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Chapter 134: Wei Wei Was Exposed

As the corners of Helian Wei Wei’s mouth arched, the hand by her side leaned and immediately, an umbrella appeared where there wasn’t any. Her beautiful wrist turned and along with the umbrella’s canopy, countless weapons fell, following which several screams were transmitted over!

All of those people haven’t touched her in the slightest. On the contrary, they were beaten by her to the point that even standing up was a problem!

Baili Jia Jue turned and glanced at her, as a trace of a light smile emerged in his eyes. Within that devilish smile, there contained something ambiguous. Don’t know if it was unintentional, or deliberate, but he again reached out and pulled her into his embrace again. The tone of his voice was indifferent. “You’ve splashed on me.”

Only then did Wei Wei reacted. A certain highness had mysophobia (obsession with cleanliness) and absolutely didn’t understand that in the process of fighting and killing, being splashed by blood was normal. What’s truly abnormal was to be like him, who killed a number of people already without having been stained by the tiniest bit of blood……

“Let’s go.” Baili Jia Jue’s eyes narrowed. He pulled Wei Wei into his embrace because he understood this group of people all too well. This group of people had alway done things absolutely ruthlessly. What’s more, they won’t leave the least bit of leeway. Therefore, the leader certainly would not just give up.

Wei Wei naturally also took note of this point, because more and more people continued to surround them which made it seem as if none were actually killed. The enemy even had fire arrows. Even if they had three heads and six arms (even if they possessed formidable abilities), to free themselves from this kind of attack still won’t be an easy thing to do.

Wei Wei looked at those black clothed people slowly approaching and knew that these were all experts who have undergone special training. They approached carrying the determination and resolution for victory.

Meeting force with force simply wouldn’t result in any good outcome. It’d be better to have Third Prince leave and have her stay to deal with the aftermath, then look for an opportunity to escape.

Wei Wei pondered this for a moment, then said to Baili Jia Jue in a hushed voice. “You go first, I……”

“This Highness does not want to hear that kind of utterly stupid idea.” Baili Jia Jue didn’t allow Wei Wei to finish speaking before he glared fiercely at Wei Wei. Within his eyes was a cold chill that wasn’t concealed at all.

Wei Wei slightly stiffened. Based on Third Prince’s intelligence, he definitely understood her intent, and also clearly understood that this indeed was advantages for everyone.

But why didn’t he want to do that? ?

Wei Wei raised her head and was just about to say something.

When she was grabbed from behind by someone and lifted onto a shoulder as a slightly apathetic voice sounded out by her ear. “If you have time to be long-winded, then we might as well run quickly.”

Thereupon, amidst thousands of staring eyes, Wei Wei was carried off just like that by a certain highness on his shoulder using one hand, while his other hand continuously engaged in battle.

No matter how many people attacked them, Baili Jia Jue still didn’t come to a stop, as his incomparably graceful steps kept moving at an astonishing speed.

Wei Wei helplessly slapped the young man’s lean yet buff shoulder as she wished that she could take an opportunity to do something, even if it was to bite at someone.

Those black clothed killers dashed forward one by one and relentlessly attacked in her and Baili Jia Jue’s direction.

As soon as the group of black clothed people in front of them collapsed, those from behind would immediately rush forward. n.o.body knew just how much manpower was prepared by the enemy. After having fought for such a long period of time, even if she and Baili Jia Jue were ironmen, they still wouldn’t be able to continue standing.

In the beginning, between the two of them, it was Baili Jia Jue who carried her. After that, they leaned upon each other back to back.

Increasingly, the archers started firing more and more arrows until the arrows were densely packed.

Wei Wei was worried that these kinds of arrows would injure Baili Jia Jue, so she quickly turned her body and helped him block all of them.

Yet the black clothed person standing by the side apparently had antic.i.p.ated that Wei Wei would do this and took advantage of the moment she was protecting Baili Jia Jue to change the double-edged sword in his hand and directly thrusted towards Wei Wei’s direction.

