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Chapter 132: His Highness In Danger

"She left earlier." Uncle Zhang struck the abacus in his hand. "This trip has produced not a small amount of expenditure. Everything has been accounted for and reported to me."

The little boy servant's expression returned to normal. "I've never seen the boss' appearance before."

"From the time you started to enter Profound Heavens, I've already told you that inquisitiveness isn't needed for the job." Uncle Zhang put away the abacus and seemed as if he'd thought of something as he turned his head and said. "Oh, that's right, instruct the others that the boss said that in the future, if people from the Defense Department come to buy our armaments, tell them clearly that they'll need to pay ten times the usual price in order for us to sell to them."

"Ten times!" The corners of the little servant's eyes slightly turned down. "How did the people from the Defense Division provoke the big boss." Even if she wanted to swindle other people's money, she was even clearly telling the other party. This simply was killing people without giving the other person any peace. After people from the Defense Division heard this news, they should be angry enough to die.

Uncle Zhang smiled as he shook his head. "That's why it's said whoever you might offend, don't offend our boss. Even while she's attending cla.s.s, she could still make armaments under the teacher's watchful gaze, let alone dealing with these young girls and boys still stinking of mother's milk."

Within only one month, she'd already rivaled the armament world's hall of famers, merely on the basis of how many armaments she's made being useless, only depended on her brain.

When it's all said and done, it's still these people who underestimated his boss.

What's more, his boss, once again, had that ident.i.ty as the capital's most infamous 'spoiled girl'.

She was the one who everyone wanted to be able to step under their foot, so much so that even people from the prestigious Helian family struck her name off of the family roster.

This kind of person, who could believe that she could be Profound Heavens' boss, the armament master who shook up the armament world with her bare hands……

After he was done speaking, Uncle Zhang entered the horse carriage. He didn't know at all that just as he was leaving, a ray of light streaked through the depths of that little servant's eyes, followed by the sound of a slight cough. That little servant walked slowly into the middle of a long deserted alley. His slender pale fingers moved across the side of his face as an imperceptible thin layer of skin gently separated itself from what was originally a face with a healthy complexion. Finally, what was left was an abnormally pale and handsome face.

"Young Master!"

A man dressed in black flew quickly but landed with one knee bended on the ground and looked up with a faithful and devoted expression. "In the future please hand over these kinds of matter for your subordinate to take care of. Your health……"

"No harm done." That person coughed softly twice as the scent of medicine drifted from his floating sleeves. The sound of his speaking voice was actually extremely gentle and was completely different from just now. The moonlight shined upon that well defined face. If this person wasn't the young master from a prestigious family, Jing Wu Shuang, who else could it be.

No one knew that the reason why he came to Armament City this time, aside from finding an owner for his armament suitable for a female, what's more important was that he wanted to meet Profound Heavens' boss, whose rumors were spreading like fire.

The outcome was that that person was even more secretive about her movements than he was. He could only pretend to be a little servant for Profound Heavens in order to approach her.

However, he'd already waited at Armament City for two days, but he still didn't see that so-called boss.

Yet, it still could be counted as having been rewarding.

Even though that Uncle Zhang was prudent in his conduct, it's still difficult to avoid revealing information about a person while conversing.

For example 'she could still make armaments in cla.s.s under the teacher's watchful gaze'.

This clearly indicated that this person was not an elderly master like everybody's been thinking at all.

Instead, she's a student.

Within War Dragon Empire, there was only one school located in the capital. It's the White Academy that everyone yearned to attend.

Jing Wu Shuang lowered his eyes. Concealed within were specks of fragmentary lights as he instructed the person on the ground. "Go tell people at White Academy that I'm accepting their invitation."

"Huh? The black clothed person very rarely exposed this kind of amazed expression. "Young Master, are you really going to that academy and become a teacher to teach there?"

"Not to teach." Jing Wu Shuang gently coughed twice. A smiling expression like before, gentle and refined, resided at the corners of his mouth. "I'm going there as a student."

The black clothed person opened his eyes wide. What?

Young Master was going as a student?

What kind of a joke was that. Even Grandmaster Zi Zun's ability in making armaments may not be able to compare with the young master.

If he went as a student, who would dare to be his teacher……

The black clothed person had a premonition. In the future, White Academy wouldn't continue to have such peaceful days anymore…….

"I can't enter like this. I'll need to give myself another ident.i.ty."

Jing Wu Shuang thought about it extremely carefully. His finger rested on his forehead as he lightly smiled. "I certainly have not thought about how at that time I'll be surrounded by people everyday asking me to help them make an armament."

The black clothed person's eyes were deep in thought. "Besides Grandmaster Zi Zun, those teachers at White Academy haven't seen Young Master before. You shouldn't be recognized when you enter."

"This time, those who partic.i.p.ated in the armament convention included White Academy's students." Jing Wu Shuang coughed. His pair of exceedingly refined eyes like those from an ink painting were deeply hidden in thought. The person who won his armament was one among them.

The black clothed person's eyebrows lowered. "Don't worry, Young Master, I will take care of the three students who showed up today. Besides that Wei Wei, who I am not familiar with, the other two people will not speak of Young Master's ident.i.ty."

"She also won't." Jing Wu Shuang's tone of voice was soft as he retrieved his gaze.

The black clothed person was dumbfounded. "How does Young Master know?"

"She isn't the sort that likes trouble." Jing Wu Shuang coughed twice and seemed as if he'd thought of something. Unusually, the corners of his mouth actually exposed a faint arc.

It's the kind that was genuine, unlike the smiling expression put on in front of others.

The black clothed person was struck dumb as he watched. What kind of situation was this? Should he not ask Uncle Liang what had happened when he hadn't been around these two days.

The Young Master went as far as to speak on behalf of that infamous overindulged young lady from the capital?

Wasn't this a bit too weird……

"Go on." Jing Wu Shuang turned around. That abnormal handsomeness made him appear like a warm and n.o.ble young man from an ancient picture scroll. He spoke neither impatiently nor anxiously. "Tidy up a bit and get ready to enter the academy in a few days."

The black clothed person lowered his head respectfully and responded. "Yes! But……"

"Is there something else?" Jing Wu Shuang saw him want to say something but hesitate and turned towards the black clothed person to look over.

The black clothed person lowered his head even further. "When this subordinate entered the city, I've discovered many experts. They all seemed to be from the capital and should be suicidal a.s.sa.s.sins from the four great clans. Only, subordinate doesn't understand why they've come to Armament City."

Jing Wu Shuang's fingers paused as he looked up at the bright crescent moon. "Days in the capital have changed. Somebody is no longer able to continue enduring……"

"Young Master's meaning is that their objective is Third Prince? !" The black clothed person's eyelid jumped in surprise, but knew the Jing family had always been neutral and never partic.i.p.ated in the matters between them, but he couldn't help but say again that those old men were too daring. They went as far as to dare and come a.s.sa.s.sinate Third Prince.

However, he also obtained news that reportedly, Third Prince came alone, without bringing a single person by his side.

No wonder Young Master said that days in the capital had changed.

This time, he's afraid Third Prince truly will encounter disaster……

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