia Jue sipped a mouthful of tea as his dark black eyes faintly lowered. It's unknown where he was looking while he only levelly commanded. "Continue to watch attentively."

"Yes." Shadow replied. "Then should your ident.i.ty at White Academy be disclosed to Miss Helian?"

The finger Baili Jia Jue was using to twirl the silver mask paused. He expressionlessly responded. "No need. Keep everything as it was."

"Yes." Shadow's head dropped as he retreated.

Baili Jia Jue placed the mask on his face once more then entered the room reaching the bedside. His fingers knead Wei Wei's cheek while the corners of his mouth rose upwards demonically……

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