Baili Jia Jue’s gaze paused as he grabbed Wei Wei and turned, rapidly carrying her to his side to avoid the black clothed person. However, he was directly pierced by a fire arrow on his arm.

“Master!” The fire qilin cried in alarm and hurriedly rushed over. His anger burst forth as the earth quaked, a jolt which somewhat shook the entire Armament City.

Wei Wei was even more distracted as she saw the blood which quickly erupted forth and dyed her clothing black. Her heart suddenly tensed up as she raised her hand to resist the second wave of attack. Her foot then kicked that black clothed person an immeasurable distance away!

“There’s poison on the arrow.” Wei Wei looked down at the black colored blood as her gaze changed immediately. “It’s Strength Scattering Poison!”

Strength Scattering Poison was a kind of extremely malicious poison, especially against martial artists. It could take away all of a person’s martial qi!

Logically speaking, this kind of poison shouldn’t have reasonably appeared within the War Dragon Empire, because it was already banned from use. However, someone unexpectedly still used it!

As Wei Wei looked at Baili Jia Jue’s arm in close proximity, her thoughts took on countless twists and turns.

The black clothed people insanely rushed over. Even though they dread in their hearts the fire qilin that suddenly appeared, nevertheless, they knew that once a contracted master was injured, no matter how fierce or tough the spirit beast was, it still would have no way of resonating with its master.

Not only that, as long as Third Prince continued to circulate his internal energy, his martial qi would quickly decline.

Once it reached the critical level, they wouldn’t need to make a move and Third Prince would actually be bitten by his spirit beast instead. His meridians would be broken!

This was also why those black clothed people pursued relentlessly without the slightest scruple, unwilling to let go.

Baili Jia Jue tightly grasped the sword in his hand as the pupils in his eyes submerged deeper and deeper.

Upon seeing this, Wei Wei paused as her fingers clenched immediately after. She knew that as long as Baili Jia Jue circulated his internal energy.

The poison in his body would quickly permeate. When that time came, she’s afraid that he……

That won’t do. She absolutely couldn’t allow him to lose all of his qi because of her!

Wei Wei’s ordinarily always indolent expression suddenly became bitingly cold and sharp. “Yuan Ming!” She used her consciousness to summon what could be considered her own contracted demon as the light in her eyes slightly burst forth, just like a demon. “I’m using my ident.i.ty as your contracted master to command you to kill them!”

Yuan Ming licked his thin lips. “What about their souls?”

“Let them nourish you.” Once Wei Wei’s voice fell, as her long hair slightly moved, the atmosphere next to her seemed as if there was some change. Little by little, it extended all around the surrounding areas. The black clothed people, one after another, stared blankly and simply could not move forward a single step. Their eyes were simply unable to open as a fierce gale blew forth. They could only raise their hands to block it!

After that, right at this moment, Wei Wei grabbed Baili Jia Jue’s arm. Her whole body was like a sword that had been unsheathed as she directly faced the center of the black clothed people and thrusted over. Wherever she went, not one could escape.

Those black clothed people only felt a bright white light flash in front of their eyes and it seemed as if someone used a hand to choke their throats. By the time they reacted, their breaths had already been severed.

The gale that was suddenly raised made the leader among the black clothed people confused for a short while. He simply couldn’t tell what was where.

The period of time was but a few tens of seconds. He only saw a tornado burst forth and twisted over. When he opened his eyes again, all of the dead people in front of his eyes were his own people, and he didn’t know where the Third Prince that he wanted to catch had gone!

The only thing he was sure of was that those two people hadn’t run very far, because the tornado disappeared within the vicinity!

The black clothed person’s judgment was correct. Wei Wei and Baili Jia Jue indeed hadn’t run too far.

The stamina of the body Wei Wei inhabited was limited. If it weren’t for the murderous encirclement today, she wouldn’t have used a move that would require her to combine her cultivation with a demon’s powers. Firstly, it’s because this method wasted too much martial qi. Secondly, if someone with astute eyes saw her methods, they would know that it was related to a demon.

And within War Dragon Empire, cultivating demonic powers was not permitted!

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